Kivumbini MCA wants locals given priority on affordable Housing project

Kivumbini ward MCA Neto Sakwa has called on National Government to ensure Bondeni affordable Housing project in Kivumbini ward  benefits locals too.

He was speaking on Monday during the inspection of the project by President William Ruto.

The first time MCA noted that as the name suggests, the houses should be affordable.

This, he said will enable even low and middle class earners to own a house after paying for it for some months.

“The project is good for this area. However the government should ensure people in this area are given priority to also have a chance to own a house at a low cost” he said.

The MCA made the remarks before President William Ruto, Deputy Rigathi Gachagua, Governor Susan Kihika and other dignitaries.

Sakwa who won the Kivumbini ward seat on Independent candidature further revealed that most people have a dream to own a home but most of them cannot afford one due to economic challenges.

Meanwhile, he vowed to closely work with all elected leaders for the interests of Kivumbini Ward residents.

Already through collaboration with area MP David Gikaria, Kalewa road that runs from Bondeni Police Station all the way to Manyani estate joining Landhies Road will be tarmacked, tbe the MCA revealed.


Neto Sakwa: From Kinyozi to MCA Kivumbini Ward

Neto Sakwa Alukutsa- the MCA elect Kivumbini Ward on independent candidature.

He garnered 2915 votes managing to unseat incumbent Wilbur Onyango Amara of ODM who got 1900 votes.

Sakwa who once worked at Nakuru based Bedi Investment Limited ventured into politics in 2006 during a by-election held in Kivumbini Ward following the death of the then councilor Raymond Ochieng alias Mamboyote.

He however was not successful same to the 2007 polls.

In 2013, Sakwa supported Vitalis Okello of ODM for Kivumbini Ward seat and  Okello would emerge the winner in the 2013 polls.

In 2017, Sakwa made an attempt once again but unfortunately according to him, unfair ODM primaries messed up his ambitions forcing him to try independent candidature but this did not yield and Wilbur Onyango captured the seat.

Sakwa reverted to his Kinyozi job at popular TM Junction in Greenview estate formerly Manyani as he restrategized towards 2022.

During an interview with this writer, the soft-spoken Sakwa stated, “If we plan well my dream to lead Kivumbini Ward would come true this 2022.”

True to his word, Sakwa started planning his campaign with conversation with every client who came for shave at his Kinyozi.

But then the issue of which party he would use to contest came up.

Due to the historical injustices that ODM party had done to him, many of his allies were against him contesting on ODM ticket.

However, Sakwa made up his mind and vowed to battle it out within ODM party, unfortunately the party never held nominations in Nakuru county and history repeated itself and incumbent Wilbur Onyango was awarded certificate.

This prompted Sakwa to go the Independent way attracting huge support from leaders and residents who felt bitter with ODM party for failing to listen to real issues in the cosmopolitan Ward.

The consolidation, mobilization and proper collaboration and coordination saw Neto Sakwa emerge winner in the August 9 polls.

He becomes the third MCA Kivumbini Ward since inception of devolution.

Sakwa has made history that leadership is not all about political parties nor certificate but the will of the people.

He has vowed to ensure inclusivity and people-centred leadership during his regime.

According to Sakwa, he has lived in Kivumbini Ward and seen all the strength and weakness of his predecessors, hence will use same and the vast experience he has to better the lives of the residents of Kivumbini Ward.

Neto Sakwa Alukutsa is the MCA-elect Kivumbini Ward

Neto Sakwa Alukutsa is the MCA-elect Kivumbini Ward in Nakuru Town East.

Sakwa who was elected on Independent candidature garnered 2815 votes against the incumbent ODM’s Wilbur Onyango who got 1800 votes.

Addressing on Thursday at the Nakuru East Sub county Tallying centre at Kenya Industrial Training Institute Nakuru after he was handed certificate, Sakwa lauded the people of Kivumbini Ward for having trust in him.

“The journey has been long since 2013 but God has finally spoken and we have leadership in place that the people of Kivumbini Ward will never regret after 5 years as it has been the case” said Sakwa.

The soft-spoken but experienced politician has been unsuccessfully contesting Kivumbini Ward seat since 2007 with hope that one day he would serve the people of Kivumbini Ward as their Ward leader.

Sakwa-a strong supporter of ODM has always cried foul whenever ODM fails to conduct fair nominations in Kivumbini Ward.

It is for this reason that he decided to go the Independent way after ODM party for a third time failed to conduct nominations in Kivumbini Ward but instead gave a direct ticket to Wilbur Onyango who in 2017 was elected but two years down the line lost the touch with Ward residents.

Sakwa however has had good working strategy with a team from Nakuru East ODM office who believed in his capability despite the party denying him a certificate as well as his supporters.

Others who have supported his campaign include Mr.Hussein who also battled it out with Wilbur Onyango on ODM certificate issue before the party handed to the latter, James Kihoria who was also denied the Jubilee Party ticket,Marcel Mullah and Mr. Owino.

The proper collaboration, coordination,will of God and will of the people saw Sakwa emerge the winner in the race that attracted 14 candidates.

Sakwa who was received with a huge crowd of Kivumbini Ward residents upon receiving certificate from IEBC official, has vowed that his leadership unlike his predecessor, will be a people-centred and inclusive.

















