Over 400,000 vulnerable residents reached with free meal from SCANN’s Hot Kitchen Project

Over 400,000 vulnerable residents from slum areas of Rhonda on the outskirts of Nakuru city have benefited so far from free meal courtesy of a project started by Street Children’s Assistance for Nakuru Network-SCANN.

The project dubbed ‘SCANN HOT KITCHEN ‘ runs two hot kitchens at Bondeni-Kisulisuli and Rhonda slum areas where vulnerable families are served with free meal on daily basis.

This, has seen vulnerable families from the slum areas have hope as they can are sure of a daily plate of meal.

The project was started when the COVID-19 pandemic struck in the country where many lost their casual jobs.

Beneficiaries of the project in Rhonda that has hit 400, 000 as at 27th July 2022 lauding SCANN and the donors for the gesture.

Led by Christine Wanjiku- a widow who has been surviving up and down to make her children get a meal says the project is beneficial to her.

“As a widow, I am very grateful for the project for it has given me hope together with my children” she said.

Sentiments echoed by Rolex Odhiambo who says since January she has been getting daily meal at the Rhonda SCANN Hot Kitchen.

Odhiambo says such gesture  cannot be taken lightly.

“Since January, this has been my home where I get a meal on daily basis.May God bless the donors so much” he said.

During the event, over 700 locals also received donation of sweaters and jampers to make themselves warm during this cold season.

Chairman Board of Trustee SCANN  Mr.Shamsher Gilani on his part stating that the vulnerability of the slum areas is what prompted the start of the SCANN Hot Kitchens.

He is optimistic that the COVID-19 pandemic will be a thing of past so that the locals can go on with their daily duties.

Shamsher reiterated the importance of education in ending high levels of poverty in society hence the reason why SCANN has continued to help street children out of streets and sponsor them with quality education.

He was however, quick to note that the SCANN Hot Kitchen project will go on for a longer period until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

“SCANN believes in quality education to transform society and that is why we have many of our boys who have made it up to University Level. On the donation, we have resolved that we shall continue to give this free meal to the vulnerable in society until COVID-19 is over” he said.

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