Arama challenges leaders to help nurture talents

Nakuru Town West Member of Parliament Samuel Arama has challenged leaders to support initiatives aimed at nurturing talents.
The lawmaker says young talents in sports are key in shaping the society free of crime.
Speaking during Nakuru West National Government Constituency Development Football Tournament Final, Arama noted that Youth football development plays a crucial role in the growth and development of the sport itself.
He called for the need to have systems in place that can help develop players at young age helping them realize their potential.
Arama who was accompanied by  Businessman Robinas Makana and MCAs from Nakuru West Subcounty also used the opportunity to call on young people to shun criminal activities.
According to the lawmaker, young people have great potential which should not be wasted in criminal activities.
He called on residents to work closely with security team in enhamcing security in the sub county.
The tournament saw Githima Youth FC crowned champions after beating Shabab Boys FC 2-1 in extra time.
The teams were awarded money and Jersey.
Arama has been in the forefront in supporting youth Talents in Nakuru Town West.

MP Arama urges government to expedite compensation plan for locals displaced by rising Lake Nakuru

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has appealed to National government to look into the issue where his constituents have been on many occasions arrested for carrying out fishing in the neighboring Lake Nakuru.

The MP says majority of those arrested are those who were displaced by the rising water levels and are now living in poor conditions.

It will be recalled that a year ago government banned fishing in Lake Nakuru after it emerged that the fish was not fit for human consumption.

However the harsh economic times has seen locals continue to carry out fishing secretly in areas such as Barut that border the swollen Lake Nakuru.

The 2021 Report on Rising Lake Levels and Beaconing of the Highest Water Mark in Lake Nakuru, Kenya, revealed that a total of 677 families were affected from the Barut, Mwariki, and Park View areas. Those affected are yet to get compensation for the losses they incurred.

The area MP spoke at Lake Nakuru National Park on Monday during meeting to mark World Environment Day that was graced by Environment CS Soipan Tuya accompanied by Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika.

According to Arama, there was plan to also compensate those who were displaced by the lake Nakuru Water levels.

However, the plan has been slow due to what he termed is the transition from one government to another.

He was however quick to note that as lawmakers, they will push to ensure that those who were displaced have been settled.

“You cannot arrest locals yet they have not committed any crime. The fish came right at their doorsteps and they decided to do fishing. But I think there is need for compensation of those who were displaced and the plan that was there on the same should continue,” he said.

Arama also used the opportunity to sound a stern warning to individuals whom he termed were out to grab section of land belonging to Nakuru GK Prisons in Nakuru West.

He said such will not be allowed as the land is meant to support the government’s effort towards 100 percent tree cover.

“This is land that we need to plant trees and we shall not allow individuals to grab any part of it” said Arama as he promised to give more input on the same to the Ministry concerned.

Nakuru Town West Constituency (Sub-county)

Gioto dumpsite in Nakuru Town West sub-county

Nakuru Town West Sub-county has the highest population density in Nakuru County. Nakuru Town West has a population of 198,661 people and an area of only 71.9 km square translating to a population density of 2,764.

The sub-county has a total of 112,127 registered voters spread across its six wards as follows;

  • Barut; 6,699 registered voters
  • London; 22,421 registered voters
  • Kaptembwo; 37,748 registered voters
  • Kapkures; 10,590 registered voters
  • Rhoda; 14,108 registered voters
  • Shaabab; 20,561 registered voters

Nakuru Town West Leadership

Hon. Samuel Arama has been the Member of Parliament in Nakuru Town West since 2012 when the Constituency was formed from the larger Nakuru Town Constituency to create Nakuru Town East and Nakuru Town West constituencies.

Nakuru Town West MCAs

The following have been the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) elected in the area since 2012.

Barut Ward

  • 2012 – 2017 –
  • 2018 – 2022 -Joseph Bett
  • 2023 – Ben Kirui

Rhoda Ward

  • 2012 – 2017 – John Macharia Gachiri
  • 2018 – 2022 – Timothy Kabutu Kabiru
  • 2023 – John Macharia Gachiri

Kapkures Ward

  • 2013 – 2017 – Joseph Lang’at
  • 2018 – 2022 -Paul Kimutai
  • 2023 – Robert Ruto

London Ward

  • 2013 – 2017 – Francis Njoroge
  • 2018 – 2021 – Sammy Mugo (Died on 19th November 2020)
  • 2021 – 2022 – Anthony Nzuki Wachira
  • 2023 – Benard “Gatuso” Maina Kariuki

