MP Arama urges government to expedite compensation plan for locals displaced by rising Lake Nakuru

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has appealed to National government to look into the issue where his constituents have been on many occasions arrested for carrying out fishing in the neighboring Lake Nakuru.

The MP says majority of those arrested are those who were displaced by the rising water levels and are now living in poor conditions.

It will be recalled that a year ago government banned fishing in Lake Nakuru after it emerged that the fish was not fit for human consumption.

However the harsh economic times has seen locals continue to carry out fishing secretly in areas such as Barut that border the swollen Lake Nakuru.

The 2021 Report on Rising Lake Levels and Beaconing of the Highest Water Mark in Lake Nakuru, Kenya, revealed that a total of 677 families were affected from the Barut, Mwariki, and Park View areas. Those affected are yet to get compensation for the losses they incurred.

The area MP spoke at Lake Nakuru National Park on Monday during meeting to mark World Environment Day that was graced by Environment CS Soipan Tuya accompanied by Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika.

According to Arama, there was plan to also compensate those who were displaced by the lake Nakuru Water levels.

However, the plan has been slow due to what he termed is the transition from one government to another.

He was however quick to note that as lawmakers, they will push to ensure that those who were displaced have been settled.

“You cannot arrest locals yet they have not committed any crime. The fish came right at their doorsteps and they decided to do fishing. But I think there is need for compensation of those who were displaced and the plan that was there on the same should continue,” he said.

Arama also used the opportunity to sound a stern warning to individuals whom he termed were out to grab section of land belonging to Nakuru GK Prisons in Nakuru West.

He said such will not be allowed as the land is meant to support the government’s effort towards 100 percent tree cover.

“This is land that we need to plant trees and we shall not allow individuals to grab any part of it” said Arama as he promised to give more input on the same to the Ministry concerned.

Mwariki residents welcome MP’s move to upgrade feeder roads

Six feeder roads in Mwariki, Nakuru West Sub County will soon be tarmacked following intervention by area MP Samuel Arama.

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama at a past function.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

According to the Legislator, the tarmacking of the 8KM stretch will be done at an estimated cost of Ksh.560 Million sought from the national government and will boost the economy of the area.

He says despite the roads being under the county government of Nakuru, he chose to tarmack them adding that in matters of development for the people there is no division.

“You see, when it comes to development we can’t say this road belongs to the county so I cannot do it. If I am in a position to do it, I go ahead and that does not mean there is a problem. What we want is development for the people” said Arama.

According to Engineers who visited the area on Friday led by Kenya Urban Roads Authority South Rift Regional Manager, Eng. Sylvia Mwangi, tarmacking will be done on the stretch from Top ten to Pondamali through to Mwariki, Eldoret to Pembe mbili up to KK,PCEA-Ndarugu Game Road connecting to Baringo road or game.

Other feeder roads to be tarmacked under the project include Kahatu-Sewage Road, Ruto Road through St.Teresa Catholic Church and Paramount-Kipanga road.

Residents of Mwariki led by Elders Chief’s Council and Nyumba Kumi system Chairman John Kahato Njoroge.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

The project has been welcomed by area residents who say it will go a long way in addressing the challenges they have been facing in terms of movement.

Njaki Mutuma-a bodada rider at Eldoret area stage in Nakuru West says the move is timely and will boost their businesses as bodaboda operators in the area.

“We are very grateful that our MP has thought of these roads and we support the project as it is for our own benefit” he said.

Sentiments echoed by Mwariki Elders Chief’s Council and Nyumba Kumi system Chairman John Kahato Njoroge.

He says as elders in the area they are in support of the project warning those who want to politicize such development.

“Mwariki will now be like the other wards such as London and Kaptembwa where there are tarmac roads” said Kahato.

Simon Ole Nasieku from Nakuru Benchmarking team on matters development in various Sub counties on his part lauding the MP Arama for considering Mwarriki area.

He challenged other leaders in Nakuru to emulate the same and ensure development for the electorates.

“Arama is development focused and that is why he does not wait for the county government to do the roads but has stepped in to ensure better infrastructure for his people. We call on all other elected leaders to emulate Nasieku.

The tour of the roads by Engineers was also witnessed by Joshua Onduko(CDF Manager),MP’s PA John Koech and Mwariki Chief Joseph King’ori Macharia.

Kinyanjui roots for permanent solution to flood menace in Nakuru West

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui and other officials addressing media  after assessing the effect of floods in Nakuru West.PHOTO/NGPU.

Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui is now rooting for permanent solution to the perennial flood menace in Nakuru West subcounty.

