Nakuru Unveils Proposed County Chief Officers (COs)

Governor Susan Kihika

The list of proposed County Chief Officers for the County Government of Nakuru has been unveiled.

The list was unveiled through a Press Release from the office of Nakuru County Governor on Saturday, 29th October 2022. The 21 nominees whose names will be forwarded to the County Assembly for vetting include seven women representing a third of the nominees.

Those who have been proposed include;

    • Michael Kiplang’at Cheruiyot – Livestock and Fisheries development
    • Abuki Alice Manyange – Public Health
    • Ndegwa Samuel Njoroge – Trade, Business Support & Entrepreneurship
    • Kakai Everlyne Bunusu – Economic Planning
    • Alex Maina Muhoro – Resource Mobilization
    • Koech John Kipkorir – Education
    • Malinda Joseph Mutua – Finance & Revenue Administration
    • Mwaura Newton Kamau – Agriculture & Cooperatives
    • Ncece Joyce – Disaster Management
    • Abdallah Salim Swaleh – ICT & E-Government & Public Communication
    • Kimani Rosemary Wambui – Tourism & Culture
    • Barasa Kennedy Mungai – Environment, Energy, Climate Change & Natural Resources
    • Kurgat Richard Kibet – Youth and Vocational Training
    • Kinyanjui Maragaret Wanjiru – Water & Sanitation
    • Koech Charles Kipng’etich – Administration & Devolution
    • Mwangi John Murima – Medical Services
    • Kuria David Kamau – Housing & Urban Development
    • Sang Benard Kipkurui – Public Works
    • Mwaura Stella Mbaire – Sports, Gender & Social Services
    • Changwany Catherine – Lands & Physical Planning
    • Mugo Kennedy Kambo – Public Transport and Roads.
    • Nakuru County COsNakuru Chief Officers



Mututho vows to ensure better public policies to empower locals

Former Nacada boss and Nakuru ODM Senatorial Candidate  John Mututho has vowed to ensure better public policies are in place for empowerment of locals especially those who feel are on the peripheral end of development cycle.

Speaking during several political rallies in Nakuru county where he engaged locals in various issues, Mututho said if elected Senator he will fight to ensure equality in resource allocation and socio-economic development.

“I am more concerned about the recklessness of public policies that aren’t helpful to our people as they ought to” he stated.

Mututho who once served as Naivasha MP was categorical that his record and way of articulating key issue touching on common citizens speaks in large volume with over 3300 records in the Hansard of the 10th Parliament.

He revealed that during his tenure as MP for Naivasha, he was never booed or shouted at on the Floor of the House as everyone resonated with what he was saying.

While calling on Nakuru Residents to vote him in as the next Senator in the August 9 polls, Mututho said time is now to end th issue of marginalization.

“I was the best debater on issues touching on Kenyans because I believe we can no longer endanger people’s lives by letting them remain marginalized forever” he said.

Mututho who is also the proprietor of John Mututho Empowerment Centre in Nakuru’s Pipeline estate says Nakuru county needs a strong, fearless Senator of his calibre who will advance the agenda of those who are rarely invited to ‘the table’.

He is also rooting for weekly stimulus package for vulnerable women who cannot afford to raise their children due to harsh economic times.

“The County Government has many kitties that I will follow-up to make sure every cent is accounted for” he said.


Wathimba outlines his agenda for Nakuru

Nakuru Senatorial seat candidate Chrispus Wathimba has outlined his agenda that will see the cosmopolitan  county transformed tremendously.

Wathimba who was last week cleared by IEBC to contest the Nakuru Senatorial seat as Independent candidate said his first agenda if he wins the seat is to ensure that the county gets its share from the National government.

He noted that for many years Nakuru has continued to contribute hugely to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) yet it remains behind in terms of development.

He says once in office, he will push  bill that will see the counties such as Nakuru that contribute hugely to the GDP get a share equivalent to that which they contribute.

Wathimba called on the government that will take over from President Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure that the 5 top GDP contributors in the country are protected so that their economy can help improve the livelihoods.

“We are among the top three counties that contribute hugely to the GDP of this country yet we continue to witness low levels of development and this is an issue that should addressed through proper leadership at Senate and that is what I believe I can” said Wathimba.

