Bodaboda operators banned from Nakuru town

The County government of Nakuru has with immediate effect banned all bodaboda operators from carrying passengers within the central business district.

This according to county commissioner Erastus Mbui will solve the problem of overcrowding within the town as the county moves to avert any possible spread of corona virus.

According to the county corona virus response committee, matatus will also not be allowed to operate normally with only two matatus being allowed to pick passengers at any given time at any given stage.

The county has created holding grounds for vehicles not being boarded by passengers.

They will only allow two vehicles, one being filled and the other waiting to be filled.

All East bound matatus will now move to Ziwani grounds opposite Kingdom seekers church while  Western bound matatus have been moved to railway grounds near vehicle inspection unit.

London Estate matatus have been moved near the municipal mortuary while long distance buses using main stage will now use the Ziwani stage.

After alighting, passengers have been encouraged to walk to town with no idler’s being allowed at stages.

Stage managers must have clearly marked lines for queuing.

Matatus parked at holding grounds should have their crew inside and not idling around.


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