Former Nakuru Street Boy Acy Dante empowering others

As a former Nakuru street child, Acy Dante has seen it all. Were it not for a well-wisher who saw the potential in him, Acy would probably still be in be streets, or worse. 

The former street boy is now a successful entrepreneur but above all, he is determined to use the little he has to help other street boys and girls.
“Had it not been for a well-wisher who saw what I was going through and the potential in me, probably I would still be roaming the streets of Nakuru. Maybe something awful would have happened to me,” admits Acy Dante.
To give back to the community, and in appreciation to the person who rehabilitated him, Acy Dante is now on a mission to help rehabilitate other street families and give them a second chance.
Through his influential Nakuru Tujuane Facebook page, Acy has built a huge following of over 177,000 fans. Together, they will be holding a huge concert for the street families with the aim of getting them off the streets and giving them a new lease on life.
“We are targeting to interact with between 300 and 500 street children on Sunday the 15th of October. There will be medical checkups for the street families, we’ll feed them, clean them, clothe them, deworm them, give them grooming services like haircuts and above all offer counselling,” reveals Acy.
What Acy is looking at however is a lasting solution for the street children. For him, it is not enough to have a good time with them and watch them go back to the streets until the next event.
“We are looking forward to having interactive sessions with the street children to try and understand them. We want to know why they are in the streets, the challenges they are going through, why they are not in school and how we can assist,” reveals the former street boy.
Acy says that he knows for a fact that some of those in the streets have families and are in the streets because of either misunderstandings or other challenges.
“We will identify those with families and see whether it’s possible to have them go back. We will find ways to assist those willing to join school and for others, find how they can be gainfully employed,” reveals Acy.
The Nakuru Street Kids Day as it has aptly been named will happen on 15th October 2017 at Muthaiti Gardens (formerly St. Georges School). The event is set to happen between 10 AM and 6 PM hosted by Acy Dante.
Other activities will involve music and dancing, a sermon, a soccer match and poetry with volunteer doctors and nurses attending to the sick.
Entertainers like MC Blacko and Rough Shizo will be in attendance.
Those willing to support the event are requested to bring along clothes, services and offer services like barbering. They are however requested not to bring any not ready to eat foodstuffs.
“Remember most of them will be going back to the streets and it doesn’t make much sense to bring them grains or flour which they won’t be able to cook,” says the youthful organizer.
With a budget of around Kshs. 230,000, Acy Dante is also requesting well-wishers wishing to assist to contribute to the success of the event through Paybill number 843458. To talk to the organizer, the phone number is 0797 144 777.

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