Nairobi, Mombasa and Nakuru are Kenya’s richest counties while Isiolo, Lamu, Tana River and Samburu are the poorest counties according to a new survey that shows five counties contribute 47 percent of the national annual economic output, also known as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

According to Wathimba, good leadership in place will see Nakuru get the rightful share that will then be utilised in various projects that touch and transform the lives of residents.

It should be noted that Kenya ushered in devolution in 2013 to bridge the uneven distribution of wealth that the centralised system of governance entrenched.

It is for this reason, that Wathimba believes in good working relationship between governor and senator to deliver to the people.

He cited that Nakuru county has not had good representation both at County  and Senate which he says time is now to rectify through the August polls.

Wathimba said if elected the Senator, he will ensure that no wrangles between and the governor that will be in office as such wrangles derail development agenda.

According to him, County leaders Governor, Senator, MCAs should always have a consultative meeting to see how the interests of the county can be safeguarded at the National level.

He was however quick to note that he will work tirelessly to ensure that the county resources are utilised for the good of the electorates.

Wathimba says the resources channeled to the counties should utilised well to ensure the people feel the fruits of devolution.

“We have had problems in Nakuru simply because of political rivalry between Senators and Governors.That should come to an end so that the people of Nakuru can realize development” he said.

The soft-spoken Wathimba believes in sobre politics where every leader is respected.

With just two Months to the General polls, Wathimba called on political class to ensure peaceful campaigns.

“Campaigns are not all about dirty politics and names-calling, but we have a role to ensure peaceful campaigns ahead of the August polls” said Wathimba.

He will be battling it out with other contestants  among them Lawrence Karanja(Jubilee), and Tabitha Karanja(UDA).

The incumbent Susan Kihika has declared her interest for the Nakuru Gubernatorial seat.

Tears, shattered dreams in Nakuru as Jubilee Party issues certificates

Nakuru Jubilee Party

In a move that left thousands of dreams shattered, the Jubilee Party yesterday handed out its “nomination” certificates to its flagbearers.

The move by the ruling party which is currently a shell of its former self risks losing the little ground it had gained in the last few months. This is due to what most of the aspiring candidates described as an “unfair, skewed and undemocratic  process.”

In Nakuru County, Governor Lee Kinyanjui who founded and vowed to use that to defend his seat was handed the gubernatorial certificate. His opponents in the party who had expected a fair process and had spent millions were left high and dry nursing wounds of unfair treatment and betrayal.

In the senate seat, Thomas Mwangi who was a few months ago caught on camera throwing fists at the outgoing chairman, David Manyara, was denied the certificate. The certificate was handed to lawyer Lawrence Karanja who until recently was a CAS in the ministry of industrialization. The other hopeful who lost out on the jubilee ticket is former teacher Mwalimu Gachohi.

Another outgoing CAS who received his certificate was Nelson Gaichuhie who once served as Subukia MP before being floored by Samuel Gachobe. For the Woman Rep seat, Agnes Njambi who gave a good showing in 2017 was picked in favour over Saida Chesang the self-declared hater of the UDA party and the youthful Rehema Njeri. But all is not lost for Rehema since her elder brother, Hamisi Mohammed was picked to fly the jubilee flag in Rhoda ward.

In Naivasha, John Nguthiru, a perennial loser was favoured over the youthful and charismatic Viwandani ward MCA Eric Gichuki. The nominee is not strong politically and rumours are rife that he was picked by governor Lee Kinyanjui to give Jayne Kihara an easy ride. In return, Kihara will support Lee for governor despite them being in different parties.

In Njoro, former MP Joseph Kiuna whom many described as tribal was awarded the Jubilee Party certificate. Kiuna’s utterances sometimes border on tribal hate speech and it will be interesting to see how he fairs in particular areas of the expansive Sub-county.

An interesting pick was the Kuresoi South MP aspirant. Peter Kiplang’at Cheruiyot aka Mtumishi was picked to face it off with the current MP Joseph Tonui who is vying on a UDA ticket. Others who received certificates were Irene Njoki (Bahati), former MP Nderitu Mathenge (Gilgil), MP Samuel Arama (Nakuru Town West) and former Mayor Boniface Mwangi (Nakuru Town East). Mwangi will be having an uphill task against the mercurial two-time MP, David Gikaria.

