Okiki declares interest for the Nakuru Town West seat

Nakuru West ODM politician Hezron Okiki has officially declared his interest for the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat come 2022.

Speaking exclusively on Nakuru Town-based Radio Yetu 89.2 Fm during Friday evening show hosted by Ogola Mjomba, the ODM politician said he is ready for the seat.

“I declare with overwhelming and with power that I will be vying for the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat in 2022”he said.

He argued that there are many areas in Nakuru West that he feels needs more sober leadership in order to address the challenges.

When asked what he will do different from the sitting MP, Okiki was categorical that he will push legislation that will see the people of Nakuru Town West enjoy.

He claimed that the sitting MP has never initiated a bill in favor of the people of Nakuru Town West.“Legislation at National level will help address the challenges.

The current MP has sponsored no Bill as far as Nakuru West is concerned. I will be sponsoring bills to help address the challenges facing the area” said Okiki.

He added that health matters despite being devolved, an MP can push for legislation to have more Level 4 hospitals at grassroot.

Okiki further slammed leaders who have been operating with goons in Nakuru.According to the ODM politician, when a leader who operates with goons meets with another leader who operates with goons then the citizens are to suffer as lives are lost.

He appealed to leaders to exercise mature politics and accept criticism without being violent.

“We need mature politics that focuses on transforming the lives of the common citizens who pay tax. Leaders should accept criticism” said Okiki.

On the ongoing debate o f Nakuru becoming a city, the politician is of the view that there are requirements that needs to be met.While stating that he supports the elevation to city status, Okiki says the process should not be rushed but all requirements must be met.

“I support Nakuru becoming a city but as it stands now we still have requirements that are yet to be met” he said.

Okiki also appealing on the county assembly of Nakuru to support the Ekuro Aukot Punguza Mzigo initiative.He says Kenyans are fed up with burden and time is now that some seats are done away with.

“Kenyans are fed up with burden. I call upon the county assembly of Nakuru r support the Punguza Mzigo initiative” said Okiki.

Okiki who brands himself as the only remaining pillar of ODM in Nakuru Town West called on residents of Nakuru Town West to maintain peace ahead of the 2022 politics.

He becomes the second politician to declare his interest for the seat after Erick Ogada of United Green Movement Party also declared his interest for the seat.

Hezron Okiki who unsuccessfully contested Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat in 2017 on ODM ticket. [Source/Nakuru Famous]

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