Shikilia Stores launches Nakuru Branch to tap into available opportunities

Shikilia Stores-a value based company dealing in Luggage storage as well as goods delivery has opened doors of their new Nakuru Branch to customers.

The Venture is part of the Samchi Group of Companies dealing in Telecommunications, Hospitality, Media and entertainment, Agribusiness, Fintech, Micro Financial Services, Real Estate, Health and Logistics.

Customers will be able to get deliveries as well as rent storage for their goods and luggage at a cost of Sh 2,000 per month.

Addressing media after opening the new Shikilia Stores Branch at Nakuru’s Biashara Centre 1st Floor Shop Number L11, CEO Samchi Group of Companies Dr.Esther Muchemi challenged Kenyans to pursue their lifelong persuasions and be diligent to make them work.

Dr.Muchemi also calling on fellow Small Medium Enterprises to always visualize the bigger picture, becoming more professional and structured.

“Even if you start small, always visualize the bigger picture and how to you can grow” she said.

John Kihara-the person behind the business idea encouraging young people to think of business ideas and share with the right people for implementation.

He admits that many young people have continued to remain behind in matters business since they fear and have a feeling that they have to have huge capital for a start.

“It’s not about the huge capital for one to start a business but that which you have can still work as long as you are committed” said Kihara.

Kihara says the new branch in Nakuru is aimed at expanding business but above all tap into the opportunity available in Nakuru in terms of luggage storage and delivery.

The young entrepreneur also reveals that he is committed towards offering solutions for the online businesses.

“Our aim is to tap into the opportunities available in Nakuru’s CBD” said Kihara.




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