In Molo, Zachary Gichuki was nominated leaving the flip-flopping former MP Jacob Macharia in the cold. Others are Joel Ayieni (Kuresoi North) and Andrew Kibet (Rongai). A titanic battle is expected in Rongai as Jubilee’s Kibet and UDA’s Paul Chebor try to dislodge the soft-spoken son of former President Moi, Raymond Kipchirchir Moi, who will obviously vie on a KANU ticket.

Meanwhile, the losers continue nursing their wounds of betrayal and we can only commiserate with them. But was Justice and democracy served in Jubilee Party nominations? This quote might give you the answer, that, “There is nothing like negotiated democracy. Democracy without the involvement of the people, is as much of a fallacy like consensual rape.”


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This Lady, Senator Susan Kihika

Senator Susan Kihika

Senator Susan Kihika is arguably the most discussed politician in Nakuru County currently. Be it at marketplaces, matatus, boardrooms or anywhere else two all three gather, Susan Kihika is a common topic of discussion.Susan Kihika

It is not only along the streets that she is a topic. On the online platforms, Susan Kihika is a popular topic within and even beyond Nakuru. Ever since she entered the Nakuru political scene 10 years ago as the Nakuru County Assembly speaker, acres of virtual space has been devoted to her.

Susan Kihika is an enigma to many. Her detractors have spent sleepless nights plotting and scheming against her but she always comes out strong. As a strong contender for the Nakuru gubernatorial seat, she is never far away from the minds of her opponents. The numerous smear campaigns sponsored by her political rivals both online and offline are proof of just how much they tread in fear of her.

Never the one to shy away from controversy, the courageous Susan Kihika is never afraid of facing her detractors head-on and she speaks her mind without sugar-coating the truth. Not many of her opponents cherish the prospect of being on the receiving end when she decides to serve them a dose of truth and they have invested a lot in trying to paint Susan as a monster.

But those who know Susan admit that she’s a charming, jovial and easy-going lady who freely mingles with the people, speaking their language and seeking to understand each and every one. Admittedly, her greatest quality is being able to empathize with everyone she interacts with.

Susan Kihika
Susan Kihika interacting with residents

Susan is also generous to a fault as hundreds of residents will admit. On a day to day basis, she’s responding to numerous requests for assistance from even total strangers. From her own pocket, it is no secret that she gives out to numerous cases of charity.Susan Kihika

But behind the charming smile lies a sharp brain. The frontrunner in the gubernatorial seat is quick to logically analyse issues and situations and respond effectively. If need be, she will take time to ponder the matter before taking action.

However, one single trait that sets Susan Kihika apart from her main opponents is her consultative nature. She is a strong believer in the fact that no one single person has a monopoly of knowledge and will take time to involve stakeholders before making arbitrary decisions. This is one trait investors in the various sectors in Nakuru will really appreciate once Susan takes over as Governor in August 2022.

As a leader, Susan believes the greatest investment a leader or a government can make is the investment in people. As a strong believer that women and young people need to be socially, economically and politically empowered, Susan is determined that good leadership should always put people’s interests first.Susan Kihika

Senator Susan Kihika is no pushover, she’s uncompromising in matters she believes in and loyal to her cause. For her larger than life personality, Susan Kihika has unfortunately been blamed and accused of things she even had no idea about. But she soldiers on believing that a people-centred leadership is possible for the good of all despite efforts by disparagers to pull her back.

UDA Nominations: Nakuru County winners, flagbearers

UDA nominations

Following the Nakuru County UDA nominations carried out on Thursday 14th April 2022, below are those nominated to fly the UDA flag in the August general elections.

  • Governor – Susan Kihika (unopposed)
  • Senator – Tabitha Karanja
  • Women Rep – Liza Chelule

UDA Parliamentary (MP) nominees for the 11 sub-counties in Nakuru County;

  1. Naivasha – John Kihagi (former Naivasha MP, 2013 – 2017)
  2. Gilgil – Martha Wangari (incumbent)
  3. Nakuru Town East – David Gikaria (incumbent)
  4. Subukia – Samuel Gachobe (incumbent)
  5. Bahati – Onesmaus Kimani Ngunjiri (incumbent)
  6. Rongai –
  7. Njoro – Charity Kathambi (incumbent)
  8. Kuresoi North – Alfred Mutai (Sirikwa MCA)
  9. Kuresoi South – Joseph Tonui (incumbent)
  10. Molo – Francis Kuria Kimani (incumbent)
  11. Nakuru Town West –pending

