Dr. Peter Mbae: Lack of political goodwill hindering CoK impelementation

Today marks 10 years since the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Despite the many strides,the COK has had ups and downs in terms of implementation.

Kabazi MCA Dr. Peter Mbae has attributed this to lack of political goodwill.

“This Constitution lacks political goodwill in it’s implementation” he said.

In a statement to newsrooms, Dr.Mbae said  Central Government seems not to embrace devolution while counties struggle with corruption and capacity.

He added that the issue of representation and revenue sharing should be implemented amicably so that development is channeled downt ward level

“Main issues are representation and revenue sharing. We need a definite percentage of funds to the counties and certain percentage to the wards” said Mbae.

He argues that the votes in Senate  should carry the weight of county populations  with constituencies having  equal population.

On the issue of corruption, Dr.Mbae says  the constitutional independent bodies should be empowered to handle the same.

“We must punish all corrupt individuals at all levels” he said.

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