VIP bodyguards attached to Raila stir drama in Nakuru after defying traffic

Drama was witnessed in Nakuru around KFA roundabout after police officers attached to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga defied traffic police orders to stop after they were found overspeeding along the Eldoret-Nakuru Highway.

Sources have it that the officers were headed to the second anniversary of the Former Prime Minister’s son Fidel Odinga who passed on 2 years ago.

The officers who were in a 5-member boarded White Toyota Land cruiser Prado KBW 505R are said to have been ordered at the Eveready point on your way to Nakuru to stop due to overspeeding but they defied the order.

This prompted the traffic officers to speed-chase the Prado that was also in high speed.And at KFA the traffic officers with the help of the Motorbike Bodaboda operators were forced to block the vehicle.

The Nakuru traffic officers went ahead to deflate one of the tyres of the vehicle.

This did not go well with the officers on board who came out armed coking their guns trying to defend themselves before the Nakuru traffic officers.

It is at this point that police officers attached to former Prime Minister revealed their identity stating that indeed they were attached to the former Premier.

The Nakuru Traffic officers were forced to look on how to restore pressure in the deflated tyres before they moved to Nakuru Central Police station to record statement with the crowd chanting ‘Handshake…..Handshake…..Handshake….’.

The 10 am incident paralyzed transport on the busy Highway with huge crowd.

According to eye witnesses, the police erred by deflating the tyre of the vehicle-an issue that prompted the VIP bodyguards to be defensive.

“The traffic officers messed when they deflated the vehicle because this is what led to the commotion” said an eye witness.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Huge crowd gathered at Nakuru’s KFA roundabout to witness the drama.

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