MCA Peter Mbae’s passionate appeal on behalf of Musicians

Kabazi MCA Dr. Peter Mbae has made a passionate appeal to the Nakuru County Governor on behalf of musicians.

Speaking in Subukia on Tuesday during the burial of mugithi maestro Mighty Salim, Mbae said it’s high time a modern studio was set up to cater for Nakuru County musicians.

“Mr. Governor, we have been singing this song every now and then. You have put money into the Nakuru Players theater. You have put money into Keringet stadium for athletes, and you’re putting 300 million into Afraha Stadium. Can’t we have even 50 million for a modern studio for our musicians?” Posed Dr. Mbae.

Mbae, a first time MCA explained how Nakuru musicians have been suffering shuttling between Nakuru and Nairobi to have their music recorded. This despite the fact that Subukia has emerged as an epicenter for local musicians overtaking Gatanga.

In previous years, Gatanga in Murang’a was considered the home of the best Musicians and music was seen as the cash crop for the area. At any given time, Gatanga would have several reigning musicians.

Mbae went on to reveal that Mzee Salim, the father of the Salim singing family had a studio and music school where he was training young people. Unfortunately, the studio had very archaic equipment.

For best management of the studio, Dr. Mbae proposes to have local musicians form the board of the proposed studio.

CAS Nelson Gaichuhie booed in Subukia trying to market BBI

Former Subukia MP Nelson Gaichuhie on Tuesday found himself on unfamiliar waters when he was booed in Subukia.

The former MP who is currently a CAS in the National Treasury and Planning Ministry was addressing mourners during the burial of renown Kikuyu musician Mighty Salim.

Tafadhali, tuachanishe BBI na Raila. 2022 ikifika …..,” Hon. Gaichuhie tried to explain but was cut short by mourners who wanted nothing to do with BBI.

An angry Gaichuhie was forced to rebut that he’s not a poor man and neither would he refer to himself as a hustler to please the people.

“Am not a poor man. I’ll not refer to myself as a hustler to please you either,” he tried to explain amid shouts from the people.

CAS Nelson Gaichuhie was forced to revert to asking the mourners to respect him but they were having none of it.

Na tuheshimiane tafadhali, tuheshimiane,” begged Gaichuhie. However, his pleas fell on deaf ears and he turned to talking down on the people.

“Na niliwaambia mimi hamuwezi mkanitisha. You can never, never, never threaten me,” he said before being forced to take a seat.

Subukia Sub-County in Nakuru county is mostly anti BBI like many other parts in the Rift valley and Central Kenya. Pro BBI proponents have been wearing a brave face even telling those opposed that BBI will pass with or without their will.

Gaichuhie, a National government employee, is one such BBI proponent. Although he was being poised to reclaim his seat as MP in 2022, his dalliance in BBI might cost him heavily. His arrogant speech at the Mighty Salim funeral will cost him even more.

After losing his Parliamentary seat in 2017, Gaichuhie was propped to become the Nakuru County Assembly speaker but was trounced by the current speaker Maina Kairu.

Below is a video of Gaichuhie being booed

It was after these two losses that the president appointed him Cabinet Assistant Secretary.

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