Akuisi Land Company Ltd members’ cry to RC Natembeya

A section of the Akuisi Farmers’ Company Ltd members in Solai of Subukia Sub county,Nakuru County are crying foul at the titling program rolled out by the national government in September this year.

The members who addressed the media in Nakuru town led by Mr.Hezbon Muigai say that despite the government through Riftvalley Regional Commissioner George Natmebeya ordered that no public utility would be sold; the directors have continued to sell.

They say already a police station and market that belonged to them has been sold without their knowledge.

They are also pointing an accusing finger at area administrators led by Rongai Deputy County Commissioner for safeguarding the public utility.

Under the titling program rolled out in September this year, 600 members have benefited with title deeds while 400 are yet.

The irate members now call on the government to ensure the remaining 400 members also benefit from the titling program.

“RC Natembeya visited the area and ordered some matters to be addressed. But we are surprised that since then some individuals have continued to sell public utility belonging to members yet the RC had ordered a stop to that. We want the government to come out clear on this” said Muigai.

Sentiments echoed by John Ndung’u why there has been a delay in titling for the members despite Natembeya assuring the same.

He says the delay in titling is giving room for grabbers to go on with their activities of selling public utility.

“The DCC was tasked to ensure we get title deeds as well as ensure no property is sold but we are surprised that we have never seen him and that is why we want the RC of President to come and address this once” said Ndung’u.

The government in September rolled out the issuance of title deeds under the titling program for over 1,000 members of the troubled Akuisi Farmers’ Cooperative in Solai, within Subukia Sub-County.

During the exercise, Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya said the national government will ensure that all genuine members of the cooperative benefit from the titling program ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The once giant entity has had long running leadership wrangles with its leadership fending off allegations from members over mismanagement of assets and misappropriation of funds.

Shareholders have also for years accused the land buying company directors of irregularly selling parts of the 1,200-acre farm in Solai as well as derailing the title issuance program.

Akuisi is one of the companies whose members the head of state had directed that they benefit from the ongoing accelerated titling program within the devolved unit.

Launching the issuance of the title deeds at Akuisi Secondary School, Mr. Natembeya cautioned the Company’s management against engaging in fraudulent activities tailored to lock out genuine beneficiaries.

Natembeya said that any action in the titling program that amounts to defiance of government policies will not be taken kindly.

But as things stand now, it seems the long time wrangles of the Company are not yet over.


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