Naivasha farmers count loses as flooding Lake sweeps farms

Farmers bordering Lake Naivasha are counting loses after their farms were marooned by water overflowing from the Lake.

The farmers who had invested tens of thousands during the planting season, are now staring at a bleak future as the Lake waters swallow their hard toil.

Daniel Murithi, a tomato farmer near the Lake said that the flooding Lake had swept away hundreds of farms saying that most of the farmers have been left hopeless.

“These farms were our only employer and that is where we get our food from but for now we are left with nothing,”he said.

Reuben Gitau said that the situation was worse as most farmers had nowhere to go to after flood water invaded their farms.

Farmers in the area are now fearing of a hunger catastrophe since no food will be produced in the farms.

They however laid blame on the county government of Nakuru for taking the matter lightly  by not providing a lasting solution.

They want the county government to provide them with alternative land where they can settle before asking them to move from the flooded farms.

Lake Naivasha has been registering rising water levels as a result of heavy rains in the Nyandarua highlands.

Thousands of families have been displaced in Kihoto estate after their flood water from the Lake made way into their houses.


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