This Lady, Senator Susan Kihika

Senator Susan Kihika

Senator Susan Kihika is arguably the most discussed politician in Nakuru County currently. Be it at marketplaces, matatus, boardrooms or anywhere else two all three gather, Susan Kihika is a common topic of discussion.Susan Kihika

It is not only along the streets that she is a topic. On the online platforms, Susan Kihika is a popular topic within and even beyond Nakuru. Ever since she entered the Nakuru political scene 10 years ago as the Nakuru County Assembly speaker, acres of virtual space has been devoted to her.

Susan Kihika is an enigma to many. Her detractors have spent sleepless nights plotting and scheming against her but she always comes out strong. As a strong contender for the Nakuru gubernatorial seat, she is never far away from the minds of her opponents. The numerous smear campaigns sponsored by her political rivals both online and offline are proof of just how much they tread in fear of her.

Never the one to shy away from controversy, the courageous Susan Kihika is never afraid of facing her detractors head-on and she speaks her mind without sugar-coating the truth. Not many of her opponents cherish the prospect of being on the receiving end when she decides to serve them a dose of truth and they have invested a lot in trying to paint Susan as a monster.

But those who know Susan admit that she’s a charming, jovial and easy-going lady who freely mingles with the people, speaking their language and seeking to understand each and every one. Admittedly, her greatest quality is being able to empathize with everyone she interacts with.

Susan Kihika
Susan Kihika interacting with residents

Susan is also generous to a fault as hundreds of residents will admit. On a day to day basis, she’s responding to numerous requests for assistance from even total strangers. From her own pocket, it is no secret that she gives out to numerous cases of charity.Susan Kihika

But behind the charming smile lies a sharp brain. The frontrunner in the gubernatorial seat is quick to logically analyse issues and situations and respond effectively. If need be, she will take time to ponder the matter before taking action.

However, one single trait that sets Susan Kihika apart from her main opponents is her consultative nature. She is a strong believer in the fact that no one single person has a monopoly of knowledge and will take time to involve stakeholders before making arbitrary decisions. This is one trait investors in the various sectors in Nakuru will really appreciate once Susan takes over as Governor in August 2022.

As a leader, Susan believes the greatest investment a leader or a government can make is the investment in people. As a strong believer that women and young people need to be socially, economically and politically empowered, Susan is determined that good leadership should always put people’s interests first.Susan Kihika

Senator Susan Kihika is no pushover, she’s uncompromising in matters she believes in and loyal to her cause. For her larger than life personality, Susan Kihika has unfortunately been blamed and accused of things she even had no idea about. But she soldiers on believing that a people-centred leadership is possible for the good of all despite efforts by disparagers to pull her back.

Linturi to be arraigned on Monday

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi will remain in police custody at Gigiri until Monday.

He will spend night at Gigiri Police Station in Nairobi to be arraigned in court on Monday.

This even as section of Tangatanga Legislastors faulted the government following arrest of Meru Senator Mithika Linturi.

Senator Linturi was arrested in Eldoret on Sunday morning over suspected incitement sentiments he made during a UDA rally in Eldoret.

He was driven to Nakuru’s Kaptembwa Police Station where he was expected to record a statement before being transferred to Nairobi.

His arrest was confirmed by Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya.

The arrest was not received well by a section of Nakuru Legislastors allied to Deputy President William Ruto.

Addressing journalists in Nakuru Town on Sunday afternoon, the Legislastors led by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika faulted the government saying it was a move to derail the key agenda discussed at Eldoret UDA rally.

According to Kihika, Senator Linturi’s sentiments were in the context of 6 piece voting partern for UDA and that it was not in any way meant to incite as purported.

She added that several leaders have used the same words used by Linturi before and they were not arrested hence the government should avoid double standards when dealing with issues.

“We are shocked with how this was calculated and executed.Whatever Linturi said was only in relation to 6 piece vote for UDA from President to MCA and did not mean to displace anyone” said Kihika.