The issue of floods has been here year in year out especially during rainy season.

The Lake Nakuru has also been a contributor to the menace due to the ever rising water levels since 2010 that spills over to the community.

Silitation which has occurred over the years due to human activities within mau and upper grounds is also being felt in Lake Nakuru.

As it’s known, lake Nakuru lacks a breather, as it’s on a pan without a breather.

According to Geologists ,when some tectonic pressure is exerted in by the activities of menengai crater, those living in adjacent areas might might suffer.

But speaking in Barut and Mwariki- areas hit harshly by floods, Governor Kinyanjui said this is a matter that should not be ignored.

He said the county government will work  closely with the KWS to ensure a permanent solution.

He called on the locals in the floods-prone areas in  Nakuru West to be vigilant adding that early precautions will help ensure no life or properties are lost.

“We shall commence mapping of the areas under immediate threat so that we can find a permanent solution” said Kinyanjui.

He noted that the continued expansion of Lake Nakuru will have a negative impact to communities  living  around the Park.

Kinyanjui revealing that the county government will also engage the national government so that the land around the park belonging to residents can be bought and the locals compensated for an alternative land.

“We shall also be engaging the national Treasury with a view to see how this land can be bought or locals be compensated so as to avert movement every year due to floods” he said.

KWS Assistant Director Central Rift Region Dickson Ritan on his part stating that the water level in Lake Nakuru has continued to rise surpassing the normal boundaries.

He however termed the same a natural phenomenon common with lakes in Riftvalley.

The officer also challenging locals to play their role in conserving the environment to avert disaster.



Photos: Floods wreak havoc in Mwariki, Pondamali

Mwariki Rhoda Floods

Residents of Mwariki in Rhoda Ward, Nakuru West have today woken up to disastrous news following high rainfall that pounded at dawn today.

The 4 AM to 6 AM rains have left many families displaced, property worth thousands destroyed and left some access roads inaccessible.

Below are photos taken at the affected places.

The flood victims with the help of well-wishers could be seen trying to salvage their household goods. The next dilemma is where to seek shelter next and how to move.

Mwariki residents worried over bulging Lake Nakuru

For many years residents living around Lake Nakuru National Park have raised concerns over the disturbance from wildlife animals leading to human-animal conflict but this time round their concern is different.

It is the issue of bulging Lake Nakuru.

According to the locals mostly form Mwariki Village of Nakuru west Sub County in Nakuru, the bulging of Lake Nakuru has led to their farms being affected by the salty water.

Led by John Kamau Kiragu, the locals are now appealing to the Kenya Wildlife Service to step in and address the menace.

“We cannot do any farming activities due to the salty waters of the Lake and we call on KWS to come and address this matter” he said.

They say they are ready on any verdict that it could give among it shifting from their lands provided the government will give an alternative before ordering them to shift.

According to the locals, the Lake was initially more than two kilometers from the perimeter electric fence but has now shifted and is currently less than 150 meters from the perimeter electric fence making the locals to get more worried if the rain season resume.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:A flooded farm in Mwariki.

Residents of Mwariki living in fear after river Subuku burst its banks

Residents of Mwariki in Nakuru West Sub-County are counting loss after River Subuku burst its banks into their homes and land destroying crops.

The residents who are now a worried lot of impending disaster are calling on the government to step in and ensure the matter is addressed before a disaster strikes.

Addressing media in the area, the residents said the river is supposed to flow into Lake Nakuru but due to heavy rains experienced in the area, the river has diverted its course to residential homes destroying property.

George Kithumbe- a resident in the area called on the Kenya Wildlife Service to step in and ensure a tunnel is dug to direct the water to avert destruction in their homes.

“We are appealing to the KWS to ensure a tunnel is dug to control the flow of this water” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Joseph Mwangi who claimed the problem has been brought about by KWS who interfered with the course of the river in the name of blocking animals from exiting the park.

He called on the government to consider the impending disaster in the area and act to find a solution to the same.

“This problem has been brought about by KWS in the name of blocking the animals but this has had a negative impact on the river” he said.

Stephen Wahome a farmer in the area says he has incurred a loss of over Kshs.50, 000 in the farm after the water destroyed his crops among them sukuma wiki and potatoes which he had just planted two weeks ago.

His appeal is to the county government of Nakuru in collaboration with the KWS and the National government to intervene in the situation and save them from further loss.

“I have incurred a loss of Kshs.50, 000 and I am calling on government to come in and help avert further losses” he said.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Effects felt in a farm bordering Lake Nakuru National Park in Mwariki after river Subuku burst its banks.

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