Nakuru County CECs – 2017 meet the nominees

The Nakuru County Governor H.E Lee Kinyanjui has today Thursday revealed the ten individuals set to become the next Nakuru County Chief Executive Committee members (CECs).
The following is a list of the ten, their qualifications and past experience.

Engineer Lucy Wanjiku Kariuki – Lands, Housing and Physical Planning

Currently working with Kenya Pipeline as Senior Engineer in charge of Health, Safety and Environment in the Western region. A professional Engineer, registered by the Engineers Registration Board with a work experience of 18 years.

Halima Gababa Abdulahi – Women, Youth, Culture, Gender, Sports and Social Services

Currently working in the County Government of Nakuru as Senior Public Health Officer in charge of Development Control.
She holds a Degree in Environmental Health Science, Masters’s in Public Health, Masters in Development Studies and. Currently pursuing PhD in Development Studies and a working experience of 17 yrs.

Lawrence Mwangangi Mwania – Public Service, Training and Devolution

Currently working with National Government as Deputy County Commissioner in Turkana.
He has a BA in Public Administration, Moi University. He has 20 yrs experience as Public Administrator

Joseph Wainaina Kiuna – Finance and Economic Planning

Former CEO of Britam Insurance Company. Former CEO of Real Insurance Company in charge of Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique. He has a Degree in Economics from Kenyatta University and has 20 years in the Private sector.

Eng Joseph Irungu Mburu – Infrastructure

Currently working in National Government as a Regional Roads Engineer in Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) Nakuru. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from JKUAT and has 19 yrs working experience.

Immaculate Njuthe Maina – Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives

Currently working as, the Centre Director KARLO (Kenya Agriculture, and Livestock Research Organization), Njoro Centre. Holds a PhD in Agriculture and work experience of 18 yrs.

Dr Jonah Manjari Mwangi- Health Services

Immediate former Health CEC Kiambu County. He holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Back of Surgery from UON and has a Master’s in ENT Surgery from UON and work experience of 20 yrs.

Raymond Komen Kimutai – Education, ICT and e-Government

Currently engaged in Agriculture Business and Hospitality Industry. Previously served as Chief of Staff in County Government of Nakuru for 2 years and prior to that ten years in Senior Management in Banking Industry. He has a Degree in Economics, from UON, a Diploma in Banking from Kenya School of Monetary Studies and a Diploma in Financial Management from Kenya Institute of Management and a working experience of 12 yrs.

Engineer Festus Ng’eno – Water, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources

Currently working as Group Manager Water Treatment Division at Davis and Shirtliff Ltd and serving as Board Director and Vice Chairman of World Vision Kenya.
Previously worked as Managing Director, Kericho Water and Sanitation Company. He holds a Master’s in Environment and Bio-Systems Engineering from UON and a postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Corporate Governance.
He’s a lead expert with NEMA, Registered Environmental impact assessment and audit with a working experience of 10 yrs.

Dr Peter Evans Kiplangat – Trade, Industry, Marketing and Tourism

Previously working with Kenya Forest Service as Deputy Director and Head of Finance. He has worked for Kenya Rural Roads Authority as General Manager, Finance. Currently CEO of SPC Ltd a financial consulting company. He’s a part-time Lecturer at Catholic University and holds a PhD in Finance, MBA and BCom with 15 years work experience.

