Nakuru Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri making a difference in Officers’ lives

Beatrice Kiraguri

Cases of depression among police officers in Nakuru county will be a thing of the past following an initiative by Nakuru county Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri.

The county Police Boss is on a mission to aid police officers on matters of mental health. She is doing this through organized soccer tournaments as well as well being sessions. Under the soccer tournament, the Junior officers have been able to play and interact with their seniors.

“This is a good move to ensure a good relationship between the juniors and seniors in the service,” she said.

According to Kiraguri, the soccer tournament is key in relieving pressure and stress among Officers.

The police officers have also been able to play friendly matches with Bodaboda operators as a way of ensuring a good police-public relationship.

Mental health has been a subject of discussion in the Kenya police service, with cases of murder, suicide and violence committed by some members of the Police Service on the rise.

Besides the soccer tournament, Kiraguri has also partnered with other stakeholders to organize well-being sessions for Nakuru officers.

The recent one was on Saturday, November 27 this year at the Nakuru Agricultural Showground.

During the session, officers engaged in dances before listening to talks from various experts among them doctors, psychologists and counsellors.

Speaking after the event, Rift Valley Regional Police Commander Fredrick Ochieng lauded the move.

“This is a good initiative to just help our officers be able to handle pressure and stress that comes with their job,” he said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Nakuru county Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri who stated that such initiatives are key in addressing challenges that police officers go through.

While noting that officers too are human, Kiraguri called on all other county Police Commanders to emulate the same.

“Police officers are also human and they go through stressful moments and that is why I am doing this in my own small way. I hope all the other county commanders will follow suit,” says Kiraguri.

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