Arama optimistic of clinching Nyamira gubernatorial seat 2027

Nakuru Town West Member of Parliament Samuel Arama has expressed optimism in clinching Nyamira gubernatorial seat come 2027.

The MP says he has weighed seceral aspects and concuded that he will go for the seat with nothing more than emerging the winner.

Speaking in Kaptembwa Ward during a sports tournament, the lawmaker urged his constituents to allow him fulfil his ambition of serving Nyamira people.

According to Arama, he has already delivered as an MP in Nakuru West and it is time that he extends  that to his homeground in Nyamira.

He urged Nakuru West residents to remain peaceful and ensure his successor is a person who will deliver just as he has done in the three terms.

“I am going to vie for the Nyamira County gubernatorial seat in 2027, and I am confident that I will win easily. I am determined to extend my good work to the people of Nyamira,” he said.

Arama has been involved in various charity work back in Nyamira County.

Some of them include construction of houses for poor families as well as paying school fees for the needy.

Already his work has been felt on ground paving way for thr endorsement by elders in Nyamira.


Arama: I’ve got a dream to transform Nyamira County come 2027

Nakuru Town West Member of Parliament Samuel Arama has hinted at blue print agenda he has towards transforming Nyamira County come 2027.
The MP who has declared interest in the Nyamira gubernatorial seat in 2027 says the county has lacked leadership.
This he says is the reason for the suffering the locals are going through under the current  regime.
Setting his agenda right, Arama notes his first agenda when elected Governor will be setting up kitty towards education for poor children in Nyamira County.
In an interview with press in Nakuru, the lawmaker said this will be made possible by setting aside 100 million shillings in every constituency  towards the same.
” I will never stop assisting the poor and that is why as a Governor I will ensure that all children are in school through the education kitty,” he said.
On the challenge of water that is facing residents of Nyamira, Arama says his agenda will be doing boreholes and ensure every household has piped water.
Health sector is also top on Arama’s agenda.
The development oriented lawmaker says he will work hard to ensure all health facilities in Nyamira County are operational.
This, he adds will be done well such that there will be no need of seeking services in other counties as Nyamira will be capable to take care of the needs of her patients.
In addition, more dispensaries will be set up at sub county levels and more professional  human resource personel employed.
With his experience and good rapo with the national government and how things work, Arama is confident over the same.
Infrastructure improvement is number 3 agenda on his transformation agenda for Nyamira County come 2027.
Having worked closely with national government and other development partners, the MP believes in infrastructure is key towards all development sectors.
As a county chief, he says more focus will be on feeder roads within the county.
He says he will partner with other leaders such as MPs to actualize tarmacking of major roads which fall under county government.
This will ease movement of goods and farm produce to the markets or distribution centres.
Trade is another area that Arama will be focusing at.
“Construction of markets to aid trading activities in the county is key and will in return help us get some revenue,” he says.
Arama adds that proper sheds for mama mboga whom he says are currently suffering with harsh weather conditions yet they pay tax to the current county government will be actualized as well as establishment of  bus parks and other amenities to aid traders.
To boost bodaboda operations and small businesses such as mama mboga businesses, if elected governor, Arama says his government will charge zero levy on such.
He says he will seek a grants from National government to implement various projects in Nyamira county.
Arama who is serving his third term as MP for Nakuru Town West,  has also already laid down his plans once he is out of politics.
He says he has a dream of having an education Foundation kitty where he will continue to assist the poor children to acquire education.
“Assisting people is what I love and that is why in future I am thinking of starting education Foundation kitty where I can continue assisting even after politics,” says Arama.
The MP who in 2022 August polls was elected on Jubilee ticket under Azimio Coalition, has on many occassions come out clear that he supports the current Kenya Kwanza administration under the leadership of President William Ruto.
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