KNUT protests exclusion from school re-opening team

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has accused education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha of sidelining teachers in the plans by government to reopen schools next month.

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sosion said that it was wrong for Magoha not to include teacher representatives in the team he formed to draw a roadmap for reopening of schools next month.

In a protest letter to Magoha, Sosion argues  that the team formed by Magoha cannot come up with conclusive recommendations without the input of teachers.

Sosion wondered how and why Magoha expected the team which is not in direct touch with students to come up with recommendations that will directly affect them

The nominated Member of Parliament said that it was not the first time the education CS was ignoring the input of teachers in the ministry programmes.

He cited the team that was formed to review the competence based curriculum which he said lacked teacher representation

He added that representatives from the two teacher unions of KNUT and KUPPET ought to have been represented in the committee.

On Wednesday Magoha formed a nine member committee to draft recommendations on the possible re-opening of schools next month.

The team will be led by the Chairman of  Kenya institute of curriculum development Sara Ruto

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