Senator Millicent Omanga responds to secret admirer

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has responded to a secret admirer who opened his heart and expressed his undying love.

The admirer from Kisii who signed off his post as Oanda had posted on Kenya’s popular Facebook group “Group Kenya.”

“Dear Millicent Omanga, am writing this letter secretly using my brother’s fb account,” wrote the Oanda.

“I would like to inform you that you took my heart long time ago but reaching you is a big problem for me,” he added

The secret admirer, further noted that a lot of other people who secretly crash on Senator Millicent Omanga fear her because of her beauty. Oanda revealed that he had personally decided to express his intention to date and even marry the curvaceous senator.

“People fear you because you are beautiful. But I have decided to date you even marry you,” wrote Oanda.

However, Oanda revealed that he is dead broke but suggested Omanga could cater for the relationship.

By the time he was posting in Facebook using his brother’s account, Oanda revealed that he was already on his way to Nairobi carrying all his worldly belongings.

“I have carried everything that I have with my bag. I wish you would show me your office. On my way to Nairobi,” signed off Oanda.

Senator Millicent Omanga’s Response to Oanda

Posting on her official Facebook page, Senator Millicent Omanga acknowledged receipt of the love note but expressed her regrets as she is already taken.

“Oanda hi, surely I don’t mind meeting you for your courageous efforts of reaching out to me, wrote the Senator.

“Sadly, I am already taken but all is not lost,” she added.

The senator went further to express her desire to meet the young courageous man and at least empower him.

“I still want to meet you, have a chat and also empower you economically,” Omanga wrote.

Omanga wants to empower the young Oanda so that by the time he meets the perfect girl for himself, he will be in a better position to wed and support the family. She requested Oanda to link up with her once he gets to Nairobi.

“Ukifika Nairobi nichapie hapo kwa inbox my driver will come pick you up akulete offe yangu. All the best bro,” signed off the senator.

From all of us here at Famous Nakuru, we wish Oanda all the best.

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