Over 250 needy learners benefit from SCANN’s free uniform donation

Over 276 needy pupils at Kibowen Komen Primary school in Rhonda Ward have benefited from a school uniforms project.

The project is spearheaded by Street Children Assistance Network-Nakuru in collaboration with donors and well wishers.
It aims at ensuring needy children in informal settlement of Nakuru too have a reason to remain in school and study.
Mr.Shamsher Gilani and other guests at Kibowen Komen Primary school in Rhonda.PHOTO/Courtesy.

Speaking at Kibowen Komen Primary school in Rhonda during the second batch of unforms donation, SCANN chairman Shamsher Gilani said the need that was there is what prompted the commencement of the project.


According to Shamsher, this is also in line with SCANN’s agenda on education for street boys.

He adds that they will be extending the program to other schools with needy learners.
“We saw the need in our informal settlements where children go to schools in torn clothes and we decided to step in and ensure dignity” said Shamsher.
It should be noted that under education pullar, SCANN has been able to educate over 300 boys to Form 4 while 56 boys have made it to University.
The centre also prides in having produced its first graduate in Medicine from Egerton University Nakuru.
Besides education, through donors and other well wishers, the SCANN hot kitchen project was started.
This was prompted by covid-19 pandemic that rendered many families hopeless.
The project according to Shamsher came at the right time to assist needy families atleast get a free meal daily.
The two hot kitchens are in Bondeni and Rhonda slum areas of Nakuru.
“We currently serve over 1000 meals per day and the project has been of great help to vulnerable families in the slums” he said.
Switzerland based Care 4 organization Co-founder Ms Natalie who also accompanied Shamsher during donation at Kibowen Komen Primary lauded the project.
She revealed that as an organization they will continue to support such initiatives.
“We look forward to continue supporting such noble programs” she said.
It should be noted that the school uniforms project by SCANN has not only helped the needy learners.
A group of women dubbed Destiny Women Group in Barut centre has continued to reap big from their sewing work.
Their products are purchased under the project and they have a reason to smile.
According to immediate former President Rotary Club of Nakuru Mr.Joab Okello who has been assisting the group, the women are now a happy lot as they are now financial independent.
“We are now involving women in this project. The group sell their products among them uniforms and shoes” he said.

SCANN commences uniforms program for needy learners in Nakuru slums

Street Children Assistance Network Nakuru SCANN has commenced a program of sponsoring learners from humble background with uniforms.

The program is spearheaded by  Chairman Shamsher Gilani.

On Thursday  265 needy learners from Kibowen Komen Primary school in Rhonda Ward, Nakuru West became first beneficiaries of the program.

Linet Kwamboka- a parent at the school and resides in the neighboring Weavers estate.

Her struggles to raise her four children after her husband was given life imprisonment after he was found on the wrong arm of the law makes it hard for her to meet her children’s needs.

She is however grateful to SCANN for stepping in for her.

” What SCANN has done to me is great.My children can now study in new uniform” she said.

Sentiments echoed by Anastacia Kavaya- a resident of Rhonda estate has two children with one already in grade 3.

The duo is just but a representation of what many parents in the slum areas go through in ensuring their children get education.

The school’s headteacher  Peter Gitau reveals that the school has 1,740 pupils with 195 students at the Junior Secondary.

He admits that schools in informal settlements have a lot of challenges, among them malnutrition on the side of learners due to the fact that parents have little income.

This, he adds, has also affected the learners who come to school even without uniforms lowering their self-esteem, hence government and well-wishers should step in.

He is however quick to note that despite the challenges, the school has shown some improvement in performance having recorded a mean score of 226- an increase from previous year’s mean score of 208.

“Government and well-wishers should support such schools in informal settlements to boost the morale of these learners” he said.

Mr.Shamsher Gilani called for a collective responsibility in ensuring education for all especially in the slum areas of Nakuru.

“We felt it wise to step in and assist the children in this school and we shall be doing so in other several schools in the slum areas” he stated.

It should be noted that the uniforms and shoes donated are products of Barut’s Destiny Women Group members who are turning their beautiful craft through beading and sewing, and shoe making work as a step towards self-reliance.

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