Nakuru Youth Bunge’s ‘Tusome initiative’ positively impacting learners in early grades

Nakuru Youth Bunge Forum in partnership with Kenyan National Library service Nakuru Branch has continued to hold activities under the Tusome Early Grade reading initiative aimed at promoting literacy among pupils in their early grades at grass root schools.

Speaking on Tuesday at Gogar Primary school Rongai Sub County during education exhibition, Nakuru Youth Bunge Forum President Philip Ng’ok stated that theprogram that commenced three years has seen great improvement among pupils intheir early grades.

According to Ng’ok, in Rongai zone they have been able to reach out to 17schools in Rongai Zone.

He called for a collective responsibility from parents, teachers, civil society groups and Government to promote literacy especially at grass root schools especially at his time when the National government is implementing the Competency Based curriculum.

“Tusome is all about promoting literacy and improving the environment for pupils.It is clear that with collaboration from all stakeholders then we can improve literacy and especially at this time when we are talking about the new curriculum”said Ng’ok.

The Nakuru County Youth Bunge Tusome program has been rolled out in Southern,Ngata and Rongai zones with 50 schools having been reached.

He adds that the Program has seen improvement in reading habits of pupils at early grades in the three zones they have been implementing the same.

“The program has really helped improve the reading habits in our society within the 50 schools that we have reached” said Ng’ok.

Similar sentiments reiterated by Ms Joyce Sankok from the Nakuru County Directorate of Education.

According to Ms Sankok, such initiatives should be supported to help improve the reading culture among the young pupils.The education officer attributing this to the good collaboration among stakeholders adding that it is a plus towards implementation of the new curriculum.

“We have seen what collaboration among stakeholders can do and we see this as a plus towards CBC implementation and as a Ministry we support this” said Ms Sankok.

Mr.Hillary Bore from the Kenya Primary School Heads Association-KEPSHA while lauding the Tusome initiative called on the donor USAID to extend the program.According to Mr.Bore,the program has enabled learners at early grade to master the art of reading.

“This program should be extended to as it will improve reading even at the upper grades” said Mr.Bore.

Librarian Ms Emily Onchari on her part lauding Nakuru Youth Bunge for the partnership which she says has seen reading culture nurtured.

Similar sentiments echoed by Ms Emily Rotich who is a parent whose child has benefited from the program.During the event, the Nakuru Youth Bunge Forum in partnership with Kenyan National Library service Nakuru Branch also donated reading materials to the schools that were represented.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Nakuru Youth Bunge Forum President Philip Ng’ok flanked by education officials addressing media at Gogar Primary school Rongai Sub County.

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