Kihika: Kenyans not interested in handshake or BBI, but grassroot service delivery

Kenyans are not interested in handshake or Building Bridges initiative but service at grassroot-Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika has stated.

Addressing media in Nakuru, Kihika said despite the many wrangles facing Jubilee Party and administration, the Jubilee elected leaders have a legacy to leave behind, that of service to the people.

“Regardless of the many problems here and there within Jubilee Party, there must be a legacy of some kind and that is to ensure our counties have equitable allocation for service delivery” said Kihika.

Senator Kihika argues that the ongoing disputes in Jubilee and even much focus on BBI or handshake is nothing if the citizens will not realize development at grassroot level.

She says if there is equitable national revenue allocation to counties, then no much consideration will be on who sits in the Presidency as Kenyans at grassroot will be satisfied with the resources and services.

Kihika has vowed to continue pushing in ensuring that there is equity in national revenue allocation to counties.

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