Lobby calls on media,artistes to take lead in fight against GBV

Media and artistes have been challenged to take up key role in fighting matters Gender Based Violence against women and girls.

Martin Lunalo from Reproductive Health Youth Friendly Environment-RHYFE says the Media and artistes have a huge following which should be utilised to inform society.

Speaking in Nakuru West on Thursday during a meeting with Journalists and artistes,Lunalo stated that they will continue to carry out capacity building in society to ensure matters GBV cases are voiced.

He noted that if the society is not educated on the same then the efforts on fight against GBV will be derailed.

“Media and artistes need to take up this discussion on GBV to another level.We need an informed society so that we can succeed in this” said Lunalo.

Sentiments echoed by Programs officer for  RHYF under Reinvent Ms Carolyne Kinyua.

She says if media and artistes can take up the lead,then the fight against Gender Based Violence will have a win.

“That following,that listenership you have make good use of it in the fight against GBV” said Kinyua.

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