Kihika maintained that as leaders in Rift Valley Region, they have continued to preach peace and nothing will derail such.

Sentiments echoed by Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri.

Ngunjiri added that as leaders in the region they will not seek peace from anyone but they will create it.

“NCIC should have investigated first before making arrests.We are peace loving people and we know how to make peace in this region” said Ngunjiri.

Other leaders who spoke during the presser include MP Jane Kihara of Naivasha and her Njoro counterpart Charity Kathambi.


Ngunjiri vows to support Kihika’s gubernatorial bid

Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika’s move to contest the Nakuru gubernatorial seat in 2022  received a major boost on Saturday after Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri vowed to support her bid.

Kihika has declared interest for the gubernatorial seat to unseat Governor Lee Kinyanjui who recently states that he will defend his seat on Ubuntu People’s Forum.

Ngunjiri made the remarks before Deputy President William Ruto who was on a tour in Subukia and Bahati sub counties.

“I will do all I can to support you Senator for the top seat in the county.I have no issue” said Ngunjiri.

The move has left many shocked after the Bahati Lawmaker in the past vowed to only support DP Ruto.

The Legislator also made it clear that he had burried their political differences with Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika for the sake of UDA party.

Kihika on her part called on residents of Nakuru county to support DP Ruto’s bottom up economic models.

She reiterated that UDA party will form the next government.

“Thank you so much people of Bahati and Subukia for turning out in large numbers.UDA is the party to watch come 2022 and we must all come and support DP Ruto’s agenda to transform this agenda.

Leaders tell off Governor Kinyanjui for running county affairs as one man show activity

A section of elected leaders in Nakuru have hit out at Governor Lee Kinyanjui urging him to respect all leaders.


Speaking on Monday at Lanet during a ground breaking ceremony for Nakuru Airport,the leaders led by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika claimed Kinyanjui was running the county through a one man show.


Kihika noted that many leaders including herself were not invited for the ceremony yet they were elected by Nakuru residents.


The Senator also wondering why the event was made secret yet it was for the interest of the public.


“Governor Lee should respect all elected leaders and should know that this county is not a one man show” said Kihika.


The function was made secret with only afew Journalists being invited to cover.


Were it not for Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri who posted on his Facebook account,members of the public would not have known about the event.


Senator Kihika has mantained that members of the public should be respected as well as elected leaders.


Nakuru Woman Rep Liza Chelule also stating that it was wrong for elected leaders not to be recognized.


“We are elected leaders and we should be recognized as leaders” she said.


Sentiments echoed by host MP Kimani Ngunjiri.


The MP stating that leaders are known by the respect they ha e for their electorates and fellow leaders.


It should be noted that the Nakuru Airport project is a national Goverment initiated.

Kihika accuses KRA of sabotaging Big 4 agenda in Keroche Industries saga

Nakuru County Senator Susan Kihika has accused the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is stifling the Big Four agenda.

In a press release after the arrest of the Keroche Industries proprietors, the outspoken Senator says it’s a shame the KRA which is funded by Kenyans is being used to frustrate Kenyan enterprises.

“It is a shame that the very offices funded by Kenyans can be used as conduits to destroy local enterprises, reduce job opportunities and stifle the manufacturing sector which ironically is one of the National Government’s Big 4 agenda,” wrote the Senator in her official Facebook page.

The senator’s remarked comes two days after the arrest of Madam Tabitha Karanja the CEO of Naivasha based Keroche Industries which is one of the biggest competitors to East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL). Madam Karanja and her co-accused have since been released on bond.

The proprietors of Keroche Breweries have been accused of tax evasion to a tune of 14 billion. Many Kenyans are however seeing this as witch hunt and sabotage of local investors.

“This latest stunt by the KRA not only threatens capital flight but also puts thousands of livelihoods at risk,” says the Senate Majority Chief Whip adding that the action by KRA is a betrayal of local hard-working entrepreneurs and investors.