Luhya-Luo rivalry in Nakuru over minority leadership

ODM members from the Luhya Community in Nakuru have called for the party’s intervention in the tussle over minority leadership at the county assembly.
In a statement to the press read by Rev.Maurice Shisoka Shiundu, members from the community aired their grievances on how they have been sidelined by the party.
They cited the recent minority leadership elections in the county assembly of Nakuru where MCA Peter Palang’a of Olkaria was elected with three votes as leader of minority against MCA Wilbur Onyango of Kivumbini 2 votes but the party through a letter nullified the elections.
The angered members called on ODM party leader to intervene into the matter as soon as possible and ensure that Hon.Peter Palang’a is the leader of minority in the Nakuru county assembly as per the elections conducted on 20th of September 2017.
They also called on Hon.Musalia Mudavadi who is the undisputed Luhya spokesperson to look ensure Hon.Raila Odinga steps in and intervenes in the matter.
“we are calling on party leader Raila Odinga to intervene in the matter and give way forward urgently. Following the misdeeds we the Luhya in Nakuru County might reconsider our support to Hon.Raila as Nasa flag bearer in the coming repeat of presidential elections” they said.
Sentiment echoed by George Watani- a senior member of ODM party who said the Luhya communities in Nakuru feel sidelined in matters of leadership as far as ODM is concerned.
He stated that the community members of ODM might decide to take a political decision and vote for political wing that will care of their interests.
“We as Luhya community we are aggrieved and if ODM does not want us let them tell us. we can make a decision come October 26th”said Watani.
On her part Niver Oluchiri who is the secretary Luhya forum Nakuru county stated that the Luhya community in Nakuru cannot be subject to other tribes all the time in matters of politics.
She called on members affiliates of Nasa coalition and more so ODM party to respect Luhya community in Nakuru as far as minority leadership in the assembly is concerned as Nasa was a brain child idea of Luhya son Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi.
“I want to categorically state here that we as Luhya community in Nakuru county cannot be subject to other tribes all the time.Luhyas have always voted in Hon.Raila Odinga but why is it that when it comes to a Luhya being given a simple seat of minority then it becomes an issue” she questioned.
Similar sentiments were echoed by Dr.Francis Osimba Malichi who contested the Kaptembwa ward seat on ODM ticket but lost one peter Kajwang.
The minority members of the Nakuru county assembly at the moment include MCA Peter Palang’a (Olkaria ward), MCA Wilbur Onyango (Kivumbini), MCA Peter Kajwang’ (Kaptembwa), MCA Alice Kering (ODM nominated) and MCA Leah sang (ODM nominated).
PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Members of the Luhya Community in Nakuru during a press conference on Wednesday.

How WhatsApp group is shaping Nakuru Politics

A Nakuru Whatsapp group platform is shaping the politics of Nakuru County from the election of governor to the election of speaker.
The Sauti ya wachuuzi platform which with over 250 active members is reported to have strongly contributed to the win of Governor Lee Kinyanjui through the various debates and analysis which convinced many.
Simon Ole Nasieku is the main administrator of the group and says the discussions have contributed to the shift in politics of Nakuru with members analyzing various principles of politics.
“I think the group has done a lot in shaping the politics of this county….members discuss every matter that affects the people of Nakuru and make recommendations” he said.
Ole Nasieku who is also immediate former Nakuru Hawkers Association chair when asked on the move taken by Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui in streamlining the county staff,says this was in order to ensure transparency and value addition.
In an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Nasieku added that the move was in order to ensure evaluation of the county staff.
“I support the move taken by the county CEO in streamlining the county staff through evaluation. We hope this will help in ensuring that the right people hold positions”he said.
While noting that small scale traders and hawkers in Nakuru town suffered under the past regime,Ole Nasieku is now optimistic that with the new leadership in Nakuru county, there will be some order.
He revealed that through his mobilization via Sauti ya wachuuzi whatsapp he was able to mobilize and convince more hawkers to vote in Governor Lee Kinyanjui.
“Kinuthia Mbugua was not a bad guy but the people who surrounded him and that are why they even misguided him on the hawkers’ issue. We suffered under the past regime but this time round with Lee we are optimistic all will be well” he said.
It should be noted that the sauti ya wachuuzi whatsapp platform under the leadership of Nasieku has been shaping the politics of the Nakuru county through various debates.
Currently the whatsapp group has been shaping the politics surrounding who is to take over the speaker’s seat in the Nakuru County Assembly after the incumbent Susan Kihika was elected Senator.
Currently the seat is being eyed by Eng.Joel Maina Kairu who served in Mbugua’s government as CEC roads, Nakuru based Lawyer Karanja Lawrence,Joseph Malinda(clerk county assembly of Nakuru),Gaichuie Nelson(former Subukia MP) and Anne Karigu who contested the woman rep seat unsuccessfully among others.
There has been heated debate on the sauti ya wachuuzi whatsapp platform over the same with members analyzing each candidate based on their past performance.
But according to Ole Nasieku who is the admin of the platform, the battle might be between two among the many.
He called on Nakuru county MCAs to ensure they vet the candidates very well to ensure that they do not elect a speaker who will mess the county through collaboration with other cartels.
“The battle is tough but I would appeal to the MCAs to ensure they vet them before electing speaker so that we don’t suffer in future” he said.
On the nominated MCAs’ list that was released on Tuesday, Nasieku welcomed the list saying it was considerable as compared to the famous list of romance that was released some time back in April which elicited mixed reactions.
He said the new list had included all persons from minority to special interest groups hence commendable for the wellbeing of Nakuru County.
PHOTO:A WhatsApp messaging app. Photo/courtesy

