Nakuru Rotarians lead other well-wishers in donating relief food to needy Maralal families

Members of the Rotary Club of Nakuru led by President Rani Ramchandani and Assistant Governor Rotary Club Nakuru Sebastian Muithereru in partnership with other well-wishers travelled to Maralal, in Samburu County on 26th November 2022 with one agenda to support drought relief efforts.

With the extended drought in most parts of Kenya, especially the northern parts, the team felt it worth to stand in solidarity with the needy families in Maralal that are feeling the adverse effects of the drought.

The team that included members of the Rotary Club of Nakuru, Rotary Club of Naivasha, and Rotary E-Club of Riftvalley, Rotary Club of Enkare – Narok, Lions club of Menengai,SCANN, Ndovu cement, Pranic Healing Foundation other well-wishers, Family and Friends of Rotary raised funds for a food donation drive that was distributed to the needy community members in Maralal.

More than 200 needy families benefited with food hampers that included Maize Flour, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Rice, Beans and cooking oil that will cushion the families from hunger for at least a week.

Speaking after making the donation, Rotary Club of Nakuru President Rani Ramchandani stated that Rotarians and other well-wishers felt it in order to stand in solidarity with hunger-stricken families.

She revealed that they will continue with such gestures to put a smile on the face of the needy families.

While noting that it is a shame that basic necessity like food is a luxury to many families, Rani called on other well-wishers to join in the move to ensure everyone in society has food on the table especially during this harsh economic times and the drought situation.

“We were able to assist more than 200 Families with food hampers that will cushion them from hunger for some days. The hampers will see an average household put food on the table for a period of at least a month.

Some mobility aid equipment were also distributed to the community members with special movement needs.

The team managed to assist 20 mobility devices for young persons who were not able to go school due to lack of mobility devices.

Bondeni Police benefits from new equipment

Bondeni Police Station

Bondeni Police station in Nakuru has benefitted from a donation of a computer and printer to assist in digitalization.

Bondeni Police station

The items were personal donations from Ms. Rani Ramchandani who is the president of the Lions Club of Menengai. Bondeni Police OCS Abdi Noor Hussein received the donations.

Bondeni Police station
Bondeni Police station OCS Abdi Noor Hussein and Ms. Rani Ramchandani the Lions Club of Menengai president

According to Ms. Rukkya Mohamed the founder of the “Youth Bila Noma,” they sourced for the equipment to help deal with stalled cases. The computer and the 3-in-1 printer will help in handling virtual cases, a system that was put in place following the outbreak of Corona. Virtual cases are meant to put human interactions at a minimum.

Bondeni Police station

“Since the advent of virtual cases, the lack of modern computers and operating system was leading to a lot of stalled cases,” said Rukkya.

“This is the reason we reached out to Ms. Rani to assist the station and we take the opportunity to thank her for coming through,” added Rukkya.

Bondeni Police station

Also present were members of the Community Policing Committee, officers from the station and Ms. Mary Kirugumi the Social Development Officer in charge of Nakuru West.

300 children benefit from Lions Club of Menengai’s Dignity packs

300 needy children in Nakuru on Wednesday benefited with dignity packs from Lions Club of Menengai.

According to the Club’s President Rani Ramchandani,the donation was made possible through the support from Nairobi Giant Group of Twiga.

The donation.PHOTO/Courtesy

The donation was handed over to the 200 girls and 100 boys at Hyrax Hill Museum during Nakuru Child Rights Network event to launch 16 Days of Activism.

The packs contain sanitary pads for the girls,soaps,and inner wears for boys.

The packs will go long way in ensuring dignity for the needy children with majority of girls having to struggle to get sanitary pads.

Rani noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a big blow to families.

She noted some girls have to go without sanitary pads during their menses as parents struggle to put food on table.

“We have served 300 children.For boys we have 100 benefiting with the dignity packs while 200 girls will also benefit.We are doing this so that the children can feel part of the society” said Rani.

Lions Club of Menengai has been in the forefront in reaching out to vulnerable groups in society with donations especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Lobby groups call for need to safeguard child rights

Various lobby groups under the umbrella Nakuru Child Rights Network have joined hands in calling for protection of children rights.

The Network has commenced creating awareness on child rights even as 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence commences.

Speaking at Hyrax Hill Museum on Wednesday during a dialogue forum between parents and children,Cosmas Mutua said such dialogues are key towards realization of children rights.

Mutua terming such a move as the only way to help understand what challenges children face in life.

He added that issues of Gender Based Violence have continued to derail the well-being of children in society.

“We are here to launch 16 Days of Activism.We are aware GBV is a concern and that’s why we have engagement with children and parents through the dialogues” said Mutua.

The dialogues,be says target teenagers who are now idle at home due to COVID-19 pandemic that led to schools closure.

During the dialogues,teenagers are taken through de-briefing sessions to ensure they are mentaly fit as well as matters reproductive health and empowerment.

Mutua challenging parents to also play their role of parenting to avert more problems in society.

“We are also targeting parents for we believe they failed in one way on the other when it comes to parenting” he said.

The Nakuru Child Rights Network also calling on both counties and national government to ensure adequate funding for gender programs.

