Rongai MP calls for lasting solution on human-wildlife conflicts

Rongai MP Raymond Moi at a past event.PHOTO/The African Voice.

Rongai MP Raymond Moi now wants an urgent solution into the human-wildlife conflict in his constituency.

Speaking at Chemarmar area,Moi appealed to KWS to accept the lists that have so far been given out by the chief containing those who have been affected and provide compensation to help the locals cater for their food.

The MP says the matter need to be treated with urgency especially now when the locals are struggling to get food due to the ongoing pandemic.

“This is an issue that needs urgent attention” said Moi.

This coming after residents of  Chemarmar village in Kamosop ward Rongai Sub County in Nakuru decried over elephants invasion on their farms.

The locals  wheretheysay they have  been suffering for the last two years without help from relevant authorities.

The residents have said that they have been filling endless forms which have for the last two years shown no hope of being compensated. 

Hundreds of locals have been losing their plantations from the herds of elephants migrating from Baringo County.

Locals are now appealing to KWS to employ local people into the police reservist unit who will be helping in chasing away the elephants.

They point an accusing finger to KWS officers whom they claim  have been delaying once called for rescue leading to more damages.

Moi comes to the aid of families affected by floods

Rongai MP Raymond Moi during the distribution of the food stuff.PHOTO/Miriam Itotia.

Over 300 families that were affected by floods in Kayole,Berbur and Rigogo in Rongai subcounty of Nakuru on Wednesday received food stuffs and other items from Rongai MP Raymond Moi.

The families were rendered homeless occasioned by the floods.

Speaking during the distribution,Moi said the food and items were to ensure the families are back to their normal life.

According to the MP, a sh.800,000 enabled the same.

He said the food stuffs include maize,beans,cooking fat and blankets.

“We are only dealing with those who were affected with the floods and CDF has catered this through sh.800,000″said Moi.

The locals in the area calling on the county government of Nakuru to also step in and ensure a lasting solution.

They say they have been in the camps for 2 months and this happens yearly.

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