Former Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua in mourning as he loses mother

Loice Njeri, mother to Kinuthia Mbugua

The first Nakuru Governor who is currently the Statehouse Comptroller, Kinuthia Mbugua, is in mourning following the death of his mother.

Mama Loice Njeri Mbugua, mother to Kinuthia Mbugua died at the age of 100 years while receiving treatment at Nairobi hospital.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had sent his message of condolences to the family while eulogising the late Loice as a hard-working, progressive leader who was a strong advocate for family values and served the country in various sectors.

“Despite growing up during the colonial Era, Mama Loice Njeri Steve to ensure her children received quality education with the understanding that knowledge was the fountain of life,” eulogised the president.

“Mama Loice was a progressive person who dedicated her energy to farming to enhance family income. We will always appreciate the role she played in ensuring food security in her community besides being a role model to other women of her generation,” added the President.

Kinuthia Mbugua, first Nakuru County Governor

Kinuthia Mbugua

Kinuthia Mbugua was the first Governor for Nakuru County. He served between 2013 to 2017 when Lee Kinyanjui took over. After his tenure as Nakuru Governor, he was appointed by President Uhuru Kenyatta as Statehouse comptroller.

Kinuthia Mbugua who has a degree from the University in Nairobi started his career as a DO in Marakwet before being posted to Molo.

Between 1981 to 1986, Kinuthia Mbugua was serving as the Chief Instructor at Administration Police Training Camp. He was later to serve as the APTC commandant from 1986.

In 1992, Kinuthia Mbugua served as the Deputy Provincial Commissioner in Western Kenya but was deployed to Nakuru as a DC until 1997. For the next two years, he served as Marugua DC up to September 1999. This is when he was posted to the Ministry of Natural Resources as a senior Deputy Secretary.

In 2003, Kinuthia Mbugua was appointed to serve as the Administration Police Commandant. He was to hold the position up to 2012 when he resigned to vie as the Nakuru Governor.

Nakuru hawkers decry harassment by County askaris

Hawkers in Nakuru County have raised alarm over what they term harassment from county enforcement officers.

Addressing media on Tuesday after holding peaceful demonstrations through the Nakuru’s CBD to the Governor’s office, the group of hawkers are blaming the county government of Nakuru for not having their welfare at heart.

They say there has not been clear mechanisms concerning how they can remit their levies to the county government of Nakuru but instead the county enforcement officers have continued to harass and even arrest them.

In what seems to be history repeating itself from the first county government, the Hawkers now calling on the county government of Nakuru to hear their grievances and address the same.

They claim that once arrested by the county enforcement officers they are forced to pat with up to shs.3000-money they say is beyond their reach as hawkers since the business does not earn them much.

“The county askaris are really harassing and arresting us in the name of we have not paid the levies to the county yet the county itself has not come out clear on what should be done. We want Governor Lee to step in address this matter” said the hawkers led by John Mwangi.

It will be recalled that during the first county government of Nakuru that was led by the then Governor Kinuthia Mbugua, hawkers lamented over harassment.

But this did not deter Kinuthia Mbugua from evacuating them from the Nakuru’s CBD-an issue that led to bad blood between Mbugua and the hawkers.

And with the new development the hawkers say they have no otherwise but their grievances be heard by the county government of Nakuru led by Governor Lee Kinyanjui.

Addressing media after a lengthy closed door meeting that brought together county officials and the hawkers’ leadership, area MP David Gikaria called for an amicable solution into the matter.

While noting that such conflict arose way back in 2004 when he was a councilor, Gikaria called on county government to dialogue with hawkers so as to avert similar incidents.

The legislator vowing to work closely with the hawkers’ leadership to ensure their rights are safeguarded.

“As leaders we will not allow this conflict to continue. I call upon the county government to ensure amicable solution” said Gikaria.

The Nakuru Town East Legislator was accompanied by Simon Ole Nasieku form the hawkers’ association as well as Nakuru town businessman and politician Hezron Manyara.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria addressing hawkers outside the Nakuru county headquarters.

EACC says matatu stages, parking lots in Nakuru were illegally allocated


A report by the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission has revealed that lack of a conventional system for allocation of parking spaces may have led to the establishment of illegal matatu stages in Nakuru.

The revelation came at a time when the County Government of Nakuru was grappling to decongest the county headquarters as it works towards attaining a City status.

A spot-check by Famous Nakuru found out that Kenyatta Lane, a 300 meters long  street running from Kanu House to Midlands Hotel, had 8 matatu stages by different transport companies.

Others areas bursting with matatu stages in the central business district include Mburu Gichua, Maralal, East and Pandit Nehru roads.

The Famous Nakuru could not immediately establish the said illegally allocated spaces as a top county official interviewed said the matter was under investigation.

