National Assembly NG-CDF Committee roots for more funds

National Assembly NG-CDF Committee has revealed that all funds for the current financial year will be channeled towards construction of classrooms before the schools resume.

According to the Committee, this is aimed at ensuring enough spaces in schools that will help reduce congestion that can lead to more spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The Committee’s chair who is also Member of Parliament for Kanduyi Wafula Wamunyinyi says his committee has already engaged with the National Government CDF stakeholders and management and agreed to pause the use of the funds in implementing Environment and bursary projects.

He was speaking when the Committee toured Bahati Constituency in Nakuru County.

“We have agreed that other projects can be suspended so that the money can be channeled towards construction of more classrooms and purchase of desks ahead of schools resumption” said Wamunyinyi.

The committee also advocating for need to amend the NG-CDF Act and add increase funds that will help the MPs address the issue of new classes.

As it stands now more schools are full due to the 100% transition initiative that was done by the ministry of education and the ministry of interior.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri stating that the social distancing in schools can be addressed if the government can allow funds diverted to NG-CDF towards construction of classrooms.

He adds that this can be made possible through a Bill in the Parliament.

“The Government should allow a bill in parliament so that we can have more funds from the COVID-19 kitty under NG-CDF towards construction of classrooms” said Ngunjiri.


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