Jubilee Party Secretary General calls for independent postmortem to establish cause of MCA Karanja’s death

Nakuru Jubilee Party branch Secretary General Mutumishi Kiplangat Cheruiyot at a past presser.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Nakuru Jubilee Party Branch Secretary General Mtumishi Kiplangat Cheruiyot has called for immediate independent post moterm to establish the cause of Lakeview Ward MCA Karanja Mburu’s death.

Through a phone interview immediately after the body was transferred to Umash Funeral Home in Nakuru, Cheruiyot says the immediate investigations into the matter is crucial.

He says this can not just be treated as a mere accident as many leaders are best drivers on the roads.

While terming the deceased a brilliant leader who always spoke spoke out his mind in matters governance in Nakuru county, Cheruiyot says the sudden death leaves several questions unanswered.

“He was one of the brilliant MCAs in Nakuru and a vocal critic on matters governance to ensure transparency.So we are demanding immediate independent post moterm so that we can determine the truth” said Cheruiyot.

The Nakuru Jubilee Party official says there are several critical questions that need to be answered concerning the death of MCA Karanja Mburu as it just recently that he was appointed to chair Covid19 ad-hoc committee of 11 on disaster and emergency response.

Among them is the question of who the MCA had last communicated with, where the MCA was headed at those early hours of a sun while no church services, the state his vehicle was in the day before, where did he spend the night, whom did he communicated too when he woke up early, as well as the first person that relayed the information concerning the accident and death.

County Jubilee Party official faults Governor Kinyanjui for ignoring public sensitization on COVID-19

Nakuru County Jubilee Party Branch Secretary General Kiplang’at Cheruiyot aka Mtumishi demostrates to a woman at Nessuit,Njoro how to use a hand sanitizer. PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Nakuru County Jubilee Party Branch Secretary General faults Governor Kinyanjui for ignoring public sensitization on COVID-19.

The Branch Secretary Kiplang’at Cheruiyot aka Mtumishi has taken up the step of sensitizing public on Coronavirus but faulting the County Government of fake public relations, poor drainage and poor roads in Nakuru.

He says Governor Lee Kinyanjui is in slumber over the issue.

Cheruiyot has called on the county government leadership to wake up from their slumber and start serious public sensitization on COVID-19.

Speaking on Wednesday at Nessuit in Njoro Sub County of Nakuru County where he led a sensitization forum to members of the minority group the Ogiek, the Nakuru Jubilee party official was categorical that elected leaders are still in slumber even with the seriousness of the corona virus.

He says this is the time that the elected leaders beginning with Governor Kinyanjui to use part of their salaries to offer masks and sanitizers to the less privileged rather than stocking food in their houses.

Mtumishi who was accompanied by a medical officer to sensitize the community in Njoro and Mariashoni in Molo on corona virus and the precaution measures that are supposed to be taken said simple gesture of public sensitization on the same will go long way in combating the  spread of corona virus.

Public targeted were mostly women who had to maintain social distancing of 2 meters apart.

Nakuru County Jubilee Party Branch Secretary General Kiplang’at Cheruiyot aka Mtumishi accompanied by a medical officer hand over hand sanitizers to women at Mariashoni.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

He urged the political class in Nakuru starting with Governor Lee Kinyanjui to up and join hands in sensitizing the less privileged in society on corona virus besides providing them with necessities such as water, sanitizers and face masks for protection.

According to the Nakuru Jubilee Party official, the sensitization and fight against corona virus should not be left to the national government alone but it is time the leadership at county level also take up the responsibility of reaching out to the less privileged in society at grassroot level and sensitize them.

He decried the expensive cost of the sanitizers adding that the less privileged in society will not be able to access the same hence leaders need to step in.

“As a Jubilee Party official in Nakuru, my appeal is very clear to the leaders in Nakuru that let us join hands and ensure sensitization of the community. We should not just wait for the government but we can do a lot at our individual level” said Cheruiyot.

During the community sensitization on corona virus in Nessuit-Njoro and Mariashoni-Molo, the Nakuru Jubilee Party Secretary General also as precaution measures donated sanitizers, tissue papers and hundreds of washing soaps and masks to members of the community.

He says he thought it wise as an individual to commence the sensitization program and incur the expenses for the sake of the less privileged in society.

“Being philanthropic is not richness” he said.

According to him, already the sanitizers are running out of market and the ones he is donating he had to part with Ksh.800 per bottle of 250ml from Nairobi.

The vocal Jubilee official says he will not relent in the sensitization of community on the corona virus through texts messages and social media platform.

He once again appealed to the residents of Nessuit, Njoro & Mariashoni in Molo sub counties, Nakuru County and nation at large to adhere to the set guidelines form the Ministry of Health reiterating the need for Kenyans to stay at home and observe high level of hygiene.

“I felt the need to sensitize the Ogiek community on the Corona virus since most people at grassroot level have little information about the same” he said.

Meanwhile, he has called on Governor Lee Kinyanjui to subsidize rates for farm produce so that locals can make it through these harsh economic times.


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