The comeback of Huduma Namba as government commences public sensitization

All Kenyans will be required to register for the National Integrated Identity Management System-NIIMS as per the registration of persons regulations 2020 under the Registration of Persons Act.

National Registration Bureau’s Director Reuben Kimotho maintains that the Huduma Namba is work in progress.

Speaking in Nakuru on Wednesday during a public sensitization forum on Registration of Persons (NIMS) Regulations 2020, Kimotho said the Huduma Namba had been challenged in court but the latest ruling has allowed the process to go on.

He added that the ongoing national public participation on the regulations to be enacted concerning the same was a requirement of the court order.

“One of the court requirement was that we enact regulations on the same and that is what we are doing and subjecting it to public participation across the country” he said.

He assured Kenyans that the Huduma Namba, Huduma card and the data base will be out soon as the government is committed to eases access of services by all Kenyans.

Under the new regulations include information NIIMS components, NIIMS Database, functions of NIIMS database, Huduma Namba, Huduma Card, Privacy of Huduma Namba,NIIMS as Primary source of foundational data.

The regulations also highlight the enrolment procedure into NIIMS and requirements and Kimotho says the NIIMS will be a requirement even to foreigners and refugees in the country.

“Huduma Namba, Huduma Card and Huduma Database is at very advanced stage and soon Kenyans will be able access them once the sensitization on the regulations is over” said Kimotho.

The sensitization on the Registration of Persons (NIMS) Regulations 2020,is taking place across the country as per the court ruling.

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