Nakuru muslims welcome COVID-19 burial protocols

Muslim leaders in Nakuru County have resolved to forego some religious rites and abide by public health’s standard protocols to fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 100 Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims- Nakuru chapter Imams have been trained by the County Department of Public Health on the COVID-19 surveillance, prevention and handling of the dead.

The National Muslim COVID-19 Response Team has stated that there will be no cleaning (ghusl), shrouding (kaffan) and prayers for the dead (salat-ul janazah) as a result of COVID-19 complications to contain infections.

County Head of Preventive and Promotive Health Services, Mr Gerald Maina said the County Government of Nakuru will work with local Mosques to ensure COVID-19 victims get a decent send-off.

Mr Maina added that burial ceremonies will only be conducted by volunteers trained and equipped with Personal Protective Equipment with no congregation at the burial site (farḍ al-kifāya).

He was speaking during a forum to train the second cohort of the Imans and other Muslim leaders drawn from different Mosques in Nakuru County.

SUPKEM- Nakuru chapter secretary Mr Abdulqadir Adam said the leadership will mobilize resources to supplement the County Government of Nakuru efforts in feeding the vulnerable communities.

“Through our various networks, we will educate communities on prevention measures and more so de-stigmatizing the global pandemic,” Mr Adam promised.

The County Government of Nakuru is offering counselling and psycho-social to people in quarantine, isolation and their immediate families.

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