Planning a family weekend getaway in Nakuru

Rhinos at Lake Nakuru National Park. An ideal place for a family weekend getaway
When planning a family weekend getaway in Nakuru, there’s a wealth of enjoyable activities to choose from, ranging from the mesmerizing beauty of Lake Nakuru National Park to the rich history at Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site and Museum and the modern-day thrill of Cyprus Park. Plus, don’t miss the geological wonder of Menengai Crater, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and adventure.

Lake Nakuru National Park: Start your adventure at Lake Nakuru National Park, where you’ll encounter a myriad of birds and wildlife, including mischievous baboons, vibrant flocks of flamingos, towering rhinos, formidable buffaloes, quirky warthogs, and graceful zebras. Witness the captivating tapestry of life in this enchanting wilderness.

Nakuru offers an ideal weekend family getaway
Nakuru offers an ideal family weekend getaway

Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site and Museum: Take a short drive from Nakuru town to explore the rich history of the region at the Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site and Museum. Marvel at Stone Age artifacts, pottery fragments, and jewelry that provide insights into the area’s early human history. Guided tours enhance your understanding of the archaeological findings, and the scenic setting overlooking Lake Nakuru adds to the allure of the experience.

Cyprus Park, Nakuru: Cyprus Park, nestled in Nakuru City’s Industrial Area, seamlessly blends history with modern-day adventure. Once an abandoned maize storage facility, it has been transformed into an immersive experience for families. From thrilling rides to historic reclamation, Cyprus Park offers a unique adventure that combines the past with the present.

Governor Susan Kihika with children at Cyprus Park
Governor Susan Kihika with children at Cyprus Park

Menengai Crater: For an unforgettable geological adventure, head to Menengai Crater. Formed around 8,000 years ago, it’s one of the largest calderas globally. Hike to the rim for panoramic views of Lake Nakuru and Nakuru town, or explore the lush interior with rolling hills, indigenous forests, and open savannah. Camping under the starry African sky is an option, and cultural insights await through interactions with local communities.

Egerton Castle: Egerton Castle is another captivating family weekend getaway in Nakuru. This historical gem, built in the early 20th century, showcases colonial-era architecture and serves as a window into the region’s rich history. Families can explore the castle’s grand halls, picturesque courtyards, and ornate furnishings, providing an educational and visually stunning experience. The lush gardens and sprawling grounds surrounding the castle provide an ideal setting for leisurely strolls, picnics, and family bonding, making it a perfect spot to escape the daily hustle and bustle.

Egerton Castle also offers ample opportunities for photography, with its striking architecture set against the backdrop of well-maintained gardens. Visitors can capture cherished family moments and the castle’s timeless beauty. As the day comes to a close, breathtaking sunsets from the castle’s vantage points add a touch of magic to the experience. Whether you’re exploring history, enjoying a picnic, or simply relishing the serene surroundings, Egerton Castle promises a delightful family adventure where the past and present coexist in harmony.

Egerton Castle, a captivating family weekend getaway
Egerton Castle, a captivating family weekend getaway

To enhance your family getaway, consider cultural experiences and events in Nakuru, such as performances at the Nakuru Players Theatre and exploring local markets. Pack a picnic to enjoy in scenic spots, like parks or viewpoints, and try your hand at golf at the Nakuru Golf Club. Don’t forget to savor delicious Kenyan cuisine at local eateries, indulging in dishes like nyama choma (grilled meat) and ugali for an authentic culinary experience. By combining these activities, you’ll create lasting memories and a fantastic family adventure in Nakuru

Boost to tourism as first ever Boat Safaris launched at Lake Nakuru

It is a boost to the tourism sector in Nakuru following the launch of Boat Safaris at Lake Nakuru National Park.

The launch at the Cliff Nakuru within Lake Nakuru National Park and presided over by Chief Administrative Secretary Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife IG (rtd) Joseph Boinet comes after a long journey of 4 years in the making.

Speaking during the launch, Chief Administrative Secretary Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife IG  (rtd) Joseph Boinet called on Kenyans to embrace local tourism adding that it is key to the economy of the country.

“It is time that we embrace the local tourism and support our own facilities. Let us not rely so much on foreigners” he said.

The CAS revealing that with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife developed new policy mechanisms to comply with the new norm protocols.

He called on tourism and wildlife facilities to ensure they conform to the new protocols.

“As a Ministry, we have developed mechanisms to comply with the COVID-19 protocols and we are appealing to all facilities to ensure the same,” said Boinet.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui on his part lauding the Cliff Nakuru for setting up the facility and also coming up with the idea of Boat Safaris adding that it is a plus to Nakuru County.

While noting that Nakuru is a brilliant trade and tourism destination, Kinyanjui stated that the establishment was a good move but more so the natural ecosystem is taken care of.

He reiterated the County government’s commitment towards supporting the tourism sector that has been greatly affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

“Nakuru County is a brilliant tourism destination. The launch of Boat Safaris experience is welcome and we shall develop the product as days go by. As a county we shall do anything possible to support the tourism sector that has been affected by COVID-19 pandemic” said Kinyanjui.

