Umardin Karimbux – Man who build Odeon Cinema, Nakuru

Umardin Karimbux

In honour of Umardin Karimbux, all businesses belonging to Asians and Europeans in Nakuru were closed on 19th March 1945, The death of the young man was felt across the whole country. He had died two days earlier on 17th March 1945 aged only 37. The young man had never been to school. The schools back then only catered for European kids. However, his father, Ibrahim Karimbux had taken on the task of homeschooling him. Umardin Karimbux achievements One of the greatest achievements of the young man was the construction…

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Odeon Cinema Hall, Nakuru

One day, Umardin Karimbux, who build the Odeon Cinema Hall in Nakuru, was barred from accessing the only cinema hall in town for being an Asian. Back then, the cinema hall was only open to whites. Angered by the incidence, the young man, son of pioneer Indian Nakuru businessman Ibrahim Karimbux decided to put up a cinema that would serve all races. That is how Madil Karimbux house was out up and opened to operations in 1929. Today, the building is popularly known as Odeon Cinema, Nakuru. The original hall…

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