Nakuru youths’ message to President over Awori’s appointment

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointment of former Vice-President Moody Awori as a member of the Sports, Art and Social Development Fund Board has continued to elicit mixed reactions among youths who say the President was ill advised.

Addressing media Nakuru County Youths Caucus led by their chairman Daniel Gitau, the youths said they are dissatisfied with the move despite even the head of state defending the appointment on grounds that the youths are corrupt.

They say it was wrong for the head of state to utter such sentiments against youths who voted for him in large numbers owing to the manifesto he had for youths during campaigns.

“As youths in Nakuru County we are saddened by the move taken by President by appointment older people and stating that youths are corrupt. We are surprised that the many corruption cases witnessed in the country none of those taken to court is a youth and we therefore demand an apology” said Gitau.

They lamented that if that is not addressed then the precedence will be witnessed in the county governments where the old will be given job opportunities leaving out the youths.

This, according to Mr. Gitau will be in contrary to the Jubilee Government’s manifesto of ensuring job opportunities for youths.

“This is precedence that we are seeing being set even in our counties where the youth will have no space” said Gitau.

President Kenyatta speaking on Thursday maintained that he will stand with the 91-year old Moody Awori due to a dwindling trust in youth whom the president linked to rampant corruption in different sectors of Kenya’s economy.

“If you see how young people we have trusted with positions steal public money, it’s rather I appoint somebody like Awori whom I am sure will protect your money to ensure intended developments and services get back to the people.

People should stop making noise and let me do my work” he said.

PHOTO/Standard:Ex-Vice President Moody Awori(left) with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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