Teachers want school re-opening delayed

The Kenya National Union of teachers(KNUT) is opposed to the hurried reopening of schools saying that by doing so the government will be risking the lives of innocent Kenyan children.

KNUT Secretary General Wilsion Sosion said that the government through the ministry of education should not use kenyan school going children as a testing sample towards the reopening up of the country.

Sosion said that teachers will not be party to any move by the government to reopen schools without taking the necessary precautions.

He noted that there is so much that needs to be done before the government can think of reopening schools.

The KNUT  boss says that he doubts if the government is in a position to put in place required safety measures in all public schools to protect pupils from infections from the corona virus.

He wondered how the government was planning to achieve social distancing rules within  already crowded schools which are suffering an acute shortage of social amenities.

The ministry of education has put in place a committee to advise the government on the possibility of reopening schools post COVID-19 .

Teachers unions have protested their exclusion form the committee and accused education Cabinet Secretary Prof.George Magoha of not valuing their input within the educations sector.

Schools in the country are expected to be reopened next month depending on how the government controls the situation of corona virus infections

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