County Assembly (MCAs) UDA nominations

Naivasha Constituency UDA MCA nominees

1. Maiella – Gituku Jane Wanjiru
2. Naivasha East – Stanley Karanja
3. Maai Mahiu – Eliud Kamau Chege
4. Biashara – Elijah Mwaura
5. Viwandani – Mwangi Muraya
6. Lakeview – Alex Mbugua
7. Hellsgate – Jonathan Warothe
8. Ol’Karia – Amos Shayo

Gilgil Constituency UDA MCA nominees

9. Gilgil – Rose Njoroge
10. Malewa – Francis Mungai Kuria
11. Eburru Baruk – Michael Gathanwa
12. Elementaita – Moses Ndung’u
13. Morendat – Peter Njoroge

Subukia Constituency UDA MCA nominees

14. Subukia – Isabella Makori
15. Waseges – Kiraithe Ndigirigi
16. Kabazi – George Talam

Bahati Constituency UDA MCA nominees

17. Bahati – Grace Mwathi
18. Kabatini – Paul Thuo
19. Kiamaina – Paul Waweru Warege (Ka Wambui)
20. Dundori – James Gathuita Mwangi
21. Lanet Umoja -Mwangi Ngarama

Nakuru Town East Constituency UDA MCA nominees

22. Nakuru East – Anthony Kamau
23. Menengai – Moyi Simon
24. Flamingo – Eddy Kiragu
25. Biashara – Fadhili Msuri
26. Kivumbini – Rukia Wanjiru Hamisi

Nakuru Town West Constituency UDA MCA nominees

27. Rhoda – John Macharia
28. London – Francis Njoroge
29. Barut – Ben Kirui
30. Kapkures – Robert Ruto
31. Kaptembwa – Kiarie Mugo
32. Shabaab – Macharia Wathiai

Rongai Constituency UDA MCA nominees

33. Solai – Melvin Kutol
34. Soin – Ellibas Naburuki (Degualle)
35. Mosop – Dr. Alex Lang’at
36. Menengai West –
37. Visoi – Hellen Chemutai

Njoro Constituency UDA MCA nominees

38. Njoro –
39. Nessuit – Samuel Tonui
40. Mauche – Moses Koros
41. Mau Narok – Cyrus Dida
42. Kihingo – Kimani Wanjiku
43. Lare – Joseph Ndumia

Molo Constituency UDA MCA nominees

44. Molo – Joseph Ngware
45. Marioshoni – Ben Lang’at
46. Elburgon – John Macharia Ndung’u (Tosti)
47. Turi – Cate Kamau

Kuresoi South Constituency UDA MCA nominees

48. Keringet – William Mutai
49. Tinet – Paul Lang’at Alvin (Drilit)
51. Kiptangich – Rose Mutai
52. Amalo – Robert Lang’at

Kuresoi North Constituency UDA MCA nominees

53. Sirikwa – Emmanuel Lang’at
54. Kamara – Joseph Kipng’etich (Chemutwet)
55. Kiptororo – Alex Bor (Kipyek)


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David Gikaria – The charming Nakuru Town East MP

Politician David Gikaria

Born in the same year that Kenya gained her independence, 1963, David Gikaria has lived most of his life in Nakuru Town. He has also spent most of his adult life in public service starting off as the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) chairman in the Rift Valley Branch.

David Gikaria, a two-term MP, started his education studies in 1973 at St. Theresa Primary School in Kivumbini near Bondeni where he did his Certificate of Primary Education (CPE). From 1980 up to 1983, the Nakuru Town East MP attended Menengai High school for his O-Level certificate and later acquired his A’Level in 1985.

After his stint working at FKF, the charismatic legislator joined the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya in 1986 where he remained until 2001 after which he joined politics. Few people are aware that David Gikaria studied Accounting and Management. During his time at PBK, he enrolled at Strathmore University in 1989 for a Certified Public Accountant course for a two-year course.

Having left PBK in 2001, Hon. David Gikaria joined politics and vied as a Councillor in Nakuru Municipal Council representing Lakeview Ward for a five year period between 2003 and 2007. In 2008, he was elected the Nakuru Municipal Council Mayor until 2010. It was during his time as Councillor that he joined the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) in the years 2005 and 2006 to study Management.

