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Beauty Services in Nakuru Town

Optimus Beauty Parlour is a story inspired by being jobless and desire to make it in life. The Nakuru top Massage parlour came to be almost by default when the founders couldn’t land the jobs they were searching for.

After clearing campus in May 2016, two brothers, Peter Sam and Dan Sam came to Nakuru town but unfortunately, the job market wasn’t favourable to them. Although Peter and Dan had graduated in BSC Animal Science and Eco-Tourism and Hospitality Management, respectively they opted for an alternative to foot their bills as well as cater for their needs.
The brothers had never imagined themselves venturing into the beauty industry but as fate would have it, that has now become their career of choice.
After having done research and consultation with each other on what to venture in, they opted for a barbershop. Having found a suitable location and in the process of sourcing for capital to buy tools of the trade, a barbering shop was opened just next to their shop and they had to think of an alternative.
As they had already made up their minds to go into the beauty industry, they opted to get into the massage business as their core business. That is how Optimus Beauty Parlour, Nakuru was born.
Other services offered include manicure, pedicure, facial, tweezing, threading and gel application.
Over time, one of the brothers, Peter got an interest in the beauty industry. He has become passionate about the job that he’s spending more time learning what the job entails. He is actively involved in the running of the business including the processes involved in order to offer the best services in his workplace.

The professionalism involved in learning the job and the high-quality services have seen the client base grow big every day. Since the business started operations in November 2016, Optimus Beauty Parlour has built a loyal client base which keeps growing due to recommendations from the clients.

The challenges the business has faced have enabled it to be what it is today.
Peter still recalls how he was duped into buying a fake brand of gel which turned up to be a big disappointment to his customers.
“This forced me to get more involved. I tried to find out all about the business and that’s how I found myself learning the practical side of the business. I wanted to offer our customers the best and if it meant me getting involved in the business, I was ready to go the whole way,” says Peter.

Optimus Beauty Parlour currently has a workforce of three including Peter and two lady employees. Peter has a vision of turning Optimus into the ultimate one-stop beauty parlour of choice in Nakuru.
The founders of Optimus Beauty Parlour say the business would not have gotten where it is had it not been for the grace of God
“We thank God for being the pillar of our business and we trust He’ll continue blessing the work of our hands,” says Dan.

Optimus Beauty Parlour is strategically located within Maombini Plaza along Kenyatta Avenue.

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