Contractor bows to locals’ pressure, moves to rectify mess on World Bank-funded project

The Waruhiu contractor working on the World Bank funded drainage Project in Manyani,Kivumbini in Nakuru East sub county is  finallyin bowing to pressure after locals petitioned the County government of Nakuru over the delays in the works that was now posing danger to the locals.

The contractor who had delayed the work leading to the pool of water on the lower part of the project has now moved in with speed to rectify everything.

The petition received by KWS.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

This is said to have been occasioned by the fact that there was to be a mutual understanding between the contractor and the KWS so that the drainage system could end up in the park after sieving.

However, sources have it that workers were spotted on site trying to make an exit of for the storm water into the park to avert the danger it was posing to locals especially the children in the area.

Residents of the area had raised concerns over dangers posed by stalled construction of the storm water drainage project.

In the public petition that by the time the time of publishing this article had been served to KWS offices and received by Community Commandant Ms Salome Chelolgo, the locals said  the World Bank-funded project had turned out to be a  disaster in waiting rather than a solution to the perennial flooding which caused havoc in the area.

According to the petitioners, the storm water from the drainage had formed a stagnant pool with a depth of six feet and overflowing during heavy rains flooding the nearby plots.

The locals also stating that the stagnant pool had been a point of accidents with four motorcyclists having been saved from drowning after sliding into the pool.

A section of residents of Kivumbini led by Martin Lunalo addressing media in Nakuru.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

The water which had no exit was also causing damages to the residential perimeter walls within the area with risk of collapsing due to the soaked underground soil caused by prolonged stagnant water.

Addressing media on Wednesday after submitting the petition to the Nakuru’s KWS offices, the residents led by Martin Lunalo were categorical the matter should be addressed amicably.

“We have submitted the petition to KWS who are also a party since the water has to be directed to the park. We shall be moving to the governor’s office over the same. We demand that the county government of Nakuru and respective authorities commence reasonable engagements and discussion with a view to end the menace to avert the impending disaster associated with the stalled project” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Hoseah Ochieng- a resident who stated that the pool of water on the lower part of the project that was occassio0ned due to lack of exit way was a major danger to children.

“We therefore demand that the county government of Nakuru and respective authorities commence reasonable engagements and discussion with a view to end the menace to avert the impending disaster associated with the stalled project” read the petition.


Rongai MP calls for lasting solution on human-wildlife conflicts

Rongai MP Raymond Moi at a past event.PHOTO/The African Voice.

Rongai MP Raymond Moi now wants an urgent solution into the human-wildlife conflict in his constituency.

Speaking at Chemarmar area,Moi appealed to KWS to accept the lists that have so far been given out by the chief containing those who have been affected and provide compensation to help the locals cater for their food.

The MP says the matter need to be treated with urgency especially now when the locals are struggling to get food due to the ongoing pandemic.

“This is an issue that needs urgent attention” said Moi.

This coming after residents of  Chemarmar village in Kamosop ward Rongai Sub County in Nakuru decried over elephants invasion on their farms.

The locals  wheretheysay they have  been suffering for the last two years without help from relevant authorities.

The residents have said that they have been filling endless forms which have for the last two years shown no hope of being compensated. 

Hundreds of locals have been losing their plantations from the herds of elephants migrating from Baringo County.

Locals are now appealing to KWS to employ local people into the police reservist unit who will be helping in chasing away the elephants.

They point an accusing finger to KWS officers whom they claim  have been delaying once called for rescue leading to more damages.

Mwariki residents worried over bulging Lake Nakuru

For many years residents living around Lake Nakuru National Park have raised concerns over the disturbance from wildlife animals leading to human-animal conflict but this time round their concern is different.

It is the issue of bulging Lake Nakuru.

According to the locals mostly form Mwariki Village of Nakuru west Sub County in Nakuru, the bulging of Lake Nakuru has led to their farms being affected by the salty water.

Led by John Kamau Kiragu, the locals are now appealing to the Kenya Wildlife Service to step in and address the menace.

“We cannot do any farming activities due to the salty waters of the Lake and we call on KWS to come and address this matter” he said.

They say they are ready on any verdict that it could give among it shifting from their lands provided the government will give an alternative before ordering them to shift.