Gikaria got re-elected as the Lakeview Ward Councillor in 2011 up to 2013.

David Gikaria in National Politics

In 2012, David Gikaria vied and won as the MP of the newly established Nakuru East MP. The metropolitan constituency had been hived off from the Nakuru Town Constituency which had been divided into two under the 2010 constitution. He was elected on a TNA ticket.

In 2017, he was re-elected but this time on a Jubilee party ticket. He is serving his second term and will be defending his seat on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket. The party is led by Deputy President Dr William Ruto who will also be vying as President on the same party.

Between 2012 and 2016, Gikaria joined Mount Kenya University in Nakuru Campus to pursue a Bachelor of Business Management in Purchases and Supplies Management.

In Nakuru City, Hon. David Gikaria is popularly known as TM and Baba Yao. The TM is a short form for “Team Manager” and it was given to him due to his love for football. The Baba Yao is a pet name from his fans who are mostly the youth and women especially those from the low-income social groups.

TM has a penchant for fighting for the seemingly downtrodden in the community and he has found himself on the wrong side of the law for this. He also tends to lean towards populist politics which has made him popular among the majority of his constituents.

Baba Yao is an openly polygamous man who doesn’t shy away from parading his spouses in public and takes pride in his large family. He’s a highly sociable person who easily interacts with his constituents. Coupled with his sharp political mind, this has ensured he has survived two decades in the Nakuru political scene.

Water, Health, Agriculture among UDA priority areas in Nakuru County

Water, Health and Agriculture a priority

Provision of water, empowerment of SMEs, access to health services and support of the agriculture sector are some of the areas that the UDA government will prioritize for Nakuru County residents.

Nakuru County Residents at a UDA meeting
Nakuru County Residents at a UDA meeting in Bahati

Speaking in Bahati Constituency when he toured the area this Saturday, the Deputy President and the UDA presidential candidate Dr William Ruto said his government will put priority on meeting the basic needs of the people.

“Our first priority will be ensuring that water is available to every resident of Nakuru from the month of September,” promised the Deputy President.

His government’s second priority immediately after being sworn in will be ensuring Kenyan youths are properly equipped with relevant technical skills and support for SMEs.

“We must ensure that through Technical Training Institutes, we equip our youths with skills that will help than in these times. Through the Bottom-Up Economic model, the (UDA) government shall put 50 billion annually to support small businesses like market traders and bodaboda riders,” said Dr Ruto.

The support for farmers will also be a priority area to economically empower them and also make Kenya a food secure country.

This will be achieved via ensuring that farm inputs are cheaply available and the government helping in market access.

On matters of health, the Deputy President said his government will ensure that every Kenyan can access health services at the least cost and that NHIF will be universally available to everyone.

“High-income earners like myself will pay more to NHIF while the low-income earners will pay just a little to access NHIF insurance cover,” the presidential candidate promised to add that those who completely cannot afford will have the government pay for their health cover.

His sentiments were echoed by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika who is also a gubernatorial aspirant in Nakuru County.

“Access to clean drinking water, affordable health services and affordable farm inputs are some of the greatest challenges facing Nakuru County residents. Our vision for an economically empowered people” said Susan Kihika who explained her vision to ensure Nakuru residents are able to improve their living standards.

Susan Kihika
Susan Kihika has promised to prioritize Water, Health and Agriculture in Nakuru

Nakuru County’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture, especially in the rural areas and the provision of water for irrigation will be a huge boost.

Others who accompanied the Deputy President were Kenya Kwanza leaders Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula among many others. The team toured Bahati County starting from Dundori, Lanet, Kiamaina and Bahati Wards.

UDA supporters in Dundori
UDA supporters in Dundori

IEBC Polling Stations in Nakuru County

Polling Stations in Nakuru County

Nakuru County is one of the largest counties in Kenya in terms of population. As per the 2019 census report, Nakuru has a population of  2.16 million residents. The County is divided into 11 Sub-counties which are further sub-divided into 55 wards.

For purposes of elections, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has identified polling stations in each locality. To further make it easy for voters to carry out their democratic rights, the polling stations are divided into streams depending on the number of registered voters per polling station.

Below are the various polling stations and streams in Nakuru County.
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