County seeks UN help over flooding Lakes

The county government of Nakuru has sought help from the Ministry of environment and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)  to unravel the mystery behind the rising water levels in its lakes.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui said that the rising water levels cannot be associated with the current rains since the phenomena has been there for the past ten years.

He said that it will require expert input for the government to establish the real and exact cause of the problem.

Kinyanjui said that the rising water levels in lakes Nakuru and Naivasha is something that the government needs to look at seriously before things get worse.

Already hundreds of people have been displaced after the waters from the lake submerged their homes and farms.

The Governor noted that the government through the national exchequer might need to buy the land occupied by people near the lakes since all signs show that the lakes are reclaiming their original space.

Already the Kenya wildlife service is carrying out a mapping exercise to establish the original boundaries of lake NAkuru with the aim of erecting new beacons and fencing it off

Families around Lake NAkuru were forced to vacate the area after water stated emerging  from underground in there homes and farms.


Flooding Lake Nakuru forces residents to move

As heavy rains continue to pound different parts of the country, residents of estates neighboring Lake Nakuru might be forced to move as the Lake’s water levels keep rising.

Already several estates that border the Lake have been cut off after the flooding Lake went beyond its current boundaries.

Experts say that the rising waters in the lake are as a result of the reclamation and restoration of the Mau forest complex that so thousands of families evicted from the water tower.

Since the start of the long rains River Molo which drains into the Lake has been heavy with water from the Mau draining into the Lake.

Last year several plot owners in Mwariki village on the border of the Lake Nakuru National park reported sinking grounds which forced most of them to vacate.

Over the years Lake Nakuru has been registering a rise in its water levels with at one time forcing the Kenya Wildlife Service to relocate its offices within the park after they were submerged.

The rising water levels were also blamed for the migration of the famous flamingos from the water body .

Hundreds of people are alleged to have encroached on the original Lake Nakuru space  and some experts argue that it will be a matter of time before the Lake reclaims original space.


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