On the issue of the rising water in various Lakes in Rift valley region including Lake Nakuru and Naivasha, Kinyanjui said the county is greatly concerned on the impact to human livelihood.

It is for this reason that he called on the National government to think of a relocation plan for families affected.

“We ask the national government to come up with relocation plan through compensation so that the land can be taken over by KWS and the people compensated to a higher place,” he said.

The County boss also making an appeal to Nakuru residents and Kenyans at large to embrace domestic tourism.

Kinyanjui stating, “The traditional perception of tourism just being a coast thing should be a thing of past and we should start focusing on making good use of our attraction sites in our county.”

Sentiments echoed by Nakuru County Trade and Tourism CECM Raymond Komen.

According to Komen, his docket is now working towards promoting local tourism in Nakuru County.

Assistant Director Central Rift KWS Dickson Katoliki Ritan assuring locals that Lake Nakuru National Park is the top of conservation and is accessible.

According to Africa Eco Wilderness Group Sales & Marketing Manager Samuel Maobe, it took a long time to mitigate environmental aspects/logistical challenges and safety aspects.

He commended Kenya Wildlife Service for the support towards acquiring licenses from NEMA and Ministry.

The move will see a high end and unique experience- first ever experience in Lake Nakuru.

Boat Safaris last approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes and will enable riders to have a view of Lake Nakuru from a different angle with fantastic experience for birdlife & Game viewing/Natural scenery.

The ride is divided into two categories: Morning game ride served with a hot champagne breakfast and evening game drive served with sundowners and biting.

Those wishing to book Cliff Boat Safaris can contact 0702600602/0702600604 or visit


Lobby groups call for concerted effort in ensuring household solid waste management

Environment conservation lobby groups have called for concerted effort towards realization of household solid waste management.

Household Solid waste in a drainage system in Flamingo,Nakuru East.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Speaking in Flamingo Ward,Nakuru on Saturday during a cleanup exercise, the groups noted that most of the solid waste blocking drainage and finally making their way to Lake Nakuru is of household waste.

Elphas Masanga from Slow Food Kenya says there is a need for awareness creation among communities on matters of household solid waste management.

He notes that the issue of climate change is brought about by the activities and way of life of human beings hence the need to have behavior change on matters of solid waste management.

Masanga calling on county government and the national governments to ensure they incorporate solid waste management component at the Nyumba Kumi clusters so that the

“We need to have concerted efforts in creating awareness on solid waste so that we can have a better environment. We are also appealing to the counties and national government to have a way of managing solid waste at Nyumba kumi cluster level” said Masanga.

Masanga also used the opportunity to advocate for the recycling of solid waste.

He says  this will also help in managing some of the household solid waste in various estates in society.

“Not all solid waste is bad, some can be recycled into manure for farming and in doing so we shall have contributed towards making the environment better” said Masanga.

Youths Mary Mbogo and Job Ondeko from Stand out Shout out and Rotaract Club of Menengai respectively challenge youths to be in the frontline in advocating for a better environment.

The duo noted that the environment is a key area in society but has been neglected for many years hence need for address.

“As youths we should not just sit and wait for something to happen, we need to take part “they said.

Nakuru County Environment officer Samuel Kimani on his part sounded stern warning to members of the public disposing of solid waste in undesignated points.

According to Kimani such individuals if found will face the full wrath of the law so that they can serve as an example to others who may have tendencies.

The officer also challenged youths to make money through waste management such as recycling and composting adding that the county government is ready to support such initiatives.

“It is in the constitution that everyone has a right to a clean environment, but we also have a responsibility to do the same. As a county we shall not tolerate people dumping waste at an undesignated point” said Kimani.

Lake Nakuru National Park Senior Warden, Collins Ochieng’ on his part reiterating the need for the community to be sensitized on matters of solid waste to avert waste making their way to the Lake.

The Senior Warden notes that poor solid waste management and the human activities have led to siltation in the Lake and even the rising of the water levels.

“We have had issues in the Lake due to solid waste making their way there leading to siltation. My appeal to residents let’s ensure proper solid waste management to save our environment” said Ochieng’.

Government on move to address rising Lakes’ water phenomenon

A multi-agency taskforce report on the continued rising water levels of various Lakes the country will be out soon.

Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna says the report’s findings and recommendations will inform government actions to address the phenomenon.

Addressing media at submerged original main gate of Lake Nakuru National Park,Oguna attributed the rising water in Lakes to silting and heavy rainfall.

“We have a multi-agency team on this and their report will be out soon.From there the government will start working on the recommendations” said Oguna.

The silting he said is occasioned by human activities such as trees felling which make the soil weak hence when it rains the soil ends up in lakes making them shallow with water being displaced.

It is for this,that government is now calling on Kenyans to plant trees and embrace rain water harvesting to avert more flood water getting way to Lakes.

“Most of these Lakes are affected by silting due to human activities and rhat is why we appeal to public to plant trees and even harvest the rain water” added Oguna.

