COVID-19 -Ngunjiri wants traders,residents exempted from paying county levies

Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri, now wants Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui to exempt business people from paying levies until the COVID-19 pandemic is dealt with.

Ngunjiri said that with majority of countries across the world under lockdown, the future looks bleak more so economically.

He called on Governor Lee Kinyanjui to come up with a raft of measures that would caution Nakuru people from the tough economic times they are about to face due to closure of businesses and low spending power.

“Times like this require even Governments to empathize with its people and come to their rescue as enshrined in article 43 of our Constitution” he said.

He added “The County should allow people not to pay services like business licenses during this period, parking fee should also be scraped and a raft of other measures that would make life affordable for the people up until when the virus will be contained”.

He also urged the Governor to allow County employees to work from home following the guidelines that were released by the National Government, with only those providing essential services to report to work.

At the same time he called on President Uhuru to call upon KRA to zero rate essential commodities like unga, milk, fuel, and electricity during this period aside from warning traders not to hike prices of commodities.

That he said will ease the burden for many Kenyans who are struggling to feed their families and to survive during this pandemic.

“Times like this requires us to be there for one another, not to take advantage of the situation and hike basic commodities, but rather be mindful of each other because it would make no sense making money at the expense of people who are struggling to survive the pandemic” he noted .

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