Corrupt cartels warned as Lee takes over from Mbugua

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui has sounded a warning to corrupt county staff as well as cartels that they risk facing disciplinary action.

Speaking on Monday after taking oath of office, Kinyanjui was categorical that the lazy county workers and cartels will not be tolerated in his administration.

While citing that such are hinderance to development and service to the citizens, Kinyanjui warned that they will face disciplinary action including dismissal.

“Lazy and corrupt workers who continue to work with cartels to blunder our county will face necessarily disciplinary action including dismissal” he said.

Lee Kinyanjui who was sworn into office by Justice Justus Bunoka in a ceremony attended by various leaders across Nakuru County including the outgoing governor Kinuthia Mbugua vowed to ensure service delivery.

In his inaugural speech, Kinyanjui elaborated what he intends to do in various sectors to ensure development for the betterment of Nakuru County.

In education, Kinyanjui vowed to ensure provision of infrastructure, regular training in areas of special needs and teachers’ performance contracts as well as setting up talents centers to nurture talents.

While noting that agriculture was paramount for Nakuru county,Kinyanjui added that his administration will ensure farmers are fully supported.

In health sector, the Nakuru Governor was categorical that the sector is paramount to the development of the county and called on the nurses Unions to call of the industrial strike and resume duty.

He promised to set up a task force within two weeks to look into the challenges facing the health sector once and for all.

“In health we shall engage on major drive to improve health services in our country. I urge the nurses Union to call off the ongoing strike in order to pave way for the health services. I will be appointing a taskforce in the next two weeks t study the sector and challenges and the outcome will be made public” stated the governor.

On matters of youths empowerment, he noted that with the completion of the industrial park in Naivasha most youths will get jobs as well as the extension of the SGR.

He added that his administration will ensure the exploitation of the huge industrial potential in Gilgil through creation of industrial zone adjacent to the dam.

He called on Nakuru residents to make good use of the opportunities that will come about with his administration to ensure development in Nakuru.

On his part,former Nakuru governor Kinuthia Mbugua speaking after handing over instruments of power vowed to work closely with Governor Kinyanjui.

In a speech that has been praised by many Nakuru residents, Mbugua commended Kinyanjui for emerging winner in the race and urged his administration to work on the challenges that were experienced in the first Nakuru County government.

Sentiments that were echoed by Joseph Ruto who served as his deputy in the first Nakuru county government.

“As the first county government of Nakuru we may have made mistakes here and there but the second county government can work on it .This is our home and let us support the new government to realize development” said Mbugua.

Nakuru Senator elect Susan Kihika addressing at the same venue vowed to work closely with Governor Kinyanjui in ensuring development at the county.

“To his excellency the governor let me assure you that we shall work together in ensuring development of this county of Nakuru” said Kihika.

Others who spoke during the ceremony included Rift valley Regional Coordinator Wanyama Musiambu,County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha who read the congratulatory message from Cabinet secretary Ministry of devolution,Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama,Woman Rep elect Liza Chelule,Kiambu Senator Kimani wa Matangi and Kiambu Deputy governor James Nyoro.

PHOTO:Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui when he took oath of office on Monday in a ceremony held at Nakuru ASK show ground.

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