However, the writer found out that the illegal allocation of stages was carried out by sub-county officials and enforcement officers. Allocation of space is a preserve for the department of infrastructure upon meeting all requirements.

The EACC Deputy CEO Michael Mubea on Monday said lack of a definite system created an avenue for extortion from Saccos and bribery for allocation of spaces.

County enforcement officers cart away a booking office that was illegally erected by a Kericho-Nakuru transport company in the CBD near the Amateur Boxing Club on February 15.

“The County should develop and implement a system for allocation of parking spaces and collection of the resultant revenue,” Mr Mubea advised while highlighting the report’s key findings.

The EACC released the report on corruption risk assessment into the financial, procurement and human resource systems, policies, procedures and practices of the county executive.

The assessment was carried between June 27 and July 4, 2017 to identify opportunities and avenues for corrupt practices at the county executive and recommend on how to seal identified loopholes.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui, in an earlier interview, said corrupt county officers in the past regime worked with cartels in the transport industry to allocate the spaces.

The former National Transport and Safety Authority boss said a scrutiny of the county records showed that the money ended up in the hands of some individuals working at the county.

Proliferation of the illegal stages is giving the county boss a headache as the County seeks to acquire an alternative land to relocate the matatus.

Late December, Deputy Governor Dr Erick Korir said land use, transport and infrastructure across the sub-counties are some of the key areas the County was putting into much consideration.

He said the said the proposed location would not be far from the CBD with much consideration on security and ease of movement of the passengers.

Last week, a Kericho- Nakuru transport company operating near the Amateur Boxing Club split into two factions leading to fist fights.

While handing the report to Governor Lee, EACC chairman retired archbishop Eliud Wabukala said the county should immediately embark on the implementation of the recommendations.

“This will include preparation of an implementation plan to be submitted to EACC within a period of one month from the day of presentation of the report,” Wabukala stated.

Governor Lee called on all stakeholders to join hands in addressing corruption scourge in the county adding that it’s their (stakeholders) silence that will make them become active members in perpetuating the vice.

Former Governor Kinuthia Mbugua lands Statehouse job

Former Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has landed a job in Statehouse in President Uhuru’s office.

Former Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua
Former Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua

The soft spoken first Nakuru County Governor who stepped down from the gubernatorial race as an independent candidate has been keeping a low profile. The last time he was seen in Nakuru publicly was during the handing over to Governor Lee Kinyanjui in whose favour he stepped down from the race.
Sources say Kinuthia Mbugua who was once head of the Administration Police before resigning to join politics.
According to an article in the Star Newspaper, the former Governor will be handling the President’s diary.
After losing in the Jubilee nominations, Mbugua had decided to vie as an independent but a meeting with the president and Deputy William Ruto at Statehouse Nakuru saw him step down. The duo promised him an appointment and the current job seems like a fulfilment of that promise.
Former governor Kinuthia Mbugua has been in public service since 1979.

Susan Kihika – Nakuru Leaders in agreement

On 7th December 2016, Raymond Moi a KANU MP representing Rongai Constituency declared he would not only support President Uhuru’s re-election, but would support Susan Kihika’s Senatorial bid. The two had met at a burial of former chairman of Kikuyu Council of elders, Muthamaki Francis Gatari.

Kihika with a section of Nakuru County Leaders who have declared their support
Kihika with a section of Nakuru County Leaders who have declared their support

Hon. Moi is just one of Nakuru’s 11 MPs including Women Rep Mary Mbugua who have stood behind Kihika. The only exception has been Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri with Kuresoi South MP Zakayo Cheruiyot not showing his inclination.

Nakuru has the distinction of having 4 senators with one elected and 3 nominated senators. Apart from James Mungai who hasn’t shown his preference the other three have publicly declared their support for Susan Kihika.

The County CEO Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and his Deputy Joseph Rutto have also in more than one occasion shown support for her candidature. This almost led to some people claiming that Kihika had formed an alliance with Mbugua although Kihika set the record straight saying she is working with every aspirant without favourites.

Just this weekend, DG Rutto represented the Governor at Kihika’s prayer meeting and the following day on Sunday, County Secretary Joseph Motari rent the air with chants of “Kihika Tibiim,” showing where the executive’s support lay.

Of the 74 Nakuru County MCAs, only 2 or 3 are still in the opposing camps. According to their colleagues, its only due to their personal issues that they are not supporting Kihika.

Sitting leaders are not the only ones who have shown support for the iconic leader. Aspiring candidates in all seats in the county have been singing to her tune. This was most evident during the voter registration exercise when Kihika was moving round the county mobilising residents. Wherever she went, local leaders plus aspirants all declared their support in a rare show of agreement among political leaders.

The most vocal support has come from Gubernatorial aspirant John Mututho who doesn’t mince words in his support for her. Lee Kinyanjui, another leading governor aspirant has also supported her.

