Kenyans demand immediate deportation of Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura

Kenyans are demanding for the immediate deportation of Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, the East African Bureau Chief for the New York Times.

The angry Kenyans have taken to the Social Media using the hashtag #DeportKimiko after the New York Times published photos of injured Kenyans. After the terrorist attack that happened late afternoon on Tuesday at in Nairobi, Kimiko had done an article titled, Shabab Claim Responsibility for Deadly Assault that contained graphic images of bodies from the attack scene.

The angry demands by Kenyans have led The New York Times to explain why they used the photos.

“We have heard from some readers upset with our publishing a photo showing victims after a brutal attack in Nairobi. We understand how painful this coverage can be, and we try to be very sensitive in how we handle both words and images in these situations,” wrote The New York Times.

The paper went ahead to explain that as much as it understood how painful the coverage could be, it had tried to be sensitive in how they had handled both words and images in such situations. The explanation had however not gone down well with Kenyans who accused the paper of applying double standards.

Here is the rest of the statement from NYT;

We want to be respectful to the victims and to others affected by the attack. But we also believe it is important to give our leaders a clear picture of the horror of the attack like this. This includes showing pictures that are not sensationalized but that give the real sense of the situation.

We take the same approach wherever in the world something like this happens – balancing the need for sensitivity and respect with our mission of showing the reality of these events.

Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura was named the East African Bureau Chief for The New Yor Times in September last year. She was described as a journalist who loves working in the field and is good with the people.

“She loves the chase, she loves the field and she is good with people, and she quickly learned how to shape a story and pull a reader in,” Steve Erlanger, the chief diplomatic correspondent who hired Kimiko is quoted to have described her. She has however not “been good” with the Kenyan populace and she may have to leave her posting in Nairobi even before she fully takes her responsibilities.

Here are some of the tweets by angry Kenyans demanding for her immediate deportation.


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