Kenya Power moves to cut off all illegal connections in Nakuru

There will be no illegal power connections in Nakuru County and those found culpable will face the ruthless arm of the law.

This follows the ongoing Kenya Power crackdown on illegal power connections across the county.

Addressing media after a crackdown in Freearea and Kirima areas on the outskirts of Nakuru town, Kenya Power and Lighting Company Nakuru Business Manager Eng. Henry Pwani said the move is aimed at increase customer satisfaction ensure public safety and enhance its revenue protection initiatives.

He noted that while Kenya Power customers are enjoying access to legally connected electricity, other individuals have opted to engage in criminal activities that undermine the quality of power supply such as illegal power connections, theft of power and vandalism of electricity supply equipment among others.

“Today’s operation is meant to address these vices and mark a new dawn into how we will conduct our business moving forward.  Our main focus is to ensure all power connections to our customers are safe and that the power is provided as required by law.  We will do this through identification of the sources of illegal connections, discontinue these supplies and thereafter install lawful supplies that the customers can enjoy” he said.

Pwani added that the company will intensify these crackdowns to completely wipe out such illegal connections that pose a danger of electrocution not just to the beneficiary but the public at large.

He called on members of the public to follow the right procedure to apply and pay for electricity connection and desist from any illegal connections.

“It is a criminal offence to steal electricity, tamper with meters or engage in illegal connections. Illegal connections are also unsafe as they are not subjected to the required standards and may cause harm or fatalities” stated Pwani.

Kenya Power is working closely with investigating agencies to unmask persons involved in illegal activities with the aim of prosecuting them in court as provided by law.

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