COVID-19- County to move matatus out of town

The County Government of Nakuru has taken a move of re-distributing matatu stages within the central business district as one of the COVID-19 preparedness measures.

The move was arrived at a meeting of the County corona virus emergency response team co-chaired by Governor Lee Kinyanjui and County Commissioner Erastus Mbui.

According to Governor Lee, the county will be forced to designate  four places where matatus coming into Nakuru will be forced to terminate their journey as opposed to doing so within the central business district.

This, the Governor said will help in de-congesting the town and averting a possible spread of corona virus.

He noted that the county response committee will be meeting matatu industry stakeholders  to work on the modalities of the de-congestion.

At the same time Kinyanjui warned that he will revoke permits of matatu saccos that will violate any directives issued to the transport sector by the national government.

He said county traffic marshals will work with other stake holders to ensure that all saccos are complaint with the government directives.

On his part Mbui said that traffic police officers will continue with inspections to ensure that public service vehicles comply with the directives issued to them.



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