A section of Nakuru clergy want ban on congregational worship reviewed 

A section of Nakuru Clergy are now calling on the government to consider reviewing the decision of restricting congregational worship in five counties among them Nakuru.

Empty Nakuru Deliverance Church,Freehold.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

The clergy questioned why the Church was restricted yet the open markets are fully operational with no adherence to COVID-19 containment measures.

Bishop Mike Brawan of Nakuru’s Metro Church International noted that the Church has been in the forefront in observing COVID-19 protocols hence there was no need to ban congregational worship.

Brawan who addressed the media after holding a virtual service at the church, noted that the church was feeling the pain of not being able to serve the people.

“We are feeling the pain as the church following the directive. The President was ill advised as the church was already observing the protocols. The problem is that they failed to give the church opportunity to serve the people. We have markets which are worse when it comes to COVID-19 protocols adherence” he said.

He appealed to the government to consider allowing limited congregational worship but also ensure action is taken on markets.

This, he noted will ensure more lives are saved adding that the government should also ensure hope for Kenyans and not create unnecessary fear.

“The government should also sensitize Kenyans on COVID-19 simple measures rather than creating fear among people” said Brawan.

Thie even as Churches now opt for online services to reach out to her members.

However, this might not be able to play key role as compared to the physical worship services with Bishop Brawan stating that, “We are trying to do online services but then it is expensive and many cannot access.”

With Easter approaching, many churches will have to bear with the situation and comply with the COVID-19 measures by ensuring no congregational worship.

“It is so sad that we are approaching the Easter season yet the church is prohibited to congregate” decried Brawan.

A spot check at Kenya Assemblies of God-Nakuru Christian centre in Freehold estate, empty seatTS with only two persons who had turned up for personal devotional prayers.

This contrary to the situation in normal days where the church is lively and full of praise and worship from the congregation.

Senior Pastor Elijah Mwangi of Deliverance Church,Freehold Nakuru addressing media on Sunday.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

At Nakuru Deliverance Church-Freehold, a similar situation with only a few praise and worship team and the instrumentalists team to ensure the Live service though a Television channel to reach the congregation at home.

Addressing the media after the virtual service, Senior Pastor Elijah Mwangi while welcoming the decision by the Government on congregational worship to save lives, however was quick to admit that the move has an effect on churches.

“It came when people were not prepared but we believe there was no wiser decision than what the President did in order to save lives owing to the surge in COVID-19 cases. We however have to admit that the move has affected the churches which is a tablet of hope to Kenyans” he said.

Rev.Mwangi called on leaders in Government and Private sector to give hope to Kenyans even during these harsh economic times.

While expressing optimism that the situation will normalize, the clergy urged Christians to seize the various opportunities in serving the needy, sick and elderly and renewal of their relationship with God even during this harsh season occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic.

“I want to call on all leaders be it in government or private sector as well as the media to ensure that we give hope to our people. Trust God for preservation to see the end of the drama of COVID-19″ he said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during his 19th address to the nation on COVID-19, directed that  all physical and in-person as well as congregational worship in all places of worship in Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu and  Nakuru be suspended. 


Clergy challenges political class to emulate servanthood 

Elected leaders have been challenged to stop political sideshows and focus on service delivery to the electorates.

Bishop Mike Brawan of Metro Church International Nakuru says leaders should be people’s interests focused.

Speaking during a Sunday service and fundraiser towards vulnerable children, the clergy reminded elected leaders that they should act as ‘people’s servants’.

He added that true leaders once elected do not acquire the ruler title but rather the servant-ship hence commence service to the electorates.

Brawan also called on religious leaders across the country to pray for the political class so that the spirit of pride can go away and they start focusing on service to the people.

“We need to pray so that we can do away with the bad spirit of pride among leaders. True leadership is servant leadership” said Brawan.

It should be noted that Metro Church international has been involved in many charity work towards supporting the vulnerable groups in the society.

The Church stepped in during the COVID-19 pandemic period to support those who lost their jobs and could not afford basic needs such as food and clothing.

Dr.Brawan who is also the Head of Evangelical Movement Kenya and East Africa says as a church they decided to step in and offer hope to the needy families.

The Charity involves issuance of food to more than 4,000 families every month.

“Families are facing challenges and we as a church we stepped in with counseling as well as issuing food donations to over 4,000 families” he said.

Former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo tells off ‘hustler narrative’ propagators

Reuben Ndolo

Former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo has told off those propagating the narrative of hustler nation versus dynasties.

Speaking at Nakuru’s Metro Church during a fundraiser towards helping vulnerable children said Kenyans should not be fooled by a few politicians going around with propaganda.

“We know the real hustlers of this nation and we shall not buy the propaganda of political hustlers,” said Ndolo.

The former Legislator called on all leaders to respect President Uhuru Kenyatta for he is still the head of state.

While lauding the unity between President Uhuru Kenya and former Prime Minister, Ndolo called on Deputy President William Ruto to lie low and ensure he cooperates with President Kenyatta.

He added that the Jubilee administration under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta has a legacy to safeguard through the Big 4 agenda and should be supported.

“Let the President be respected. We want all leaders to unite for the betterment of the lives of Kenyans” said Ndolo.

Ndolo who was accompanied by politician cum businessman Stanley Livondo also used the opportunity to drum support for the Building Bridges Initiative Report.

He says the proposals in the document are key to ensuring a united nation after every national election.

The former Lawmaker added that BBI is the only cure to many injustices that have been witnessed in the country in the past.

“Let us support this BBI for it is the cure to corruption and many other injustices that we have had in this country,” he said.

Dr.Brawan: Unemployment, lack of basic needs key challenges facing families

Unemployment and lack of basic needs such as food and clothing are the key challenges facing several families in Nakuru town during this COVID-19 pandemic.