“Keroche Industries is an award-winning family business that has over the years provided employment to hundreds of people while supporting thousands of households through vector enterprises. It has also benefitted hundreds of others through the Keroche Foundation which has developed entrepreneurship training programs to guarantee business success,” says the Senator in praise of one of Nakuru County’s premier manufacturing companies.

Ironically, Keroche Industries is the winner of several awards from the same government that seems to be currently frustrating them.

Senator Kihika to act President of Bureau of Women Parliamentarians

Nakuru County Senator Susan Kihika has taken over as the acting President of the Bureau of Women Parliamentarians.

The first time Senator who is among the three elected senators in Kenya was earlier this year elected as the first Vice President of the Bureau.

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka broke the news of the Senator Kihika’s new role after a meeting with Mr Martin Chungong the Sec-General of the Inter-parliamentary Union at the IPU Headquarters in Geneva.

The Bureau of Women parliamentarians was set up in 1990 and is elected by the Forum of Women Parliamentarians. It is made up of women from all six IPU geopolitical groups (Africa, the Arab World, Asia-Pacific, Eurasia, Latin America/the Caribbean and the sixth known as the “Twelve-Plus” group). It has a President and two Vice-Presidents.

The Bureau President automatically becomes a member of our Executive Committee, adding a voice to those of the women MPs already serving there.

Senator Susan Kihika whose term as Vice-President was to run between 2018-2020. She takes over from Hon Ulrika Karlsson of Sweden who lost her seat in the 349-member Riksdag (Parliament) following the September 2018 election.

The appointment will see Senator Kihika play a high profile role during the 139th Assembly of the Inter-parliamentary Union between 14 – 18 Oct 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The other Vice President (Second Vice-President) of the Bureau is Ms A. Al-Basti of United Arab Emirates.

Senator Kihika is also the Majority Chief Whip at the Senate of Kenya.

I’ll not be silenced on Solai Dam Tragedy – Susan Kihika

Nakuru senator Susan Kihika will this week be bringing a motion at the Senate to set up a Select Committee to carry out further investigations into the Solai Dam tragedy.

While addressing different gatherings in Nakuru Town on Monday, the senator who has been touted as the only sane voice in following up on the incidence said even though there was no criminal liability on Patel’s part, there is strict liability.

“When what you have on your farm causes damage, even though there might be no criminal liability, there is strict liability,” said the senator.

The Select Committee that will be drawn from both sides of the house will carry on the investigation based on an earlier fact-finding mission that the Senate Security committee had carried earlier on the site.

“The Senate Defence committee of which I am a member had gone to the site of the tragedy on a fact-finding mission. We established that there were dams built upstream with settlements built downstream. We also found that the owner of the farm Mr Patel had blocked two rivers thereby denying residents access to water which is naturally theirs,” revealed senator Kihika.

A report released towards the end of last week by the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) showed that all the dams on the farm were illegal as none were licensed by NEMA or WARMA.

But even as the damning report was being released, and despite the death of over 48 residents and destruction of property worth of millions, a majority of Nakuru county leaders had continued to remain mute or take sides with the investor.

The office of the Nakuru County Governor had issued a statement assuring residents on the safety of the dams.

“As residents, we wonder why the county government is in a hurry to issue statements on the safety of the dams and proclaiming the tragedy was a natural accident even before conclusive investigations have been carried out,” a resident was heard saying.

Even the leaders from Solai and the larger Kabazi are not satisfied with the reports exonerating Patel and assurances that the dams are safe. Led by area MCA Peter Mbae the community will constitute legal proceedings for a reassessment of the dams on Patel farm. The MCA has also faulted the preliminary investigations by the DCI saying he suspects cover up.

Asked why she continued to be a lone voice in the quest for justice for the victims of the Solai Dam tragedy, senator Kihika has said that it was exactly for this reason that she was elected.

