How Patel Family has continued to unite solai people

On 9 May this year marked 5 years since the Solai Dam tragedy.

It is a tragedy that almost led to mixed reactions among locals and area leaders with some trying to cause disunity among locals.

However, the Patel Family that owns the dam that burst has always maintained that it was an accident, though a case is still on in court.

The family that has been participating in philanthropic acts vowed to work closely with victims of the tragedy in ensuring they get better with their livelihood.

This has been one way of ensuring united community in Solai despite challenges.

It should be noted that since they moved to Solai, the Patel family has continued to express acts of philanthropy.

Perry Kansagra during a past interview.

With more than three decades practicing coffee, flowers and dairy farming, the family has employed more than 1,000 residents.

Besides, the family has taken up matters of education in the area seriously ensuring support to the public schools as well those constructed under their sponsorship such as Patel Secondary and Mansukh Patel Primary.

Perry Kansagra in an interview revealed that education is key in transforming the society.

While lauding government efforts, Perry called for a collective responsibility in making education accessible for all.

“We all have a responsibility to make society better” he said.

The Patel family has continued to make huge contribution to the education sector in the area.

This is through donation of stationery and other items as well as improving the infrastrure.

Jared Mwangi- a resident says the family has been of great help to them.

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