According to the locals, the Lake was initially more than two kilometers from the perimeter electric fence but has now shifted and is currently less than 150 meters from the perimeter electric fence making the locals to get more worried if the rain season resume.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:A flooded farm in Mwariki.

Residents of Mwariki living in fear after river Subuku burst its banks

Residents of Mwariki in Nakuru West Sub-County are counting loss after River Subuku burst its banks into their homes and land destroying crops.

The residents who are now a worried lot of impending disaster are calling on the government to step in and ensure the matter is addressed before a disaster strikes.

Addressing media in the area, the residents said the river is supposed to flow into Lake Nakuru but due to heavy rains experienced in the area, the river has diverted its course to residential homes destroying property.

George Kithumbe- a resident in the area called on the Kenya Wildlife Service to step in and ensure a tunnel is dug to direct the water to avert destruction in their homes.

“We are appealing to the KWS to ensure a tunnel is dug to control the flow of this water” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Joseph Mwangi who claimed the problem has been brought about by KWS who interfered with the course of the river in the name of blocking animals from exiting the park.

He called on the government to consider the impending disaster in the area and act to find a solution to the same.

“This problem has been brought about by KWS in the name of blocking the animals but this has had a negative impact on the river” he said.

Stephen Wahome a farmer in the area says he has incurred a loss of over Kshs.50, 000 in the farm after the water destroyed his crops among them sukuma wiki and potatoes which he had just planted two weeks ago.

His appeal is to the county government of Nakuru in collaboration with the KWS and the National government to intervene in the situation and save them from further loss.

“I have incurred a loss of Kshs.50, 000 and I am calling on government to come in and help avert further losses” he said.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Effects felt in a farm bordering Lake Nakuru National Park in Mwariki after river Subuku burst its banks.

KWS faulted over Baboons menance

Residents of Flamingo and Kaloleni estates neighboring Nakuru National Park have condemned the manner in which the KWS management has been responding in ensuring end to human-wildlife conflict in the area.
This comes barely a day after 8 year old pupil sustained serious injuries after he was attacked by a baboon.
The pupil was admitted at the Nakuru War memorial and according to the parents,Dancun Okemwo a standard two pupil at Flamingo Primary was attacked by the animal at school during break time.
The father to the boy Jesse Mwangi says he was called by the teachers via phone call with information that his son had been attacked by the baboon and was admitted.
He adds with shock that when he contacted the KWS officials on the same incident and the hospital bill which now amounts to Kshs 8, 000 he was told such cases are not compensated.
“I was called by the teachers at school that my son had been attacked by baboon and admitted…Right now in the hospital the bill is over Kshs.8000.I have tried to reach the KWS for assistance but they said they don’t deal with such cases” he said.
Mr.Mwangi is now calling on the government to step in and assist to ensure justice for his son who was innocent in all this.
Sentiments echoed by head teacher Flamingo Primary Mr.Karanja Mwangi who says such cases have been rampant since the school borders the park.
The school head called on KWS to ensure such incidents of human wildlife conflicts are addressed by containing their animals in the park.
“We are calling on the KWS to take the initiative of making sure that when these animals get out of the park they make arrangements to take them back. Our school is vulnerable since we are just separated by a fence….The child almost lost his hand in the incident” he said.
The area residents too blame the KWS adding that they have reported such cases for many years but their grievances have fell on a deaf ear.
“The baboons have been a menace to us residents of this area. They ae not giving us peace we can’t send our children to shops. Let KWS play their role since we have reported this matter on many occasion “said Mary Muigai a resident of Kaloleni.
However, speaking to the media, Senior Park Warden Muteru Njauini said the matter had been reported at their office.
He was however quick to note that no compensation can be given as the law does not allow them
He said there will be more civic education to the area residents to try and solve the human-wildlife conflict in the area and avoid more such incidents.
It should be noted that this is not the first time this is happening in Nakuru as in July similar incidents were reported in Free area estate of Nakuru East.
PHOTO:Doctors nurse wounds of a boy who was attacked by baboons in Flamingo estate of Nakuru East.Residents have faulted KWS for not taking action to contain the animals.

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