Sakwa launches his MCA bid for Kivumbini Ward

Kivumbini Ward MCA seat independent candidate Neto Sakwa on Sunday launched his bid promising to ensure inclusive and servant leadership.

He vowed to ensure all tribes in the cosmopolitan Ward enjoy the fruits of devolution.

While citing the challenges that residents of Kivumbini Ward have faced over past poor leadership, Sakwa stated that his leadership will be different as it will be people centred.

“My leadership will give people the first priority before any agenda is implemented.I want to see a transformed Kivumbini Ward” he said.

Sakwa who has stood with the community of Kivumbini Ward during both good and bad times is optimistic that he will emerge with victory after August 9 polls.

With a backing from various leaders and former aspirants, he says time has come to reclaim Kivumbini Ward from bad leadership.

He promised to ensure equity in distribution of Bursary, empowerment of youth through talent promotion and act as unifying factor.

“If there is leadership that Kivumbini Ward has been yearning for is what I will deliver” said Sakwa.

During the rally, Sakwa was joined by leaders among them Nakuru Senatorial candidates Chrispus Wathimba (Independent),Ras Mwangi(Independent) Nakuru Town East Parliamentary seat candidate Abdirahman Ismail (UDM), and Marcel Mullah among others.

Kivumbini MCA calls on parents to take lead in addressing ‘confirm’ group menace

Kivumbini Ward MCA Wilbur Onyango has weighed in on the ongoing debate on criminal gangs in his ward and Nakuru town calling on parents to take a critical role in addressing the menace.

In an exclusive phone interview with this writer, the MCA who was born and raised in Kivumbini says the menace can only be addressed if the parents and neighbors can admit that there is a crisis and step forward to find an amicable solution.

The MCA argues that the war on criminal gangs cannot be left to the police, government or even elected leaders alone but is a collective responsibility to make society a better place.

A section of Kivumbini 4 Estate in Kivumbini Ward.[Source/ Curtis Otieno]

He adds that if the community will not come out open on the issue, then more generations will be lost to criminal gangs.

“Confirm has been there in Kivumbini for the last 15 years and there is no one who can address this unless the neighbours and parents in the community come out to speak about it and seek amicable solutions to save the society,” he said.

The MCA whose ward has been greatly affected by the criminal gangs among them the outlawed ‘Confirm’ gang says it’s so sad that lives are lost to such gangs.

This even as the gangs have now begun to recruit children as young as 12 years in Kivumbini, Kaptembwa, Flamingo, Kaloleni, Rhonda and Bondeni slums after the closure of schools at the advent of the Corona Virus global pandemic.

MCA Onyango calls on the community through the community participation in security management clusters (NyumbaKumi) to work closely in flushing out members of the ‘’confirm’’, Wazito wa Tz and Gaza gangs for a better society.

His sentiments come just days after two rival gangs in the area clashed leaving 3 persons dead.

This is also against a backdrop of a spate of armed robberies in residential areas and growing concerns among residents and police over the emergence of syndicates of narcotic drugs in the area.

The “confirm” gang mainly made up of youth is also said to have a network of fraudsters on the loose who use mobile money technology to swindle Kenyans out of their hard-earned money in Nakuru and other towns.

Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui has on several occasions blamed an elected leader in the area of offering protection to members of the gang saying this is an impediment to the police`s effort to wipe out gangs and other forms of organized crime.

He has however asked for cooperation from members of the public in the effort to rein in gangs and assured residents of sustained police vigilance during the festive season.

“My advice to the youth is to stop messing up the government efforts by endangering the lives of others. We are watching even during this festive season” said Mbui.


Kivumbini’s young footballer to join Manchester trials following MCA’s intervention

Nakuru’s young footballer Godson Chigema’s dream to join Premier Football UK trials in Manchester has finally come true through the intervention of area MCA Wilbur Onyango.

When the story of the young talent born and raised in Kivumbini was highlighted in media in August this year,the boy was interested in the trials but had no money to facilitate the process.

However,the intevention of area MCA Wilbur Onyango and his Flamingo Ward counterpart Eddy Kiragu who chairs the Youth and Sports committee in the county assembly,the matter was tabled before Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui.

And as it stands now,the young Chigema is set to travel to Manchester.

In a phone interview on Sunday,area MCA Wilbur Onyango revealed that the county had supported the young footballer by paying upto sh 239,000 for his upkeep.

The MCA on his part has supported by paying the visa expenses as well as accommodation for the young Chigema.

The first time MCA  lauding the county government of Nakuru for stepping in to assist the young talent achieve his dreams.

Chigema will be flagged off on December 14,2020 at Afraha stadium during sports day for issuance of sports Kitts for the ward.

Wilbur says this is eye opener to youths in Kivumbini ward that great talents can be mentored and supported by the leadership of the day.

“This should be a clear communication to our youths in Kivumbini that any positive talent and creativity can be supported to the next level” he said.

The trials as per organizers are held in the State of Manchester where scouts from major international clubs come and watch as the players go about their activities in the field.

Those who are selected are then taken through some training before they are absorbed.

And for the young Kivumbini footballer,his dream of becoming an international footballer has just commenced.

He says once he succeeds,his dream is to come back and set up an academy in Nakuru,Kenya to help nurture talents and help youths shun drugs.

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