Kaptembwa Ward

  • 2013 – 2017 – Daniel Ambale
  • 2018 – 2022 -Peter Kanjwang’
  • 2023 – Peter Kajwang’

Shabaab Ward

  • 2013 – 2017 -Daniel Kamau Githengi
  • 2018 – 2022 – Daniel Kamau Githengi
  • 2023 – David Wathiai

Facilities and Industries in Nakuru Town West

Nakuru Town West is home to the largest health facility in Nakuru County, the Nakuru Couty Referral Hospital. the sub-county is also home to the Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) showground, the Gioto Dumpsite and the Barut sand mines. It is also home to the modern sewage treatment works in Rhoda.

MP Arama reveals the secret behind his political success

Nakuru Town West Member of Parliament Samuel Arama has revealed what keeps him going.

The vocal law maker terms the fear of God as first step.

On many Sundays, Arama always has a fellowship with His maker.

Together with his family, the London residential home has hosted a numberof clergymen and women.

He admits that no leader can make it on their own.

“Leadership is ordained by God who deserves respect” he said.

The third term serving MP has been able to win three consecutive elections since 2013.

He has perfected the art of understanding the problems of his constituents and solving them.

No constituents knocks his door and goes unattended to.

” A leader should listen to the people and serve them as per the needs” he says.

Under his leadership, Nakuru West has been transformed tremendously with several feeder roads now tamarcked.

The MP has been vocal on education matters too ensuring no child misses school due to lack of school fee.

Infact, it is only in his constituency where quite a number of students get full scholarships.

His success journey in politics is also attributed to his leadership style where respect for electorates is key.

” I will work with all leaders for the sake of development for my constituents” he says.

His family has also been supportive in his political career.

MP Arama faults a section of Police officers for harassing residents

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has hit out at a section of Police officers for harassing locals.

Speaking over the weekend,Arama said some police officers have tendency of harassing locals.

The MP pointed out that he has received complaints of police harassing residents and business people especially those who do not cough money.

He has vowed ensure no innocent people are arrested.

The vocal Nakuru  Lawmaker revealed that majority of  those operating Liquor wine and spirits outlets have continued to part with some amount to police officers to allow them to operate even past time or earlier.

“You cannot just arrest innocent people..That I will not  accept. Let those who have committed crime face the law but those who are innocent and wines and spirits operators should not be harassed” said Arama.

Arama is defending his seat on Jubilee party ticket.

He has on many occasions stated that his agenda for Nakuru Town West residents is to see a transformed society and his development record speaks for itself.



Meet Nakuru MP with dedicated focus on development

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama is among the few MPs who have dedicated their focus on development.

He believes the only way to transform lives of constituents is through ensuring improved infrastructure, fairness in the distribution of bursary as well as proper security for all.

Arama was elected on ODM ticket in 2013 before he ditched ODM and joined Jubilee.

Many thought he had dug his political grave, but due to his development record, he was elected for a second time in 2017 on a Jubilee ticked.

During his leadership, many development projects have been initiated.

He has always attributed the development to the good working relationship between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta and Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr.Fred Matiang’i.

Notable ones include the infrastructure in addition to the ones he lobbied through World Bank projects for slum areas.

The vocal Nakuru Legislastor has also ensured that all schools in the area have perimeter wall to avert land grabbing.

In addition, he has been able to sponsor several students both in Day and Boarding schools through the NG-CDF kitty.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, Arama was among the few MPs who came to rescue of many constituents through food donations.

And with the 2022 polls approaching, Arama has no doubt that his development record will see him clinch the seat for the third time.

Though not declared his political party that he will use, he has on several occasions asked his constituents to vote for leaders on the account of manifesto and development record and not their party.

He said he is confident he will be retain his seat in the 2022 polls.

“My development record in Nakuru Town West is very clear and that is my tool” he said.


Make corruption a capital offence – Victor Ngatia

Victor Ngatia
Corruption should be made a capital offence where those implicated face tough penalties.
Nakuru Town West politician and businessman Victor Ngatia says this is the only way to address the same.
“I pray that we make corruption a capital offence,” he said.
 Ngatia says enough is enough and Kenyans have to act to stop corruption.
While noting that the fight against graft is a collective responsibility, Ngatia stated that there are individuals who are not ready to join.
“I notice we have this weakness of only wanting to sound right but never act,” stated Ngatia.
The Nakuru Town West politician also hitting at government institutions.
He says they have failed to take lead in the fight.
“Our institutions have failed to nail it and many are times they have abetted if not benefited from it,” Ngatia said.
He has challenged Kenyans to also make their contribution by electing leaders of integrity.
“Today elections are not about leadership but handouts. Nailing the dragon becomes difficult,” he stated.

