Nakuru County’s latest COVID-19 statistics

Nakuru County has recorded 1,227 COVID-19 cases as at October 5.

This is according to latest statistics from Ministry of Health.

In a statement to newsrooms on Monday,Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui also revealed that a total of 18,081 persons have been tested across the county.

Meanwhile, recoveries stand at 529 patients of whom 185 at health facilities and 344 u see home based care.

Kinyanjui further revealed that 21 patients are admitted to isolation facilities with 16 being on supplementary oxygen.

18 patients are at PGH COVID-19 isolation and management centre while 3 are at Naivasha isolation facility.

The governor while noting the continued rising cases in Nakuru county with positivity rate now at 6.7% (which is higher than the national average of 4.6%) ,said the disease is now at Community level.

He called on residents to go for testing to ensure early management of the disease.

“We encourage residents to go for testing so that we can manage disease” said Kinyanjui.

The governor has also urged locals to continue observing COVID-19 prevention measures among them washing hands regularly,and wearing facemasks while in public places.

Arama tells off Kinyanjui for failing to listen to matatu operators

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has advised Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui to give a listening to matatu operators to avert further conflicts.

Addressing media in Nakuru town on Monday following the protests that paralyzed businesses in town for over 3 hours, Arama said the continued neglect of the lot means no good for the economy.

He said it was wrong for Governor Kinyanjui to continue giving a deaf ear to the matter yet he has failed to ensure condusive environment at the new matatu stages.

According to Arama,as elected leaders they have had a conversation with Kinyanjui over the poor condition in the new stages but he has failed to adhere to the advise.

“The County should not ignore the grievances of these matatu operators.These are electorates who voted for President,him and even us and should be listened to so that we can have a lasting solution” said Arama.

The Nakuru West Lawmaker who has been supplying water to the new stage at KFA after operators raised concern says leaders should not just sit and ignore when there are problems.

He has also raised concern on insecurity in the new matatu stages which he says is posing danger to women and children who seek transport services in these areas.

While noting that town planning falls under the county government, Arama said the county has failed the people in the matatu sector.

“As an MP its not my role to explain to the county government on how it should plan the town. But as leaders we have to step in when we see our people suffering. The governor has really messed his people and he should know that 2022 is just around the corner” said Arama.

Matatu operators in Nakuru on Monday clashed with police officers who wanted to forcefully return to the CBD decrying deplorable conditions in the three termini where they were redistributed.

They were met by armed contingents of police officers who lobbed tear gas canisters and shot in the air to disperse them.

The operators were relocated outside town the onset of Covid-19 in Kenya to avoid congestion.

Life of Nakuru street families

Street family in Nakuru

Life is never easy spending your life in the open streets. It is no less so for Nakuru street families but they try and make the best of the situation. Many may consider them smelly, dirty and an eye-sore. However, they are just normal human beings deserving human dignity just like any other person.

Nakuru Street families
Some Nakuru street families prepare a meal in tins collected from the streets 

No one would choose to live the kind of life these families endure. Taking a walk around town during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is heart-wrenching to see the kind of life they have to live.

Nakuru Street families
A Nakuru street family member takes a break to rest in his makeshift residence

They agreed to open up their residences and their way of life from where they sleep, spend their time and make meals.

Lunch ready for this street family
Lunch ready for this street family

Every now and then, there is a well-wisher who comes along to help the street families go through another day. One such well-wisher is Tobias Orwa who regularly joins the families providing meals and company to the street families in Nakuru. Through his Tobias Orwa Foundation, he joins hands with other well-wishers to make life easy for the street families.

Helping Nakuru Street families
Tobias Orwa joins the Nakuru Street families regularly providing them meals and company

When night comes, or harsh weather comes calling, they retire into their makeshift polythene shelters. Only God knows how their young ones born in the streets survive in these harsh weather conditions. Worse still, how they cope when rain waters flow into their residences.

Shelter for Nakuru Street Families
A makeshift polythene shelter for street families in Nakuru town

Optimus Beauty Parlour – Nakuru Massage Masters

Optimus Beauty Parlour is a story inspired by being jobless and desire to make it in life. The Nakuru top Massage parlour came to be almost by default when the founders couldn’t land the jobs they were searching for.

Optimus Beauty Parlour, Nakuru

Massage at Optimus Beauty Parlour, Nakuru

Facial at Optimus TownBeauty Parlour, Nakuru

Facial at Optimus Beauty Parlour

After clearing campus in May 2016, two brothers, Peter Sam and Dan Sam came to Nakuru town but unfortunately, the job market wasn’t favourable to them. Although Peter and Dan had graduated in BSC Animal Science and Eco-Tourism and Hospitality Management, respectively they opted for an alternative to foot their bills as well as cater for their needs.
The brothers had never imagined themselves venturing into the beauty industry but as fate would have it, that has now become their career of choice.
After having done research and consultation with each other on what to venture in, they opted for a barbershop. Having found a suitable location and in the process of sourcing for capital to buy tools of the trade, a barbering shop was opened just next to their shop and they had to think of an alternative.
As they had already made up their minds to go into the beauty industry, they opted to get into the massage business as their core business. That is how Optimus Beauty Parlour, Nakuru was born.
Other services offered include manicure, pedicure, facial, tweezing, threading and gel application.
Over time, one of the brothers, Peter gotten an interest in the beauty industry. He has become passionate about the job that he’s spending more time learning what the job entails. He is actively involved in the running of the business including the processes involved in order to offer the best services in his workplace.

Pedicure at Optimus Beauty Parlour, Nakuru Town

Pedicure at Optimus Beauty Parlour

The professionalism involved in learning the job and the high-quality services have seen the client base grow big every day. Since the business started operations in November 2016, Optimus Beauty Parlour has built a loyal client base which keeps growing due to recommendations from the clients.

Facial at Optimus Beauty Parlour

Tweezing at Optimus Beauty Parlour

The challenges the business has faced have enabled it to be what it is today.
Peter still recalls how he was duped into buying a fake brand of gel which turned up to be a big disappointment to his customers.
“This forced me to get more involved. I tried to find out all about the business and that’s how I found myself learning the practical side of the business. I wanted to offer our customers the best and if it meant me getting involved in the business, I was ready to go the whole way,” says Peter.

Gel Application, Optimus Beauty Parlour, Nakuru Town

Gel Application, Optimus Beauty Parlour

Optimus Beauty Parlour currently has a workforce of three including Peter and two lady employees. Peter has a vision of turning Optimus into the ultimate one-stop beauty parlour of choice in Nakuru.
The founders of Optimus Beauty Parlour say the business would not have gotten where it is had it not been for the grace of God
“We thank God for being the pillar of our business and we trust He’ll continue blessing the work of our hands,” says Dan.

Optimus Beauty Parlour is strategically located within Maombini Plaza along Kenyatta Avenue.
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Optimus Beauty Parlour, Nakuru Town on Google Maps

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