Lobby groups laud Kenyans for maintaining peace during August General Polls

Several lobby groups in Nakuru County on Wednesday joined the  World in celebrating International Peace Day 2022 under the theme ‘End racism. Build peace‘ with speaker after speaker lauding Kenyans for maintaining peace during the general polls.

The event started with a special thanksgiving at Cathedral Church of Christ the King in Nakuru where everyone who came was given a white rose flower to simplify peace.

Speaking during the event, Rotary Club of Nakuru President Rani Ramchandani thanked Nakuru residents and Kenyans as a whole for the peaceful elections.

She noted that Rotary club and other partners have been focusing on peace initiatives to ensure a better society.

Rani urged locals to continue embracing peace as it was the key component of  realizing development in the community.

“As Rotary Club of Nakuru, peace is one key area of focus because we know the fruits of peace are numerous. Our call to all, let us continue spreading peace wherever we go” said Rani.

Sentiments echoed by Peace ambassador Francis Kooli who is also the current Police Commander Bungoma.

Kooli who graced the event,  attributed the peace witnessed to the numerous peace initiatives that were organized by several groups championing for peace.

He challenged Kenyans to safeguard the gift of peace that the  Almighty God had granted, shun tribalism, gender based violence and live as brothers and sisters.

“We are where we are because of the peace initiatives held. The most we can do is to safeguard this peace. We should as a nation embrace one another for prosperity” said Kooli.

Nakuru County Inter-religious Council coordinator  Ronald Sunguti on his part lauded religious leaders for the role played in preaching peace.

While citing words of Saint Francis Of Asisi on peace,  Sunguti noted that Kenyans have matured politically and democratically.

He however challenged everyone in society to be peace ambassadors for a continued peaceful nation.

“We have gone through the election process and it was peaceful. What we should focus on now is to ensure that we all play the role of peace ambassadors just as Saint Francis Of Asisi prayed” said Sunguti.

Nakuru-based Midrift Human Rights Network that has been implementing various projects on security and elimination of violence extremism noted that the country is headed in the right direction.

Calvin Muga, a Project Officer at Midrift Human Rights Network said time is now to build on the already established strategies and ensure continued peace.

“We already have structures in place and therefore we just need to work within the structures to ensure continued peace and stability” stated Muga.

According to Nakuru County Peace Forum Chair Boniface Mwaura, much has been achieved both in the county and nation at large.

Mwaura challenged youth to be proactive and ensure they tap into the many opportunities that the government has for them in place.

“The young people have a great role to ensure a peaceful Society. I appeal to them  not to engage in issues that might trigger violence but rather tap into government opportunities” said Mwaura.

The event was also attended by other organizations including Youth Bila Noma, Boy Child Movement, International Alert, Black Coffee Movement, Tobias Foundation, CJPC, Prisons Department, Office of Registrar of Political Parties, Media, local administrators among others.














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