“These people woke up very early in the morning to vote for me. They elected me to represent them, to be there for them and to be their voice when they can’t speak for themselves. Some of them are now dead and can’t speak for themselves and I’ll continue speaking for them even in a majority of one,” said a determined Kihika.

Some leaders and residents have said that Patel is a huge investor and employer and should thus not be prosecuted or held culpable. However, Senator Kihika is having none of that.

“Patel may be a large employer and has done a lot of Community Social Responsibility (CSR) which we appreciate. But the same Patel has blocked two rivers upstream denying people what is naturally theirs. How do we say he’s giving them water when he has taken their water then goes ahead to give them a little of his dam water?” posed senator Kihika.

Senator Susan Kihika – Nakuru’s voice of the voiceless

Barely a year after being elected to Senate, Senator Susan Kihika has proven she has all it takes.

Senator Susan Kihika is sharp, outspoken and doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. The fearless first-time legislator who doubles up as the Senate majority whip doesn’t shy away from ruffling feathers when talking for the electorate. After all, that’s why she was elected.

“There are people who claim am a noisemaker. But you can tell them they can’t silence me. I’ll continue speaking out when Wanjiku who elected me is oppressed. If I fail to do that, I’ll be failing in my representation and oversight role,” the Senator is quoted to have said once.

Unlike her predecessor, Senator Kihika is very visible on the ground. She is well informed on what is happening on the ground and her presence on the ground always leaves some politicians in fear.

Her outspoken nature does not always augur well with some of the elected leaders in the counter. Her highly independent nature has a way of rubbing conservative leaders the wrong way and in a futile attempt to silence her, they’ve resorted to calling her a noisy rabble-rouser.

“My allegiance is to the electorate. I promised to be there for them, to speak for them and stand for them. That is a promise I intend to keep,” says Kihika. It’s her outspoken nature that has earned her the title “voice of the voiceless” in Nakuru.

In the recent Solai Dam tragedy, Senator Susan Kihika stood out as the single voice demanding accountability from Solai. While every other leader including Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri termed it as an act of God, Senator Kihika was categorical that the dam owner needed to be investigated.

When the Nakuru County government discriminated in bursary awards, only Kihika was heard questioning the criteria being used to award the bursaries.

Although there are those who seem to hate her with a passion, Senator Kihika’s popularity seems to be growing daily. She is not only a darling of the youth and women, but her popularity spills even in the surrounding counties.

With Senator Susan Kihika, Nakuru residents are assured that they will be wholly and fully represented. They can rest assured that there will be proper oversight of resources coming into the county. Above all, the can rest assured that no injustices from whatever quarter upon them will go unquestioned.

For sure, she is living up to her campaign slogan “Mama na Kazi.”

We need to end violence against women in politics – Senator Kihika

As her first duty as the first Vice President of the Bureau of the Forum of Women Parliamentarians Senator Susan Kihika has this week attended the 12th Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament in Bolivia.

At the summit, Senator Susan Kihika a strong proponent of women and youth leadership talked about violence against women in politics and the challenges they face.

The summit jointly organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the Chamber of Deputies of Bolivia, was held in Cochabamba, the fourth largest city in Bolivia.

Senator Kihika was elected as the first Vice President of the Bureau of the Forum of Women Parliamentarians on 27th March 2018.

This was during the 138th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The first Nakuru County female Senator, Susan Kihika also got a chance to make her submissions during the 3 day summit.

“On my first global assignment as the First Vice-President of the Bureau of Women Parliamentarians of the Inter-Parliamentary Union at the 12th Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The discussions focused on inclusive societies and political decision making, with a particular emphasis on stopping violence against women in politics,” wrote the senator on her Facebook page.

Participants at the summit got a chance to discuss and identify collective and individual action needed to foster inclusive societies that are stable, safe and just for all and that enable all people to participate in social, economic, cultural and political life on the basis of equality, equity and dignity.

The delegates at the summit who included, IPU leadership, parliamentary speakers and representatives got a chance to plant symbolic trees at the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) headquarters.

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