This has been revealed through a charity program being supported by Nakuru based Metro Church International.

In an interview on Monday during one of the counseling sessions for families, Bishop Dr.Mike Brawan of Metro Church International noted that many families are affected and cannot meet the basic needs due to the harsh economic times occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr.Brawan who is also the Head of Evangelical Movement Kenya and East Africa says as a church they decided to step in and offer hope to the needy families.

The Charity involves issuance of food to more than 4,000 families every month.

“Families are facing challenges and we as a church we stepped in with counseling as well as issuing out food donations to over 4,000 families” he said.

Meanwhile, the clergy has attributed the suffering of Kenyans due to a few corrupt individuals in the country.

While strongly condemning the vise, he has appealed to the government to up in the fight against corruption by ensuring those implicated face the arm of the law.

He however, says the fight on corruption should not be politicized by anyone or seen as tribal witch-hunt.

“We have a few corrupt individuals in the country who are making Kenyans to suffer. And that is why we are saying the government should act now and ensure prosecution” said Dr.Brawan.

The clergy was addressing media at the church during a counseling session for the various needy families in Nakuru town.


Churches resort to more services to comply with COVID-19 measures

The government’s directive to re-open churches under strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines has seen several churches resume but with more services in place.

Government’s directive has it that worship services should last an hour and have not more than 100 members due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Further, 58 years and above citizens are not allowed to attend service so are children of 13 years and below.

The measures have seen churches resume but with new development where the clergy have ensured more services so as to cater for the spiritual needs of the many members.

Nakuru’s Metro Church International under the leadership of Bishop Mike Brawan for instance has 7 Sunday services with every service lasting not more than the required one hour.


Bishop Mike Brawan of Metro Church International,Nakuru during an interview.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Bishop Brawan says initially they used to have two services but with the COVID-19 pandemic, he has decided to have more services of 100 members per hour.

He adds that besides, the temperature checkups for the members at the main entrance to the church, they are also ensuring fumigation after every service.

Outside the church is a special vehicle on standby to offer ambulance services in case of any emergency.

The clergy says this is the way to go to ensure that the church does not also become an agent in the spread of COVID-19.

“We thank God that the Church is now opened despite the restrictions on capacity. We are adhering to all the restrictions with 7 services of 100 persons for one hour. We are also reaching out through the online platform. After every service we are fumigating before the next service” said Brawan.

While noting that COVID-19 is here to stay for longer, the clergy called on Kenyans to ensure personal responsibility in combating the spread.

Sentiments echoed by nursing officer Winny Warugongo who says as healthcare workers theirs is to ensure congregants adhere to the guidelines.

She says the ambulance stationed at the church is key and in case they come across any suspected case they refer to the Nakuru Level 5 isolation center.

Her appeal to Kenyans is for everyone to take personal responsibility.

“Some believe that as per their faith they can’t get it. But we are telling Kenyans that COVID-19 is real and we have just to follow the guidelines” she said.

At Cathedral Church of Christ the King in Nakuru, there are more masses being conducted unlike before.

A spot check indicate that there were several masses going on at the main church, at Christ the King Hall as well as Christ The King Girls’ Hall.

According to Farther Lawrence Mbogo, the move is aimed at ensuring that there is social distancing during mass.
The script is same for Africa Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA).

Bishop Naftaly Thuku who was on a mission on Sunday to ensure the church branches comply says the churches have no option but to comply.

“Today I am just going around ensuring our branches comply with the COVID-19 measures” he said over phone.

Clergy welcomes government’s move to re-open churches

The government’s directive to have worship places re-opened but under strict measures has been welcomed by clergy in Nakuru. 

Addressing media just a moment after the directive was issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta in his COVID-19 address to the nation, Bishop Mike Brawan of Nakuru’s Metro Church International lauded President Kenyatta for the move. 

According to Brawan, time is now for the church leaders to ensure they comply with the guidelines. 

“We want to laud the President for the directive to have the churches re-opened and we appeal to all the churches to ensure that they try and comply with the guidelines,” he said. 

The Metro Church International Bishop stating that they will adhere to the guidelines issued by the government. 

While noting that COVID-19 is here to stay,Brawan called on Kenyans to all observe the guidelines by the Ministry of Health. 

“As a church we are ready to follow the guidelines but we are also calling on Kenyans that let us also observe sanitization, and wearing of facemasks. 

However, the clergy has called on the government to rethink about the restriction to bar persons of 58 years and above from attending church services. 

According to Brawan most church leaders are in that age bracket hence it will be impossible for the restriction to apply. 

“What we are asking the government is to look into the issue of age 58 and above because most of the church leaders are in that bracket” said Brawan. 

Similar sentiments echoed by Bishop Naftaly Thuku of AIPCA who says most Bishops and pastors fall in that age bracket. 

The AIPCA Bishop says if the restriction measure on that age group has to be implemented then it means that most Bishops and pastors will be locked out of church. 

“We are grateful for the move to have churches re-opened. However, the restriction on 58 and above age bracket should be re-looked at for most Bishops and church leaders fall under the age bracket” he said. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday directed that places of worship will commence phased re-opening for congregational worship and public (in-person) worship in strict conformity with all applicable guidelines and protocols, including the self-regulating guidelines developed by the Inter-Faith Council. 

In line with the guidelines issued by the Inter-Faith Council, only a maximum of one hundred (100) participants will be allowed at each worship ceremony and not be more than one hour. 

However, Sunday Schools and Madrassas shall remain suspended until further notice, and in-person worship shall not include congregants under the age of thirteen (13) years or above the age of fifty-eight (58) years or persons with underlying conditions. 


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