Rani Ramchandani recognized as Peace Ambassador as World marks International peace day

Rotary Club of Nakuru President Rani Ramchandani has been recognized for her peace initiatives.

The Nakuru-based philanthropist was awarded certificate by National Peace Ambassador who is also the Police Commander Bungoma County Francis Kooli during an event in Nakuru to celebrate this year’s International peace Day.

Speaking during the event, Kooli lauded Rani for the continued boundary-less initiatives towards peace.

“Because of Rani we have reached even remote areas with peace messages as well as donation to the vulnerable” said Kooli.

On her part Rani in humility accepted the recognition.

She noted that many people are vulnerable in society and need support in order for them to have peace of mind.

Rani reiterated Rotary Club of Nakuru’s commitment as well as her individual effort towards matters peace and economic empowerment.

“We should all be peace agents. Let us all so what we can to make a better society” said Rani.





MP Charity Kathambi’s mission to make Njoro a better constituency

Charity Kathambi Chepkwony is a first time member of parliament for Njoro.

Though born and raised in Meru,Kathambi has Njoro at heart.

The vocal Nakuru Legislator has a Master’s  in Community  Development studies from Mount Kenya University besides BBA(Marketing option) from KeMU,Diploma in Sales and Marketing from University of Nairobi as well as Diploma in Clearing and,Shipping and Documentation.

Her first time trial in politics was in 2013 but she did not make it.

After re-strategizing,she came back in 2017 and won the Njoro Parliamentary seat on Jubilee ticket.

Her win supprised many male competitors who felt women had no room in politics.

But for the Njoro seat that was being eyed by five independent male candidates including former MP  Joseph Kiuna,Kathambi made her way becoming the first female MP for Njoro on Jubilee ticket.

Since her election,MP Kathambi been vocal on matters education,infrastructure,peaceful co-existence among communities in Njoro.

Kathambi has continued to ensure transformation of Njoro constituecy that has had scars of ethnic violence of 1992,1997 and 2008 as well as the recent 2020 skirmishes in Nessuit,Mauche and Mau Forest bordering areas.

In an interview with this writer,MP Kathambi is categorical that hers is to ensure a peaceful and transformed Njoro.

“I have a duty to unite my constituents and ensure development” she said.

The God-fearing Kathambi adds that her role as elected leader is to help correct the mistakes of past leadership by ensuring there is no discrimination against anyone on matters service delivery.

Under her leadership,already 30 classrooms have been built during the 2017/2018 Financial Year.

She has also been able to commission construction of 18 roads in the six wards of Njoro.

Kathambi also lobbied for the refurbishment of Civil Registration office in Njoro to allow residents seeking such services to get access easily without travelling to Nakuru town.

But even with the development agenda,Kathambi has not been spared when it comes to criticisms from her male competitors.

However,she says it will be mad if her to exchange words with her competitors.

“Time for politics will come,as for now,my focus is on development agenda for Njoro”she said.

Kathambi who is also a member of the Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) has been on the forefront in calling on National Government to come up with lasting solution towards ensuring peaceful co-existence among locals in Mauche,Mau Narok and Nessuit areas of Njoro.


Matiang’i calls on elders from Kisumu,Nandi counties to ensure peaceful border

Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i has urged elders from Kisumu and Nandi counties to be in the forefront in peace building following recent animosity at the boarder of Nandi and Muhoroni.

Matiang’i who spoke in Nakuru on Tuesday during a consultative peace Forum for council of elders from Nandi and Kisumu counties,said that given the influence elders have in the society they stand a better chance of of convincing the young generation on the need to uphold peace and co- existence.

The CS noted that elders in any community are the custodians of peace and they should work with the government to ensure the same.

“55 years after independence we should not be talking about border conflicts but we should be focusing on development.You as elders you are the custodians of peace in your communities and you have to ensure the same”he said.

However, Dr.Matiang’i warned that the government will not hesitate to act swiftly to curb any cases of insecurity whenever intervention by the council of elders fails.

He said that the government will review all administrative boundaries in the country with a view to replacing interdicted government officers and also those who have retired.

Further the government will get additional 500 police vehicles this financial year through lease as a way of boosting security.

“We need to focus n development as a country but that can only happen if we have peace which is paramount to all of us” he said.

Kisumu governor Governor Prof. Anyang Nyong’o- Kisumu and his Nandi counterpart- Stephen Sang pledged to support the peace initiative while using the laid down institutions in law.

The two said that issues of boarder conflict and cattle theft between the Luo and Kalenjin communities should be a thing of the past in the region.

They appreciated the fact that institutions like IEBC and the National land commission- NLC have the capacity to address problems arising from conflict over boarders.

The meeting was also attended by Regional coordinators for Nyanza and Rift valley as well as County commissioners,Nakuru Deputy Governor Dr.Erick Korir among other officials.


PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Interior CS Dr.Fred Mataing’i addressing in Nakuru on Tuesday during a consultative peace Forum for council of elders from Nandi and Kisumu counties.

Nakuru Priest marks 25 years of Priesthood, calls on Kenyans to shun tribalism

Nakuru priest has called on Kenyans to shun tribalism but rather embrace peace and unity to foster maximum development.

Speaking over the weekend during dinner celebration to mark his 25 years of priesthood, Fr.Lawrence Mbogo of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru said Kenyans have a big role to decide whether they want peace or chaos.

He added that Kenyans should understand that the nation is not in the hands of the politicians but in the hands of Kenyans t and they should safeguard it.

While noting that politics is part of a nation, Fr.Mbogo who is also the Vicar General Catholic Diocese of Nakuru said the deal between former premier Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta might sail through but was quick to add that even if it fails then Kenyans should not hate each other on the same.

“As Kenyans we have seen, we have tested and we have lived. Let every Kenya knows that peace of this nation depends on them” he said.

On the issue of tribalism, the Priest called on Kenyans to believe in themselves as Kenyans and shun the cocoon of tribalism which he said has continued to drag the country behind.While noting that Nakuru County is cosmopolitan, Fr.Mbogo applauded the Nakuru politicians for continued peaceful coexistence.

“Why don’t we accept ourselves as Kenyans and move on? We are Kenyans and that is a fact let us shun tribalism but I must applaud the Nakuru politicians for ensuring co-existence” he said.

The Priest who has served both in USA and Kenya as a priest for the last 25 years says the Grace of God has seen hi sail through.

He encouraged those in Seminary to press on with the calling.“As I celebrate 25 years of priesthood I must say it has been by the grace of God.

To the seminarians I encourage you to know that this journey of priesthood is possible” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Prof.Fr.Stephen Mbugua from Tangaza University College under Catholic Diocese of Nakuru.

He called on Christians to adhere to the callings in various vocations in order to ensure development of the church of Christ.

“I call on Christians to ensure they respect their callings in order to grow the church” he said.

The celebrations were also attended by Fr.Msafiri Wana from catholic Arch-diocese of Arusha, Tanzania who called on Kenyans to maintain peace love and unity.

“To Kenyans, let us maintain love for when there is love then peace prevails” said Fr.Msafiri.



PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Fr.Lawrence Mbogo of the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru(centre) during a dinner party to mark 25 years of priesthood.

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