This even as almost all the lakes in the country are expanding affecting several homes and families.

The last time this happened was in 1963.

According to government’s statistics, 400 lives have been lost due to the effects of the same while 5,000 homesteads had been largely affected.

In Nakuru,351 families have been affected with increased human-wildlife conflicts.

The tourism sector has also been hit by the rising water in lakes.

In Baringo,the government notes that social amenities such as schools,hospitals have been submerged by water.

But despite all the challenges,the government has assured of commitment towards ensuring no more lives are lost.

“As a government ,we shall continue to offer psycho-socio support to affected families and ensure sustainability of lives” said Oguna.

He however reiterated the need for collaboration between the two levels of government to alleviate suffering of the people.

The spokesperson was accompanied by Nakuru Deputy Governor Dr.Erick Korir,Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui and Chief Officer Environment Kiogora Muriithi.

World Bank to help Nakuru County address water, sanitation challenges

The County Government of Nakuru has partnered with the World Bank to address perennial water supply, sanitation, and hygiene challenges facing the county.

The World Bank will offer financial and technical assistance through innovative approaches, a key milestone as the County gears up to becoming a City.

A high level Sanitation Technical Assistance Mission from the World Bank is in Nakuru on a fact finding mission an evaluate the project’s feasibility and costs.

Research has shown that improved sanitation leads to lower disease burden, better environment as well as economic and social gains.

The team has toured 11 sub-counties, including the Giotto Dump Site and the Lake Niavasha.

Nakuru County Water and Sanitation director Mr Johnson Kamau with the Sanitation Technical Assistance Mission team from the World Bank at the Lake Nakuru National Park

Today, the team toured Lake Nakuru National Park that’s facing serious pollution challenges from communities around and industrial waste.

Ms Lewnida Sara, a rural sanitation expert said World Bank would also help the county address clean water shortage and general hygiene for the county residents.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui, in a speech read on his behalf by County Director of Water and Sanitation Engineer Johnson Kamau, said the growing urban population and proximity to lakes was a threat to the ecosystem.

He said the county would work with other stakeholders and partners to address pollution issues in Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru.

“We are also considering the establishment of an independent body to manage our critical water resources,” the governor added.

Senior Park Warden Mr Samuel Tokore said increased pollution of Lake Nakuru National Park had led to death of animals at the park.

He said due to its fragile ecosystem and unique natural environment, the salt-water lake was the first in the country to receive recognition as a Ramsar Site.

A Ramsar Site is a wetland site designated of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, an intergovernmental environmental treaty established in 1971 by UNESCO, and coming into force in 1975.

It provides for national action and international cooperation regarding the conservation of wetlands, and wise sustainable use of their resources.

Mr Tokore said most pollution comes from the Giotto dumpsite at London Estate as well as from communities living along River Njoro.

At the same time, the county is rehabilitating Gioto dumpsite, which was established over 20 years ago.

“For long, the dumpsite has been an eyesore to users of the Nakuru-Kabarak road. It is now a danger to drivers,” said Governor Lee while launching the initiative late last year.

He said the move was a stop-gap measure as the county sourced for an alternative land to relocate the dumpsite from Ravine Road.

Efforts to transfer the dumpsite during the Kinuthia Mbugua administration hit a snag due to lack of investors and goodwill.

County seeks to tap into sports tourism

Sports tourism plays a key role in Kenya’s economy and could be an income earner for counties.

Nakuru County CEC for Trade, Industry, Marketing and Tourism Peter Ketyenya said it is on this realization that the County is keen on developing Sports Tourism.

He announced that Nakuru County will host a world mountain marathon, to be held at Mt Longonot in August.

“This marathon will be the first of its kind in Africa,” he said.

The CEC said the county would tap into participants and spectators who tour the county for sporting events.

Nakuru County CEC for Trade, Industry, Marketing and Tourism Peter Ketyenya teeing off at the iconic Baboon Cliff in Lake Nakuru National Park

He spoke during the ceremonial tee off of the Barclays Kenya Open Golf Tournament, Nakuru Circuit at the Lake Nakuru National Park.

The sports tourism sector is the fastest growing going by the latest data from the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Globally, sports tourism generates around Sh61 trillion a year, according to the World Travel Market.

Dr Ketyenya said promoting sports tourism was a key agenda for the county in seeking revenue for development projects.

“Sports has continuously put Kenya on the world map, a key component in tourism marketing,” said Dr Kentyenya.

Head of Compliance and Legal at Barclays Bank Kenya Mr Laban Omangi said the tournament across various counties will be used as a tool of cohesion after the volatile electioneering period.

While teeing off at the iconic Baboon Cliff at the Lake Nakuru National Park, Mr Omangi said the tournament will also be used to market various tourism destinations in the country.

He said Barclays has committed a total of Sh82 million this year that will go towards a six tournament series which will feature amateur players and junior golfers.

Karen Golf Club hosted the Nairobi Open on February 2, Nakuru Open will be held this Saturday at the Nakuru Golf Club followed by the Kisumu Golf Open at the Nyanza Golf Club on February 24.


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