The host of the event Hyrax Hill Museum Curator Ms Lilian Amwanda on her part calling for need to address the challenges facing children in society.

Ms Amwanda stating that, “any Gbv against parents affects children in different ways.”

She is however optimistic that the children-parents dialogue will help address some of the challenges children face.

Lions Club of Menengai was the key sponsor of the event.

The club through President Rani Ramchandani donated dignity packs to 300 children.

“We have served 300 Children.For boys we have 100 benefiting with dignity packs while 200 girls get sanitary pads,soaps and inner clothes” said Rani.


Lions club of Menengai, Nakuru moves to restore hope for rural girls, widows

The Lions club of Menengai, Nakuru has continued to reach out to vulnerable families among them widows as well as teenage girls through food and nonfood items donations in Nakuru and Baringo counties.

The Club on Tuesday was at Kiungururia Primary School in Eburu-Mbaruk ward on a similar mission where the members donated food and non-food items to over 30 vulnerable families as well as sanitary pads to 85 needy girls.

Ms Martha Muthoni-one of the elderly who received food hampers from Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru stated that their lives have not been the same as the majority are widows.

She however says that with such gestures from well-wishers they feel loved and their hope restored.

“Most of us are widows and when we are visited like this we feel loved and our hope in life re-kindled” said Ms Muthoni.

Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru President Rani Ramchandani(in yellow jacket) with teenagers at Mbaruk during the donations.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Speaking after the exercise, Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru President Rani Ramchandani stated the vulnerability of families as well as teenage girls in rural areas of Nakuru and Baringo counties.

She noted that with the COVID-19 pandemic and schools closed most families are going through harsh economic times.

The situation has also affected girl child who a times cannot meet the basics such as sanitary pads and this has led many to engage in early sex for exchange of money to meet such.

However, the Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru President says through the charity program they have been able to reach out to many vulnerable girls and even empower them through talks on how to keep themselves safe from teenage pregnancies.

“Most families are vulnerable and the situation of COVID-19 has worsened. We also have girls who cannot afford basic needs such as pads which is contributing to teenage pregnancies and that is why as Lions Club Menengai we stepped in” said Ms Rani.

The Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru has also continued to reach out to teenagers (Boys and Girls) through the counseling sessions on matters of life.

Pastor Josphine Kiarie from Hope For Life Kenya who has been working with orphans and vulnerable groups in society,on her part commending Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru.

She reiterated that the girl child is once again becoming vulnerable during this COVID-19 pandemic as families are hit with the harsh economy.

She called on parents not to give up due to the COVID-19 pandemic but continue to talk to their children and ensure they are nurtured in the right way.

“We commend Lions Club of Menengai, Nakuru for the gesture. This is giving hope to these girls and they feel their dignity is restored. As parents we have a role to play to ensure the children are nurtured” she said.

Young Nakuru Rotarians join hands to conserve environment

Rotary Club of Nakuru in partnership with Tobias Foundation,Lions Club of Menengai and Rotaracts club of Menengai (Youths),among other organizations joined hands to mark the climax for International Youth week celebrations for Nakuru at Hyrax Hill Museum in Nakuru with calls on youths to maximize on various opportunities and talents to transform the society for better.

The theme of International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action” seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.

Rotary Club of Nakuru President Christopher Gasperi plants a tree at Hyrax Hill Museum to mark International Youth Day.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Addressing media after a tree planting session (in which over 300 trees were planted) as a way of conserving environment at the Hyrax Hill Museum, Rotary Club of Nakuru President Christopher Gasperi challenged youths to maximize on the talents and the opportunities available.

While noting that Youths are energetic in transforming the society, the Rotary Club of Nakuru President was categorical that as a club they will continue to support and empower youths through the Rotaracts clubs towards a better society.

“The youths should step up their game. We expect the youths to use the talents they have to the best of their abilities” said Gasperi.

Rotaract club of Menengai (a group of young Rotary Club members) President Job Ondeko calling on youths to embrace environment conservation.

He says as Rotaracts club of Menengai they will continue to create awareness on matters environment conservation.

“Today we are here on matters environment for if we conserve the environment then we can address many issues among them the global warming” he said.

On youths’ accessing government opportunities, Rotaracts club of Menengai President feels there are still many gaps that the government should address in order to ease the channels of accessing the platforms.

Sentiments echoed By Tobias Orwa from TOBIAS Foundation who says matters of environment should be embraced by all.

He challenged youths to start thinking of creating employment through matters environment conservation.

The lively event was hosted by Nakuru’ Hyrax Hill Museum.

Tree planting session at Hyrax Hill Museum.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

The facility’s Curator Lilian Amwanda lauding the Rotary Club of Nakuru, Rotaracts Club of Menengai and other partners for choosing Hyrax Hill Museum for the celebration of the International Youth Day.

Ms Amwanda challenging youths and the society at large not just to plant trees and disappear but to ensure they take care of them and ensure they grow.

She also called on government to continue engaging the youths in all aspects for a better society.

“There are several actions that youths can do to ensure they take part in civic engagements. The future belongs to them and the government should also play its role in engaging the youths.

The government has provided that youth, women and persons with disabilities be awarded 30 per cent of all government procurement.

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