This support has been replicated down the ranks of aspirants and even those who had previously been opposed to her have not been left behind. Each one of them wants to be associated with her which just shows how her political stature has risen with time.

With everything remaining constant, Susan Kihika will be the second Nakuru County Senator with a landslide win. This is especially so with even her leading opponents Koigi Wamwere, Njenga Mungai and Karanja Kabage having at different times also admitted she is worthy of the seat at various gatherings.

Kihika steals the show in voter mobilisation drive

Nakuru County leaders have come together to mobilize residents to register as voters in large numbers and hit a one million mark.

Led by Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua, the leaders who launched the drive at Afraha Stadium on

Susan Kihika and other Nakuru County leaders launching thye voter registration drive

Tuesday morning. The leaders called on residents who have not registered to come out in large numbers and to make sure that the Jubilee government retains the seat in the General elections.

“We must make sure that we all register to achieve the one million mark,” said Governor Mbugua during the launch.

Other leaders who were there at the launch were Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto and Nakuru East MP David Gikaria. Other leaders present were Mwamba Kinyanjui, Victor Ngatia and Wilson Leitich who are parliamentary aspirants among other leaders.

However, it was the Nakuru County Speaker and senatorial aspirant Susan Kihika who stole the show.

In a convoy of fully branded vehicles, including a truck and a minibus, Susan Kihika rode into Afraha Stadium in style why she almost brought the proceedings to a halt. Kihika was accompanied by some of her supporters who were also branded in Jubilee T-shirts and caps who spent the time talking to residents on the importance of registering as voters.

Susan Kihika was among the leaders who addressed the residents at several stops in Nakuru Town as the huge convoy snaked its way from Afraha Stadium through Oginga Odinga Street and then Kenyatta Avenue. The last stop in town was at KFA round before she left for Molo on a similar mission.

“We need to register as many voters as possible. Everyone needs to exercise their democratic right by voting. We need to support the Jubilee government so that we can give them a chance to finish the many development projects they have initiated,” said Susan Kihika to the residents.

Kihika Kicks Off Her Presidential Elections Coordinator Role In Earnest

Recently appointed Coordinator of the Presidential Campaign Team in the former Central Rift Valley, Nakuru County Assembly Speaker Susan Kihika, yesterday
Chaired a meeting with the top Nakuru County leadership led by the Governor Kinuthia Mbugua.
The seven Nakuru Jubilee MPs including Women Representative Mary Mbugua, the four Senators led by the elected one, James Kiarie Mungai also attended the meeting.

Kihika with Liza Chelule and Martha Wangari

The forum, which kick-started her new role, started around midday at the Hotel Continental, near Parliament, Nairobi and is the first of a series to be spearheaded by Kihika, 42.
As expected today, an eighth MP, rebel ODM lawmaker Samuel Otara Arama was also present with the surprise member present being Kanu’s Moses Cheboi of Kuresoi North constituency.
However, Jubilee MP Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri of Bahati skipped the occasion, although some sources indicated that he’d been seen at the venue but later disappeared.Ngunjiri is the dark horse in this arrangement, initiated by both President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Samoei Ruto, as he’s reportedly opposed Kihika being the flagbearer of the Presidential torch in the region.
However Nelson Gaichuhie, the Subukia MP also of Jubilee but who’s outside Kenya sent his apologies as did Jacob Macharia of Molo but Deputy Governor Joseph Kibore Ruttoh was in attendance.
MPs at the meeting

Others present were:
David Gikaria Wairimu- Nakuru Town East
Ndiritu Mathenge- Gilgil
Joseph Kiuna- Njoro
John Kihagi- Naivasha
While Cheboi attended, his Kanu counterpart, Raymond Kipruto arap Moi was absent as usual as was another breakaway MP, Kuresoi South legislator Zakayo Cheruiyot of the Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto-led Chama Cha Mashinani party.
Hon. Gikaria and Kiuna

Other Senators present were Martha Wangari, Liza Chelule and Paul Njoroge who’re all Jubilee nominees.
“It was a briefing meeting regarding the Jubilee Party. She (Kihika) will this Friday be meeting the Jubilee MCAs and on the coming Friday 18th, she’ll be meeting with all the aspirants in Nakuru County”, one of those in attendance confided.
The meeting was to strategise on how to start the re-election of the UhuRuto Presidency during next year’s polls.
Kihika is in charge of the campaigns covering Nakuru, Laikipia and Baringo Counties and was appointed to the position recently during the inaugural Jubilee National Governing Council held at the Bomas of Kenya and presided over by both President Uhuru and DP Ruto.
A source said earlier that the Nakuru top elected political leadership were due to meet at a resort at Sunbird Lodge in Elementaita, Naivasha but it was abruptly shifted to the capital city for unknown reasons.

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