Administrators on spot over Kazi Mtaani beneficiaries’ list

A section of youths in Kaptembwa, Nakuru West Sub County have expressed dissatisfaction in the criteria being used to to select beneficiaries of Kazi Mtaani program.

Addressing media on Thursday at Heshima Primary after holding peaceful demonstrations over the same, they said the program lacks transparency and that the local administrators who are charged with the responsibility are using the program to extort money and enrich themselves.

The youths say it is two months down the line and those who were enrolled are still benefiting leaving out others contrary to what the program was meant for.

Led by Caroline Akinyi, they say they have been visiting Chief’s office and raising the same all seems to be in vain.

Akinyi admits that she has attempted thrice to see if she can get a slot but all has been in vain citing lack of transparency in the program.

“We are calling on the national government and even the President to hear our cry and visit Nakuru West to help us address this issue because we are being locked out” she said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Nakuru Town West ODM politician Hezron Okiki who addressed the residents.

Okiki faulted those in charge of the program for locking out the youths.

He noted that when the government rolled out the program it was meant to alleviate poverty but this is not the case as those who were to benefit are left out.

The politician claims that the youths are being asked to part with between Ksh.1, 000 to 2,000 in order to get the job.

“As leaders from Nakuru West we will not sit down and watch these injustices happen. We are saying let the procedure be followed in the whole program and let there be transparency” he said.

Similar complaints have also been raised by a section of youths who had applied for the job in Nakuru Town East after they were locked out of the program.

Ironically, last week in a joint presser, area MPs Samuel Arama (Nakuru Town West) and David Gikaria (Nakuru Town East) had lauded the program saying it has transformed livelihoods.

Okiki declares interest for the Nakuru Town West seat

Nakuru West ODM politician Hezron Okiki has officially declared his interest for the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat come 2022.

Speaking exclusively on Nakuru Town-based Radio Yetu 89.2 Fm during Friday evening show hosted by Ogola Mjomba, the ODM politician said he is ready for the seat.

“I declare with overwhelming and with power that I will be vying for the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat in 2022”he said.

He argued that there are many areas in Nakuru West that he feels needs more sober leadership in order to address the challenges.

When asked what he will do different from the sitting MP, Okiki was categorical that he will push legislation that will see the people of Nakuru Town West enjoy.

He claimed that the sitting MP has never initiated a bill in favor of the people of Nakuru Town West.“Legislation at National level will help address the challenges.

The current MP has sponsored no Bill as far as Nakuru West is concerned. I will be sponsoring bills to help address the challenges facing the area” said Okiki.

He added that health matters despite being devolved, an MP can push for legislation to have more Level 4 hospitals at grassroot.

Okiki further slammed leaders who have been operating with goons in Nakuru.According to the ODM politician, when a leader who operates with goons meets with another leader who operates with goons then the citizens are to suffer as lives are lost.

He appealed to leaders to exercise mature politics and accept criticism without being violent.

“We need mature politics that focuses on transforming the lives of the common citizens who pay tax. Leaders should accept criticism” said Okiki.

On the ongoing debate o f Nakuru becoming a city, the politician is of the view that there are requirements that needs to be met.While stating that he supports the elevation to city status, Okiki says the process should not be rushed but all requirements must be met.

“I support Nakuru becoming a city but as it stands now we still have requirements that are yet to be met” he said.

Okiki also appealing on the county assembly of Nakuru to support the Ekuro Aukot Punguza Mzigo initiative.He says Kenyans are fed up with burden and time is now that some seats are done away with.

“Kenyans are fed up with burden. I call upon the county assembly of Nakuru r support the Punguza Mzigo initiative” said Okiki.

Okiki who brands himself as the only remaining pillar of ODM in Nakuru Town West called on residents of Nakuru Town West to maintain peace ahead of the 2022 politics.

He becomes the second politician to declare his interest for the seat after Erick Ogada of United Green Movement Party also declared his interest for the seat.

Hezron Okiki who unsuccessfully contested Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat in 2017 on ODM ticket. [Source/Nakuru Famous]

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