Susan Kihika – Nakuru’s Charismatic politician

Susan Kihika was born in 1974. She is the daughter of the late Nakuru veteran Politician Dickson Kihika Kimani who earned repute from the 1970s up to 1990s. Kihika Kimani is the only Kenyan to ever get elected as MP of three different constituencies (Nakuru North, Laikipia West and Molo)

Susan Kihika attended Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls in Nyeri County before travelling to the USA in 1993 for further studies.

Susan Kihika holds a Degree in Political Science and Government from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, USA. She also did a Jurist Doctorate Law Degree from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, USA.

After graduating with a law degree she was admitted to the Texas State Bar. She was later employed by the US government as a prosecutor for the state of Texas at the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

Kihika rose through the ranks to become the Chief Prosecutor. She was responsible for prosecuting thousands of criminal cases through jury and bench trials as well as making plea bargains.

After four years, Susan Kihika resigned and founded her law firm, The Kihika Law Firm in Dallas. She specialized on Immigration Defense, litigating complex deportation cases against the USA federal government and criminal defence.

After living, studying and working in the USA for close to 20 years, Susan Kihika decided it was time to come back to Kenya and become involved in the development of her home country.

She returned to Kenya in late 2012 and made a stab at the Bahati Parliamentary seat but lost out at the nomination stage.

She never gave up and thereafter vied for the Nakuru County Speaker’s seat where she beat 7 men to capture the seat.

Susan Kihika went on to be elected the Vice-Chairperson of the County Assemblies Forum (CAF). CAF is composed of all the 47 County Assemblies in Kenya with a membership of over 2200 MCAs and 47 County Assembly speakers.

Susan Kihika is a well-known philanthropist. She has been involved in community projects and charity work including supporting women groups across the county. She is also a strong advocate for the rights and welfare of children particularly those living with disabilities and the advancement of girl child education.

Susan Kihika is seeking to be the next Nakuru County Senator and many people believe she is qualified for the post. For more information about her, follow her website

Susan Kihika; Tested, Proven, Ready.

Who is Susan Kihika? Biography

Susan Kihika is the first Speaker of the Nakuru County Assembly.

She is a youthful lady full of energy and has ably steered the Nakuru County assembly to what it is today.

The patriotic Susan left a lucrative law career in the US where she had founded the Kihika Law Firm to come back to serve the country.

Susan Kihika attended Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School after which she went to London then on to the USA for further studies.

She studied political science and law in America graduating in 2006 and thereafter admitted to the Bar Admissions of Texas.

She also studied at the Southern Methodist University School of Law in Dallas, Texas, J.D., 2006, the University of North Texas where she got a B.A. in Political Science.

Susan vied for the seat of MP for Bahati constituency in the year 2013. Despite losing in the hotly contested election, Susan conceded defeat and went further to not only remain firmly in the TNA party but she as well encouraged her masses of supporters across Bahati constituency to accept the results and support the winner of the election. The true act of leadership.

Coupled with her education, vast experience in matters law as well as the immense goodwill in her leadership qualities and more so her decision to remaining firm in TNA-The party- even after she lost in the elections. Susan went on and sought to be the first Nakuru County Assembly speaker. She beat a field of seven worthy contenders to emerge the first Assembly Speaker of Nakuru County.

And since then she has not looked back.
Her selflessness, her passion in serving the people as well as her commitment and focus whilst at it has received immense attention from across the county, the country and beyond borders.

Susan has indeed walked the talk on her first assignment in Nakuru County as Speaker. Under her steadfast leadership, systems have continually been put in place ensuring that the business of the house runs smoothly for future generations to come.

Recently, she was appointed by the President to be in charge of the Jubilee Presidential campaigns in Central Rift region and is also the Vice Chair of the County Assemblies Forum (CAF) which is the coordinating body of the 47 County Assemblies of the Republic of Kenya.

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