County battles to contain desert locusts invasion

As Nakuru County continues with its rapid corona virus preparedness and preventive measures, another disaster is playing the background.

Millions of swarms of locusts have invaded parts of Njoro, Molo, Bahati and Subukia Sub-counties resulting in losses as farmers stare at empty farms after the insects destroyed vegetation.

In Molo and Njoro sub counties, farmers who had recently planted will be forced to do it all over again after the locusts destroyed their crops.

In a bid to contain the locust, the County Government of Nakuru has been conducting aerial and ground spraying on the desert locusts in Bahati and Subukia sub counties.

According to the county this is aimed at ensuring the pests do not move to other parts of the County.

In January this year, the County had placed an early warning and preventive control system that was tasked to study the behaviour and biology of the desert locusts, predict their movement and ensure spraying is done in a controlled manner.

Residents have been advised to avoid consuming the insects and instead alert Agriculture officers as soon as the pests are sighted in their areas.

The county has also called on residents to report to authorities immediate they spot the first swarm of locust invading their villages to enable quick response

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