County banking on health data to improve service delivery

The County Government of Nakuru is investing in healthcare data management to improve service delivery.

The Department of Health is issuing patient cards for free to all people visiting dispensaries and health centres in the County for data collection purposes.

Public Health CO Mr Samuel King’ori the information will help the Executive and partners make informed decisions based on the data insights.

He said the data will also enhance patient-doctor engagement to strengthen the referral system and tracing systems.

According to Kingo’ri, health data will also help the county in the mapping of places based on diseases or infections as well as planning of intervention measures.

Mr King’ori was speaking when he received some 153,000 registers, a fraction of data tools procured for distribution to sub-Counties.

The health department in Nakuru county has been digitizing most of its operations something which has been lauded for the increase in service delivery in most health facilities.

Patient urn overtime at the Nakuru level five hospital has been drastically reduced due to the digitization of services.

Revenue collection has also increased tremendously in most health facilities due to the sealing of wastage loopholes by digitizing payment systems.


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